Online Learning: Benefits, Opportunities & Challenges in the Time of Covid-19

Online Learning

There is an eerie silence on the streets which depicts total unrest in the world, certainly, one of the toughest times mankind has ever witnessed on the planet. There is a wave of uncertainty which is writ large on everyone’s face. People are instructed not to venture out of their homes as a deadly disease which spread from. The school going kids are confined to the four walls. Amid horrific times, internet & technology has proven effective in helping the world connect. Despite dysfunctional schools, online learning can save children from boredom and increase their knowledge bank. Find out what are the various sources of online learning that can help you amid lockdown.

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What is Online Learning?

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The advancement of the internet and technology has always helped mankind with an abundant of resourceful information. At the time of happiness, we make use of the virtual world, equally during the time of adversity, the internet can bring a smile to our faces and help with loads of information. There are many applications for online learning one can use amid lockdown. Presently, a considerable amount of such applications are available on the internet for the purpose of learning.

Top Online Learning Courses

Here are the best free online learning courses with certificates:

Top Online Learning Platforms

You have an ample number of online learning platforms around you that covering the exact topics you are looking for. Ranging from online guidance to study material and mock tests, everything is being covered by them. Glance through some of the widely acclaimed educational platforms that can be helpful amid covid-19 lockdown. 

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It is certainly one of the influential applications when it comes to the availability of books. This application provides scores of digital books you can read while sitting at home. Be it fiction, non-fiction, mathematics, photography, engineering, medicine, a variety of books are available in the domain.  Working under the umbrella of Facebook, It has more than 40 million members across the globe. So make use of this wonderful application, it is certainly a worth it. 

One of the most popular and globally used online platforms is Youtube. The application has much to offer. There is an abundance of information pertaining to various topics. There are top most YouTubers who upload informative videos on youtube and get millions of views. 

These are some of the globally acclaimed and popular applications for online learning, apart from these there are much more applications where you can collect a lot of study material for your classes you are missing due to lockdown. TED, Lynda, Lumosity, Duolingo, StudyBlue, Science 360 are some of the popular online learning application you can make use of. Give it a try! 

Online Learning For Kids

For kids, there are some of an interesting application based on online learning. These applications are filled with a lot of information related to every field a student desires. Let’s go through some of the top kids online learning applications. 

  • ClassDojo
  • DragonBox
  • Quick Maths
  • YouTube Kids
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Flow Free
  • Spelling Stage
  • My Molecularium

Benefits of Online Learning

The online and virtual world has a humongous contribution, especially towards the educational landscape. Let’s go through what are the core benefits one can derive from online learning. 

  • You will have a flexible schedule for learning with fun
  • Affordable learning
  • Wide range of topics
  • It saves both the student and the instructor’s time
  • It’s eco-friendly in nature

Opportunities Brought Forward by Online Learning

With the number of internet users increasing rapidly in India, online learning can emerge as a potential alternative to traditional education but only through proper planning and execution by the government. With the numerous opportunities available with online education, many educationists have found it to become the preferred mode of learning in the future. Some of the opportunities brought forward by online learning in the present pandemic situation include:

  • Students can avail learning resources from anywhere in the world
  • Virtual classrooms can impart quality education while avoiding the risk of the spread of Covid-19, which is of utmost importance in the present
  • Students from rural areas do not need to travel long distances within the country or abroad in order to study in a good institution if they can avail online learning opportunities, thus cutting down costs. But, to do the same, they would require a good network connection as well as access to proper educational technology.

Challenges Posed by Online Learning

While online learning opens up a range of new opportunities for imparting education, it comes with its own share of challenges as well. India still needs to go a long way in order to make online learning available to all the students in the country through proper developments in this regard. Some of the challenges that online learning presently faces in India include:

  • Slow internet connectivity
  • Lack of Infrastructure
  • A large section of the population in the rural areas not possessing the means to own a good quality smartphone or laptop necessary to access online education
  • Lack of trained teachers well versed with online teaching platforms and methods

Essay on Online Learning

Here is a sample essay on online learning:

Online Learning is one of the most popular trends that have surfaced in the pandemic world. All of us are working from home or studying online, thus in some way using the internet to carry out the tasks we would normally do in a world without the pandemic. Online Learning has become a true saviour for students who are unable to attend regular classes at schools or colleges. However, for teachers bound to traditional classrooms, online learning was an initial challenge but as they learned its essentials and workings, it has helped every teacher connect better with their students during the pandemic.

It has proved to be largely beneficial and advantageous for learners of all ages and have revolutionised our education systems adapting better to the current situation. While there are many benefits of online learning, it should also be accepted that it is quite different from a traditional classroom and can hamper knowledge retention, especially in children as they are easily distracted. It is important to follow cyber etiquette as part of online education as that’s the only way we can make the most of the present situation.

The world of information and communication has exponentially grown to offer a wider range of benefits for the educational landscape. Know more about online learning and get real-time online mentorship from Leverage Edu, your one-stop solution. Book your 30 minutes free online counselling session with us now!

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