How to Tackle a Bad Habit? Free Speech Samples for Students

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Tackling a bad habit requires dedication and strategic thinking, which can increase your chances of success in life. School students often indulge in bad habits, such as unhealthy beverages, smoking, skimping on sleep, not exercising, etc. Our bad habits are determined by self-awareness, reflection and understanding their effects on our goals and lives. A person’s character cannot be defined by their bad habits, but they must be addressed with appropriate planning and replaced with positive habits. Doing so will fill the void left by bad habits and will contribute to more lasting changes. Below we have discussed a speech on ‘How to tackle bad habits’ for students.

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Top 10 Bad Habits Students Must Break

Here are 10 bad habits that students must break for a better lifestyle. Feel free to use them as examples in your speech or writing topics.

  • Binge eating
  • Skimping on sleep
  • Overuse of electronic devices
  • Negative self-talk
  • Procrastination
  • Multitasking during studies 
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Lack of organisation
  • Neglecting self-care
  • Poor time management

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1-minute Speech on How to Tackle a Bad Habit

‘My warm regards to everyone present here. I’m here to give a speech on ‘How to tackle a bad habit.’ Changing our habits is a difficult process and can cause a lot of pain to our mind and body. However, if we acknowledge our habit, confront it with sheer willpower, and understand the triggers and patterns that drive this behaviour.’

‘Set our clear and realistic goals. This can be done by breaking down the habit into manageable processes, allowing you to focus on each part in depth. On top of that, celebrate your short victories and plan forward with a stronger mindset.’

‘Seeking support from your friends and family will create a support system. This can offer you accountability and encouragement when you are struggling. Changing bad habits will take time and patience. Your consistent efforts to give up on bad habits will be your biggest strength and will surely help you to overcome them. 

Thank you.’

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Easy Speech on How to Tackle a Bad Habit

‘Hello and welcome to my fellow classmates and teachers. Today, I stand before you to present my speech on ‘How to tackle a bad habit.’ We all have one or more bad habits which interfere with our day-to-day life, which not only affects our mental health, but our physical health too. Quite often, these negative behaviours affect our individual goals, happiness and quality of life.’

‘Tacking bad habits can be a challenging task and most of us struggle to break them. From biting nails to procrastinating, these habits can interfere with our life and future in multiple ways. They can prevent us from achieving our goals, damaging our relationships, and negatively impacting our health. However, there are ways to overcome these bad habits and create a better future for ourselves.’

‘The first step in breaking a bad habit is to acknowledge that it exists. Accepting harsh reality can prove to be beneficial, as it will give you an idea about our current position. Once you have recognized the habit and its negative effects, appropriate measures can be taken.’

‘Another step will be to replace a bad habit with an alternative option. Consider this example; a lot of young people indulge in overeating in times of stress. Instead of this, try to take a walk or perform a physical activity. Studies have shown that during workouts, endorphins are released, which act as natural painkillers and mood lifters.’

‘Finally, working patiently and persistently is the key to breaking your bad habits. It takes time and consistent efforts to break one’s bad habits as they have been developed over time. A person’s positive attitude and commitment can help them overcome bad habits and create a brighter future for themselves.’

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Psychological Tips to Tackle Bad Habits

Did you know you can tackle bad habits with easy and effective psychological tips? Experts suggest seeking help from others in times of hardship, but on an individual level too, a person can tackle a bad habit in real-time and come out with flying colours. Let’s discuss some psychological tips to tackle bad habits for students.


Understand what triggers your bad habits. Is it your friend circle? Or your mental stress due to academic pressure? Knowing the source that triggers your bad habits is the first and most important part of tackling them. 

Replace With Positive Habits

One of the most effective ways to tackle your bad habits is to replace them with positive and enjoyable activities that trigger your brain’s reward centre. Exercising can be an effective way to tackle bad habits like binge eating, smoking, etc.

Set Short and Realistic Goals

Breaking your habit into smaller and manageable steps can help you to focus on each part clearly. These changes are more sustainable and easier to integrate into daily life.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Raising awareness about your thoughts and behaviours can be aided through mindfulness and meditation. Building the cycle of self-discipline through meditation can help overcome cravings and impulses associated with bad habits.

Visualising Temptation Situation

Mentally practising good habits over bad ones will surely help overcome unhealthy habits. For example, if you are at a party, and see everyone around you drinking and eating junk food, imagine yourself drinking water and holding a glass of water in your hand to keep your hands busy.


What is a speech on how to tackle a bad habit?

How to tackle a bad habit: Bad habits are unhealthy behaviours which affect our mental and physical health. We are consciously aware of these bad habits and yet we are doing them repetitively, because of the pleasure they offer us. Breaking bad habits requires determination, patience and other skills which collectively work to achieve the desired goals. Consulting an expert or a mentor can be a good choice, with whom you can discuss what triggers your behaviour to indulge in that bad habit.

What are the 5 common bad habits of students?

Here are 5 common bad habits of students: Binge eating, Skimping on sleep, Overuse of electronic devices, Negative self-talk and Procrastination.

How to tackle bad habits in one month?

Talking bad habits in a month requires rigorous hard work and complete isolation from the environment which triggers your behaviour. Surround yourself with positive people who will constantly encourage you to participate in healthy activities. Read books and watch documentaries where the negative sides of bad habits are highlighted. Visualise a temptation situation where you can place yourself and imagine how good it will look if you practice a different approach.

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