Speech on Corruption

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Speech on Corruption

Corruption is a problem that has hampered the growth of our country in not one but many ways. It is also one of the most common English speech topics for students. The idea behind giving this as a topic in a speech is to enlighten students on our country’s problems and how we can resolve them. Here, in this blog, we give you a sample speech on corruption, which will come in handy for you in the future.

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Good morning to one and all present here. It is rightly said that your speech only becomes well if your tongue says what your heart feels. So, here I am to talk about the current and worldwide ongoing issue and enlighten all of you with a speech on Corruption! 

Introduction to Corruption

In one aspect or the other, we all have come across the word ‘Corruption.’ According to political ideology’s definition, ‘Corruption is a form of dishonesty or criminal offence undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, to acquire illicit benefit or abuse power for one’s private gain.’ Seems lengthy and confusing, right? Most simply, corruption is dishonest behaviour practised by authorities such as managers or government officials. This is how people with power rule the world, thereby violating certain people’s rights and privileges. 

It is said that time changes everything.  But here it is, this dishonest act and the unsatisfying term haven’t changed for years on end. It is still prevalent. The main reason for corruption in India is the link between bureaucrats, politicians, and criminals.

Gone are the days when bribes were given when things were wrong. Presently, bribes are received to hide the right stuff. May it be a minor issue or a life-threatening one, a younger child or an adult man, a school-going boy to a working person everyone has seen and has fallen prey to corruption. These days, even if a person isn’t qualified enough for a public sector job, he can quickly get it by spending money and giving bribes to higher officials. 

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Examples of Corruption

Well, what is a speech on corruption without some examples? So here are some things which you must have experienced at some point in your life. Have you ever applied for your or your child’s admission to a big reputed college? You can observe in a few of those colleges that if you aren’t eligible for admission, then a bribe is the door opener. Sounds pathetic right? But this is the sad truth these days. From getting admission to reputed colleges to being elected with numerous votes, everything unless more minor or more ways is induced with corruption.

But the most significant and worst type of corruption is Political Corruption. In legal terms, Political corruption or Mal Politics uses powers by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain. This type is the most concerning one as it erodes the fundamental value of the law that governs and regulates society creating a massive mess in the country as a whole.

Now you all might be thinking that this happens only in well-established and sophisticated cities, but that’s not the case. It occurs throughout India. Metropolitan cities, towns, and villages are all part of this evil game, and it is the common man who gets unnecessarily trapped in the dishonest strategies of this game. The heights of corruption have reached such an extent that strict law can also reduce but not abolish this corrupt mindset. 

Causes of Corruption

Any speech on corruption can never be complete without looking at the causes of corruption. We often hear people saying, ‘Everything happens for a reason. This states that Everything happening around us is driven by a strong desire or motivation behind it. In the same way, corruption also has some hidden causes behind it. Enlisted are the causes of corruption:

  • Greed of money
  • Poverty
  • Lack of values and ethics
  • Lack of education
  • High level of bureaucracy and inefficient administrative structure 
  • Political instability
  • Gender Inequality 
causes of corruption
What are the main causes of corruption?

How to Fight Corruption 

Now, when we have raked up this sensitive topic in my speech on corruption, I must bring to your notice certain measures to reduce this problem. “Every problem has a solution……But it depends whether you want to solve it or not”. It depends on us if we have to stand against this evil act or in support of it. People usually stay silent in such situations, but one must remember that mere silence leads to acceptance. We must unite together and try to reduce corruption. Enlisted are the various ways in which we can reduce corruption to a greater extent.

  • People should start reporting cases of corruption without any delay.
  • All the government, non-government, public, private, and educational should unite together and stand against corruption.
  • The media and advertising sector should educate people against corruption regularly.
  • We should provide students with additional courses to build better citizens for tomorrow.


To conclude, corruption is making life worse for the commoner. But, he is the only one who can raise his voice and bring change. We should start from ourselves and change our thinking of ‘Make a Change to that of ‘Be a change. So, let’s come together and stand in favour of the commoner and not corruption. Let’s decide to be loyal and valuable citizens of our country.

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So, this was our blog on a speech on corruption. We hope this blog helped you to understand corruption and ways to prevent it. For more educational and interesting content, visit us at Leverage Edu. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

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  1. Really very helpful and motivating and I understood this concept very clearly and I can now tell a speech anywhere on this topic ….thank you so much…

  2. it was a very very helpful speech
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  1. Really very helpful and motivating and I understood this concept very clearly and I can now tell a speech anywhere on this topic ….thank you so much…