Speech on Dependence on Technology

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Speech on Dependence on Technology

ASL or Assessment of Speaking and Listening is an integral part of the CBSE Class IX and X curriculum. It is a part of the continuous and comprehensive evaluation system under CBSE. Students are usually asked to choose a topic they wish to speak on and then prepare a speech on it within a stipulated time period. In this blog, we shall cover the topic of speech on Dependence on Technology!

Speaking Task: Speech on Dependence on Technology (2- 3 minutes)

Good morning everyone. My name is —– and my topic for the assessment is the dependence on technology. With the growing needs and demands of people, the dependence on technology has multiplied over the past few years. Although there is no ignorance of the fact that technology has brought millions of wonders in our lives, right from the field of agriculture, economics, politics to academics. However, what we must think about is how beneficial is this dependence for us? In my honest opinion, the dependence on technology has although we in exceeding our limits in certain ways but also at the same time constrained our abilities to communicate and be creative. So, I would say, dependence on technology has indeed brought certain detrimental effects on our creativity as well as our communication skills.

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Sample Speech (5 to 10 minutes)

Good morning to all. My name is —- and my topic for the speaking task is the Dependence on Technology and through this speech, I would try my best to cover all the essential pointers.

If we wish to define the technology, in simple terms one may consider it as the knowledge and usage of tools, crafts, systems, methods and techniques of the organization to resolve the problem. Throughout history, different types of technologies have developed that helped man to simplify and better his lifestyle. Over the centuries, rudimentary technologies gave rise to new ones and in some cases replaced earlier technologies came to meet current needs. Ever since the dependence on technology has considerably increased and the consequences on society, countries and individuals are enormous. Technological dependence undoubtedly has a unique course that we cannot alter, nor stop; It has come to redefine our lives.

Technology is a phenomenon that surrounds us all with artefacts on a daily basis. It is an element that helps us keep the changing dynamics of society. Thus, we can say technological dependence is now an essential part of our lives as everyone is reliant on it for some reason or the other. An example of this would be the use of technology at the workplace, educational centres and even at home to simplify work. Dependence on technology is a condition wherein individuals cannot perform their daily activities without the use of some device.

Now that we have discussed the pros, let’s have a look at the cons. Technology dependence is also linked to anxiety and depression. Factors like social withdrawal from others, the pressures from social media, the rise of cyberbullying, or the bright phone screen that is detrimental to our sleep have taken a toll on the mental health of people who are heavily dependent on technology.

In spite of the numerous disadvantages, one could say that without sustainable development of technology, humans would merely be ordinary living being on the planet. The inventions of man act as indicators of the cognitive revolution of the same and shows their eagerness to learn.

Thank you for listening, I hope this speech was insightful and informative.

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