80+ Extempore Topics

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Extempore Topics

Imagine a situation where highly skilled business aspirants are sitting for their interview, but due to low confidence and lacking speech practices, they are not able to impress the board of directors. Not being able to collate your points constructively can create a negative impression. This is where ‘Extempore’ comes in place. As a business professional, engaging in effective conversations shows your personality and confidence, thus, it becomes essential to work on your communication skills. If you are planning to pursue Business or Management courses, then here is a blog that collates a list of extempore topics that you can practice!

Why Extempore?

Top B-schools nowadays are widely including Extempore as an integral part of their selection process because of its impromptu nature, which majorly takes candidates out of their comfort zone. This allows the administration to test and analyse the candidates’:

  • Presence of mind.
  • Thought process.
  • Speaking skills.
  • Presenting their ideas in a time-bound atmosphere that is full of pressure.
  • Speaking style.
  • Accuracy of ideas and good content.

Extempore Topics for MBA

A large number of topics are covered in extempore. They can include general knowledge of subjects to current affairs. To do wonders in extempore, having an idea of the topics that are generally covered can be beneficial. Mentioned below are some of the important extempore speech topics for MBAorganized under sub-headings to present an idea of the topics covered:

Social Issue Extempore Topics for MBA

Current Affair Extempore Topics for MBA

Abstract Extempore Topics for MBA

  • Is Work-Life Balance a Myth?
  • Innovation Vs Invention
  • Do We Need More Entrepreneurs or Managers?
  • Namaste
  • Mythology vs Management
  • Optimism
  • Academic Scores are not a good measure of intelligence
  • Red vs Blue
  • Liberal Education
  • Infinity
  • Ignorance is bliss
  • How will the Economy Recover from Covid-19’s Impact?
  • Globalization
  • Banking Frauds
  • Privatization
  • Impact of demonetization
  • Inflation
  • Common currency in South Asia like in Europe
  • E-commerce discounts are harmful

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Interesting Extempore Topics

List of 60 Extempore Topics and their Themes

Based on past trends and the latest political and economic happenings, here is a comprehensive list of popular extempore speech topics for you:

S.No. Extempore Theme Extempore Topics
1 Business and Economy Impact of Coronavirus on the Indian Economy
2 Social Issue Reservation System in India
3 Social Issue Social media is making us antisocial 
4 Abstract Topic Hard Work Vs Smart Work
5 Abstract Topic Are Scores a good measure of Intelligence?
6 Social Issue Subsidy for Fertilizers 
7 Social Issue Women in Cinema
8 Social Issue Individual freedom or Civil society
9 Business and Economy Banking Frauds
10 Abstract Topic Namaste 
11 Social Issue Corporate Social Responsibility
12 Current Affairs Make in India 
13 Abstract Topic Abdul Kalam Azad
14 Current Affairs Goods and Services Tax (GST)
15 Business and Economy Problems faced Indian Power Sector
16 Current Affairs What can Narendra Modi do to stop engineers from going for MBA to support his make in India?
17 Current Affairs Negative obsession with Artificial Intelligence
18 Social Issue Importance of Value Education
19 Abstract Topic Indian classical music
20 Business and Economy Globalization 
21 Current Affairs Article 370
22 Social Issue Global Terrorism
23 Abstract Topic Liberal Education
24 Social Issue Feminism 
25 Current Affairs India or China: The Next Superpower
26 Abstract Topic Classical Dance
27 Abstract Topic The significance of a person’s handwriting 
28 Others  Traffic problems in Mumbai
29 Business and Economy Privatization of Universities 
30 Business and Economy Inflation or Growth
31 Abstract Topic Misplaced 
32 Abstract Topic  Infinity 
33 Social Issue India’s Demographic Dividend 
34 Abstract Topic Black Beauty 
35 Abstract Topic Ignorance is Bliss
36 Social Issue Rural Development
37 Social Issue Unemployment in India
38 Current Affairs Data theft by social media platforms
39 Social Issue Women Empowerment
40 Social Issue Indian Politics
41 Business and Economy Will India remain way behind China?
42 Business and Economy Corruption is the root cause of the Indian economic slowdown
43 Business and Economy Net Neutrality: know the key facts
44 Business and Economy India’s new urban vision
45 Business and Economy Make in India- ground realities and leaps with China
46 Business and Economy The rising population of India could be turned into an asset
47 Business and Economy Should business lobbying be made legal in India?
48 Business and Economy Good Economics is good Politics
49 Abstract Topic Optimism 
50 Abstract Topic Mythology and Management 
51 Policy Making Uniform Civil Code
52 Indian Constitution Fundamental Rights
53 Science and Technology ISRO Satellites
54 Science and Technology Pandemic and Epidemic
55 Governance Ayushman Bharat Yojana
56 Abstract Red vs Blue
57 Policy Making Smart City Mission
58 Indian Economy PMC Bank Scam
59 Abstract Me Too Movement
60 Governance Handling Law and Order Situations

Difference Between Extempore and GD

Following is the difference between Extempore and GD:

Extempore Topics

How to Prepare for an Extempore?

The following tips will help you prepare for an extempore:

Extempore Topics

How does Extempore work in MBA Admission?

Extempore is a form of public speaking that involves the person delivering a short speech on a topic unknown beforehand. It judges the ability of the individual to think on-spot, their knowledge of wide-ranging subjects and presentation skills. It is an important part of the personal interview round because it helps the interviewer form an idea about the personality of the interviewee and their potential to handle a sudden situation.

Before moving ahead towards familiarizing myself with the extempore topics for MBA, knowing the process helps in preparing well for the round. Mentioned below is how the extempore round is conducted during MBA admissions.

  • Candidates are assigned a topic by the interviewer. The topics encompass a large number of subjects and therefore being well-prepared is the key.
  • Following this, the candidate is given approximately 15-30 seconds to contemplate the topic and sort their thoughts out to present it vividly. They are required to make a speech lasting for 1-2mins. 
  • The candidate has the space to interpret the topic however they want and present their thoughts distinctly. The magic lies in using one’s imagination and knowledge of the topic and blending it smoothly to deliver information that is engrossing and engaging.  

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Skills Required for Extempore

Extempores don’t necessarily judge the knowledge of the individual on the subject. It evaluates the individual thinking capabilities, communication skills and self-confidence. A person getting through to the audience is the one who nails an extempore round. Before knowing about the extempore topics for MBA, being aware of the skills required to do well in the extempore is imperative. Mentioned below are some of the skills that a person can inculcate that will help them score well in the extempore round.

  • Communication skills
  • Composed and poised body language
  • Rational Thinking
  • Confidence
  • Analytical Skills
  • Ability to think on your feet

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Tips for MBA Extempore

Knowing about the extempore topics for MBA isn’t enough to do well in the round. Working relentlessly on developing one’s communication skills and gathering more information about various topics can help in improving the overall presentation during the extempore. Enlisted below are some key tips that can help enhance a person’s extempore.

Tips to do Well in Extempore

To do well in extempore, certain key tricks can be followed to do well in it. Extempore topics are assigned on the spot and thus it makes it harder to excel in them without prior practice. Enlisted below are some pointers one can keep in mind to perform well in their upcoming extempore round. 

  • Time Management– This can be extremely hard because the time given in an extempore is extremely less and one has to put forth all the points in a limited time. Effectively management of time can be enhanced by practising beforehand using a timer.
  • Think First– Thinking and contemplating the topic is of absolute importance. Rambling without a structure or any key ideas can undermine the impact of the speech. Outline and gather your thoughts before putting your best foot forward. 
  • Remaining Composed– Keeping a calm demeanour and maintaining strong body language makes you seem more confident. Getting hyperactive while talking can result in mumbling or errors and thereby reduce the effect of the speech. 
  • Tone– Be audible enough and maintain a tone that is soft and engaging. It helps in getting through to the listeners and therefore your points are valued more and given greater weightage. 
  • Conclusion– Ending an extempore on a positive note helps in yielding better results. The panellists pay more attention to the ending and therefore get something positive out of the topic giving points to the thinking ability and positivity of the speaker.


What are the topics for extempore?

Here are some of the important extempore topics that you can’t do away with.  Subsidy in the fertilizer sector, Unemployment in India, Reservations in India, Global terrorism, Inefficacy of the Indian education system, Good economics in good politics, Rural development etc. Moreover, you can also prepare for Health, Law and Politics, Media, Religion, Science and the environment, Sports, Technology and World peace.

How do you prepare for extempore?

The sole factor that will help you ace extempore is mental preparation. It is very much essential that are familiar with the topic you are delivering and have a firm command of your speech and flow. Also, keep practising that will help you understand the audience.

What is the meaning of extempore?

The meaning of extempore is spoken or done without preparation. Also, it is an adverb that means on the spur of the moment; without premeditation or preparation etc. 

What are the dos and don’ts of extempore?

First of all, you don’t have to choose such topics on which you feel your colleagues have nothing to say. You also need to love the loudness and chaos. of a group of students in the classroom. 

How do you end an extempore?

Here are some of the quintessential techniques you need to follow for closing a speech or presentation. Some of them include a direct call to action, a very short anecdote, a call-to-question, contrast, quotes etc. 

How do you crack extempore round?

To crack this road, it is very essential that you jot down some points and trending topics and then start presenting your views in front of a mirror. Record the same on a cell phone. 

Speech is the expression of your thoughts through verbal or oral communication. It can be prepared effectively with extempore speech and speaking skills. We hope that you have enough Extempore topics to prepare for your GD and PI. You can also reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu, who can guide you on skills and techniques that you can master to ace any interview.

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  1. Do penalist ask any question regarding the topic or just we have to speak about the topic and it’s done?!!

  2. you provided me the correct information I really bookmark it,for further reading,So thanks for sharing the information.

  1. Do penalist ask any question regarding the topic or just we have to speak about the topic and it’s done?!!

  2. you provided me the correct information I really bookmark it,for further reading,So thanks for sharing the information.

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