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Synonyms List

Synonyms List: With more than 6,000 spoken languages, English is certainly a universal language and is still emerging. There are educational institutions, business outlets, IT companies, and other corporate sectors across the globe that are embracing the use of the English language in their daily business dealings and educational processes. Further, It is pertinent to mention that the availability of scores of English-speaking books and English-speaking courses has helped tens of thousands of native and non-native speakers to write and speak with utmost perfection.

However, it is important to know words and understand phrases with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, idioms, etc., to improve your communication skills along with scoring well in competitive exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. Here is a blog that will take you through the 50 difficult synonyms list including their meaning.

What Are Synonyms?

By the term Synonym, we can understand that it is a word or phrase that has the same meaning as another word. Since it is confusing, children also look for the answer to “What are synonyms and antonyms“. As discussed, synonyms are words with similar meanings, and antonyms, on the contrary, are words with opposite meanings. For instance:

Word: Enter

Antonym: Exit

Synonym: Set foot in/Get into

Examples of Synonyms

Here is a list of a few synonyms for your reference listed below:

  • Beautiful – Gorgeous
  • Happy – Joyful
  • Fast – Swift
  • Big – Large
  • Small – Tiny
  • Smart – Intelligent
  • Brave – Courageous
  • Delicious – Tasty
  • Sad – Unhappy
  • Angry – Furious
  • Funny – Hilarious
  • Cold – Chilly
  • Hot – Scorching
  • Rich – Wealthy
  • Poor – Destitute
  • Loud – Noisy
  • Quiet – Silent
  • Tired – Exhausted
  • Pretty – Attractive
  • Ugly – Hideous
  • Honest – Truthful
  • Evil – Wicked
  • Strong – Powerful
  • Weak – Feeble
  • Bright – Radiant
  • Dark – Gloomy
  • Clever – Ingenious
  • Friendly – Amiable
  • Noisy – Boisterous
  • Hungry – Starving

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Synonyms List 1

After understanding the basic difference between synonyms and antonyms with examples, let us now go through the synonyms list to understand it better.

Words  Meanings Meanings/ Synonyms
Abstract Actual instances  Theoretical, notional, intellectual, symbolic
Abstruse Hard to understand Incomprehensible, unfathomable, arcane
Arduous Difficult Hard, toilsome, onerous, wearisome, exhausting)
Augean Difficult and Unpleasant Challenging, difficult, effortful)  
Baffling To confuse or perplex  Puzzle, mistify, bemuse
Confined  Restricted in an area or volume Cramped, constricted, limited
Austere  Strict and serious in appearance and behavior Strict, harsh, stern, severe
Competence  The ability to do something Capability, proficiency, ability, skill
Parochial  Having a limited or narrow outlook  Conservative, insular, short-sighted
Moribund No longer effective and about to come to an end completely Inactive, stagnant, motionless
Ineptitude  Lack of skill or ability  Inability, inefficacy, incompetence 
Bystander  A person who is present at an event or incident but does not part Observer, onlooker, watcher) 
Entrench  To establish something very strongly so that it is difficult to change Establish, ensconce, install, settle
All-encompassing  Including everything Comprehensive, wide, extensive
Contagion  The spread of disease by close contact between people Infection, transmission, foulness
Cohort  The tactic, gambit, trick Partner, companion, comrade 
Ploy  Words or actions that are carefully planned to get an advantage over somebody else Tactic, gambit, trick
Idiosyncrasy  An unusual feature Mannerism, trait, eccentricity
Quibble  A small complaint or criticism Minor, criticism, trivial
Aghast  Shocked or scared Horrified, stunned, appalled
Accrue  Payments or benefits Collect, gather, amass
Muzzle  Prevent a person or group from expressing their opinions freely Gag, suppress, restrain
Synergy  The extra energy  Collaboration, cooperation, associations
Officious  Assertive of authority in a domineering way  Over-bearing, high handed
Dash  Destroy or frustrate Shatter, destroy, ruin, spoil

Tips to Improve Your English Speaking

There are a variety of strategies you can use to successfully learn English at home. One can study English at their own pace and convenience when doing so at home. Here are some explanations of how to acquire spoken English at home.

  1. Read fiction and children’s literature to learn about language structure.
  2. Make sure to record any new words you learn through reading or listening.
  3. converse with family or friends
  4. Watch or listen to YouTube channels that discuss practical advice
  5. Learning through entertaining games like Scrabble is usually beneficial.
  6. The recordings of one’s speech can be made and listened to for identifying any errors.
  7. An audio blog test can be taken once some practice has been had.

Synonyms List 2

Now that through our synonyms list 1, you have become familiar with 25 words, let us now learn 25 more words through the given list!

Word Meaning Synonyms List
Outcry  A reaction of anger or strong protest Furore, uproar, commotion
Progenitor A person who starts an idea or a development Founder, forerunner, begetter
Sumptuous  Very expensive/impressive Lavish, luxurious, palatial
Enthuse  To make somebody feel very interested and excited  Motivate, encourage, inspire, spur)
Underscore  To emphasize  Stress, accentuate, point up
Sanguine  Optimistic  Hopeful, assured, positive, buoyant
Fable  A short story  moral, story, parable, allegory
Protectionist  A defensor  Shielder, hedger, firewall
Remit  Task/activity assigned to an individual/organization Orbit, ambit, jurisdiction
Slack  Characterized by a lack of work or activity Laggard, sluggish, inactive, stagnant
Polemics The practice of engaging in a controversial debate  debate, discussion, wrangling
Sully  Damage to the purity or integrity  Defile, soil, tarnish, stain
Salience  The quality of being particularly noticeable or important  prominence, eminence, distinction, the primacy
Totter  Move in a shabby way/feel insecure Be shaky, be insecure, falter
Reckon  To calculate something/be of an opinion Compute, believe, Figure, Assume
Cataclysmic  Causing sudden and violent upheaval  Disastrous, calamitous, devastating
Unflinching  Remaining strong and determined  Resolute, steadfast, dogged, firm
Goliath  A person or thing that is very large or powerful ( Giant, titan, whopper, colossus
Ferment  A state of political or social excitement and confusion  Tumult, uproar, mayhem, furore
Mangled  Destroy or severely damaged by tearing or crushing  Mutilated, lacerated maimed, marred
Febrile  Nervous/excited/ Showing fever  Tense, edgy, fidgety, feverish, flushed, jittery
Connote  To suggest a feeling, an idea, etc  Recommend, indicate, signify, denote
Serpentine  Winding and twisting like a snake Winding, zigzag, meandering, twisting
Heyday  The period of a person’s or thing’s greatest success  Prime, zenith, acme, salad days
Fret  Anxious/nervous  Worry, agonize, bother, distress
Inkling  A slight knowledge or suspicion Clue, hunch, glimmering

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Synonyms List 3

Now that you’re familiar with almost a list of 50 synonym words, here is another synonyms list of some casual and day-to-day words:

Word Meaning  Synonyms List 
Dangerous Something likely to cause injury or damage Perilous
Dark With no light or very little light Shadowy
Decide Think about two or more possibilities and choose one of them Determine
Definite Having certain or distinct limits for a definite period Certain
Delicious Having a very pleasant taste or smell Savoury
Describe To say what somebody/something is like, or what happened Portray
Destroy To damage something so badly that it can no longer be used or no longer exists Ruin
Difference The way that people or things are not the same or the way that somebody/something has changed Disagreement
Do To perform an action, activity or job Execute
Dull Not interesting or exciting; boring Unimaginative
Eager Strongly wanting to do or have something. Keen
End The furthest or last part of something; the place or time where something stops Stop
Enjoy To get pleasure from something Appreciate
Explain To make something clear or easy to understand Elaborate
Fair Appropriate and acceptable in a particular situation Just
Fall To drop down towards the ground Drop
False Not true; not correct Fake
Fast Able to move or act at great speed Quick
Fat Weighing too much; covered with too much flesh Stout
Fear The feeling that you have when something dangerous, painful or frightening might happen Fright
Fly To move through the air Soar
Funny That makes you smile or laugh Humorous

Synonyms List 4

Check out another synonyms list of some common words:

Word Meaning  Synonyms List 
Get To receive, obtain or buy something Acquire
Go To move or travel from one place to another Recede
Good Of a high quality or standard Excellent
Great Large in amount, degree, size, etc.; a lot of Noteworthy
Gross Being the total amount before anything is taken away Improper
Happy Feeling or showing pleasure; pleased Pleased
Hate To have a very strong feeling of not liking somebody/something at all Despise
Have Used for forming the perfect tenses Acquire
Help To do something for somebody to be useful or to make something easier for him/her Aid
Hide To put or keep somebody/something in a place where he/she/it cannot be seen; to cover something so that it cannot be seen Conceal
Hurry The need or wish to do something quickly Hasten
Hurt To feel painful Damage
Idea A picture or impression in your mind Thought
Important Having great value or influence; is very necessary Necessary
Interesting Enjoyable and entertaining; holding your attention Fascinating
Keep To continue to be in a particular state or position Hold
Kill To make somebody/something die Slay

Synonyms List 5

Word Meaning Synonyms List
Laugh An expression of mirth, derision, etc. Chuckle
Lots Of great numbers or quantities
Label A short word or phrase descriptive of a person, group, intellectual movement, etc. Trademark
Labor Productive activity, especially for the sake of economic gain. Activity
Landfill A low area of land that is built up from deposits of solid refuse in layers covered by soil. Junkyard
Landlord A person or organization that owns and leases apartments to others. Property Owner
Language A body of words and the systems for their use is common to people who are of the same community or nation, the same geographical area, or the same cultural tradition Dialect
Machine An apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work Gadget
Mail Letters, packages, etc., that are sent or delivered using a postal system Letter
Major Greater in size, extent, or importance Considerable
Malice Desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness Bitterness
Management The person or persons controlling and directing the affairs of a business, institution, etc Administration
Manufacture The making of goods or wares by manual labor or by machinery, especially on a large scale Construct
Nation The territory or country itself Community
Near Close to a point or place not far away Adjacent
Narrow Of little breadth or width; not broad or wide; not as wide as usual or expected Cramped
Nearly With close approximation Closely
Name A word or a combination of words by which a person, place, thing, body or class, or any object of thought is designated, called, or known Brand
Objective Something that one’s efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish Purpose
Observe To see, watch, perceive, or notice Detect

Important Synonyms List

There are certain words that we use in our everyday lives. However, using them too often makes sentences monotonous. So, here is a list of important synonyms for some of the most commonly used words-

Word Synonym
Love Adore
Shocked Aghast
Worried Concerned
Combination Amalgamation
Figure Out Ascertain
Happy Delighted
Annoyed Exasperated
Fast Quick
Beautiful Delightful
Delicious Scrumptious
Tired Fatigued
Cold Frigid
Fair Unbiased
Interesting Intriguing
Angry Livid
Hate Loathe
Problem Predicament
Declare Profess
On hold Stagnant
Calm Tranquil

Synonyms List A to Z

synonyms list a to z
Credits: Image via Vocabularypoint

Quiz on Synonyms

Here is a small quiz on synonyms to help you check your knowledge.

Choose the correct synonyms that best match the highlighted word:

Question 1: The king felt a surge of exuberance as he addressed his loyal subjects

a) Exasperation

b) Excitement

c) Exhaustion

d) Embarrassment

Question 2: The tranquil lake reflected the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

a) Transparent

b) Turbulent

c) Tame

d) Tranquil

Question 3: The scientist made a groundbreaking discovery that could change the world.

a) Gruesome

b) Grubby

c) Grandiose

d) Groundbreaking


  1. Excitement
  2. Tranquil
  3. Groundbreaking

What is an Antonym?

An antonym is a word/phrase that refers to the opposite of another word or phrase. View the illustrations.

Examples of Antonym

  • about – exactly
  • above – below
  • absence – presence
  • abundance – lack
  • accept – refuse
  • accidental – intentional
  • active – lazy
  • add – subtract
  • admit – deny
  • adult – child
  • advanced – elementary
  • affirmative – negative
  • afraid – brave
  • after – before
  • against – for
  • alike – different
  • alive – dead
  • all – none
  • allow – forbid
  • already – not yet
  • always – never
  • ancient – modern
  • ancestor-descendant
  • agree – refuse
  • amateur – professional
  • amuse – bore
  • ancestor-descendant
  • angel – devil
  • animal – human
  • annoy – satisfy
  • answer – ask
  • answer – question
  • antonym – synonym
  • apart – together
  • approximately – exactly
  • argue – agree

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Why synonyms are important?

The synonyms will help you come up with different types of words that will prove helpful in you’re into writing

Why antonyms are beneficial?

Antonyms will help you enhance your vocabulary skills

How can you improve your synonyms?

Consider reading dictionaries and take help from the Google Translate application to come up with more synonyms.

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