Feminism and Parenting Speech for School Students

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feminism and parenting speech

Feminism and Parenting Speech: Feminism believes in working equally towards all genders without any discrimination. It supports a world where there is no difference between the rights and opportunities of men and women.  

Despite the principles of feminism that support equality between any gender, there is still a disparity of jobs worldwide. According to Forbes Advisor statistics, the existence of the salary gap, which still exists between males and females, will take approximately 257 years to bridge.

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Easy Speech on Feminism and Parenting 

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, parents and caregivers, today I want to talk to you about an important topic that affects every one of us in our daily lives, and that is feminism in parenting. As we all know, parenting is a shared responsibility, and any type of challenge, whether it is regarding the behaviour of children or handling rudeness and hate, is collaboratively shared between the two to find solutions for a more equal and harmonious family life.

As we all know the traditional gender approach often shapes our approach towards parenting. Mothers are expected to be in the roles of nurturers and caregivers while dads are encouraged to providers. This mythos of roles often leads to inequality in the responsibilities of parents and creates a hindrance to a fair and supportive environment for both parents. 

Children who are keen observers absorb the values and behaviour of parents that they witness at home. Seeing the division in responsibilities based on gender, reinforces their stereotypes and perceptions, limiting their potential for the future. 

Furthermore, it is observed that the mothers in the society have more responsibility as caregivers. To bear this accountability they often face societal pressure to compromise with personal and professional goals. These limitations restrict their personal growth and development which sends a message to their children that certain aspirations are off-limits based on gender. 

Now, the question is how these traditional issues related to feminism and parenting will be addressed. As we know, feminism is all about equality and equal responsibilities. Though society favours one gender over the other, it is important to understand that good parenting does not include favouritism; instead, the recognition of both parents helps contribute to the well-being of their children in a unique and valuable way.

Also encouraging a sharing approach towards parenting where both parents are actively participating in the care of their children, household chores, and decision-making not only helps to lighten the load for one parent but also well-balanced influences for the children. 

Open and honest communication regarding career goals, expectations, and concerns is the key to understanding the needs and finding between the husband and wife. Also encouraging and supporting each other in personal as well as professional goals will help in breaking the barriers from limiting the stereotypes of society and will certainly help in setting a positive example for the children. 

Teaching the correct meaning of feminism, equality and respecting diverse perspectives not only helps to empower the traditional gender roles but also helps in making progress in creating an equal society. Let us make a society where parents who are the best examples for their children to understand the equality of men and women in the society without any restrictions and expectations of the society based on gender. 

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Source: TEDx Talks

10 Lines on Feminism and Parenting Speech

Let us understand Feminism and Parenting with the help of some short but important points. 

1. Feminism believes in equality between the male and female.

2. Traditional ways of parenthood disbalance the concept of feminism.

3. It is often seen that mothers bear the traditional responsibilities as caregivers.

4. Parenting is a responsibility to teach children about the equality of both genders in society.

5. Correct guidance to the children will come with an equal behaviour of the parents for each other.

6. Women often have societal pressure to compromise with jobs for family responsibilities. 

7. The disbalance in responsibility sets a bad example for children regarding the equality between the two genders.

8. Good parenting does not support feminism.

9. Open and healthy communication helps in understanding the male and female as spouses. 

10. Teaching the right approach of feminism to children helps in building a better society for the future.


Q.1. How do you start a feminist speech?

Ans: The feminist speech should always begin with equality between the male and female. To support our speech we can give a quote of a famous personality who has set an example in the society of feminism.

Q.2. What is Feminist Parenting?

Ans: The elimination of all those traditional ways of parenting children where the mother is only the caretaker of the children instead of the father is feminist parenting. 

Q.3. How do you explain feminism to a child?

Ans: We can explain to the children that all genders are equal and bear the same rights and responsibilities. Feminists want to build a world of equality without any discrimination between the male and the female. 

Q.4. Who is a feminist in simple words?

Ans: A person who supports equal rights as well as responsibilities for women is called a feminist. 

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