99+ Adjectives Starting With The Letter D with Meanings and Examples [PDF Available]

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“Among the enormous tapestry of words, adjectives beginning with the letter ‘D’ have a special attraction. These adjectives are the brushstrokes that paint our words with colour and depth, from their capacity to enrich our storylines with vivid descriptions to their talent for bringing emotions to life in our writing. We’ll go through more than 99 adjectives that start with the letter D in this blog.

Complete List of Adjectives From A-Z

Here is a list of popular adjectives that begin with the letter “D”:

  • Daring: She made a daring move on the chessboard.
  • Delicious: The homemade apple pie was absolutely delicious.
  • Dependable: John is a dependable colleague who always meets his deadlines.
  • Desirable: The beachfront property is highly desirable for vacation rentals.
  • Diligent: Sarah is a diligent student who consistently achieves high grades.
  • Dynamic: The dynamic speaker captivated the audience with her energy.
  • Dazzling: The night sky was filled with dazzling stars.
  • Diverse: The city’s population is incredibly diverse, representing many cultures.
  • Drastic: The company had to make a drastic decision to cut costs.
  • Drowsy: After a long day of hiking, they felt drowsy and ready for a nap.

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Descriptive Adjectives That Begin With D With Examples

Here’s a list of descriptive adjectives that start with the letter ‘D’:

  • Desolate: The desert landscape appeared desolate, with nothing but sand for miles.
  • Distinguished: The professor had a distinguished career in academia, with numerous published works.
  • Delinquent: The delinquent behavior of some students led to disciplinary action.
  • Daunting: The task of climbing the steep mountain seemed daunting at first.
  • Drab: The office’s drab decor made it an uninspiring place to work.
  • Decrepit: The ancient castle was in a decrepit state, with crumbling walls and overgrown ivy.
  • Diverse: The city’s population was diverse, representing a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.
  • Depressing: The gloomy weather and constant rain were quite depressing.
  • Dangerous: The wild animals in the jungle could be dangerous if approached.
  • Dazzled: She was dazzled by the beauty of the starry night sky.
  • Dirty: After playing in the mud, the children were covered in dirty clothes.

Positive Adjectives That Begin With D With Examples

Here’s a list of positive adjectives that start with the letter “D”:

  • Delightful: The garden party was absolutely delightful, with colourful flowers and cheerful music.
  • Determined: She is a determined individual who never gives up on her goals.
  • Dynamic: The dynamic duo worked together seamlessly to achieve their project’s success.
  • Dazzling: Her smile was so dazzling that it brightened up the room.
  • Dedicated: The dedicated teacher spent extra hours helping her students with their assignments.
  • Delicious: The aroma of the freshly baked bread was absolutely delicious.
  • Grateful: She felt grateful for the support of her family during her difficult times.
  • Delicate: The delicate lace on her wedding dress added a touch of elegance.
  • Dazzling: The city skyline at night is always dazzling, with all the lights.
  • Desirable: The job offer from the prestigious company was highly desirable.
  • Energetic: The energetic puppy brought joy to the entire family with its playful antics.

Negative Adjectives That Begin With D With Examples

Here’s a list of negative adjectives that start with the letter “D”:

  • Dismal: The weather forecast for the weekend looks dismal, with heavy rain expected.
  • Deceptive: His smile was deceptive; underneath, he harbored ulterior motives.
  • Disruptive: The rowdy students were highly disruptive in class, making it difficult for others to concentrate.
  • Dreary: The abandoned house had a dreary atmosphere, with boarded-up windows and a sense of abandonment.
  • Doubtful: Her excuse for being late seemed doubtful; no one believed her story.
  • Disheartened: After failing the exam, she felt disheartened and unsure of her abilities.
  • Dishonest: The salesman’s dishonest tactics left a bad impression on customers.
  • Destructive: The hurricane’s destructive force caused widespread damage to homes and infrastructure.
  • Dismaying: The sudden drop in stock prices was dismaying for investors.
  • Dull: The movie’s plot was dull, and many viewers left the theater bored.

Neutral Adjectives That Begin With D With Examples

Here’s a list of neutral adjectives that start with the letter “D”:

  • Digital: The world has transitioned to a digital age, with most information stored electronically.
  • Diverse: The group consisted of people from diverse backgrounds, fostering a variety of perspectives.
  • Detailed: The report provided a detailed analysis of the company’s financial performance.
  • Dependent: Children are often dependent on their parents for support and care.
  • Direct: The direct route to the city centre is the quickest way to get there.
  • Disposable: Many products today are disposable, designed for one-time use and easy disposal.
  • Durable: The backpack was made of durable materials, ensuring it would last for years.
  • Dual: The smartphone had dual cameras, allowing for better photography.
  • Dynamic: The dynamic nature of the project required constant adaptation to changing circumstances.
  • Delicate: The delicate balance of the ecosystem is crucial for its stability.

Personality Adjectives Which Starts With “D”

Somebody can be both deliberate and defensive? It is possible, but chances are, you will need more “D” adjectives to tell your dearest friends’ personalities.

daftunaware of something obviousfoolhardy, unwise, idiotic
deadpanwithout humor or expressionimpassive, inscrutable, stony
decisivecapable of making quick decisionsabsolute, unhesitating, intent
defensivean attitude or position of defensetouchy, shielding, guarding
decorousshowing decorum and good tastecivilized, staid, befitting
densenot perceptive or intelligentslow-witted, insensitive, ignorant
desultorywandering from one thing to the nexterratic, sporadic, haphazard
demurereserved and modestbashful, coy, prim
deludedhaving beliefs not based on realityconfused, neurotic, unrealistic
deliberatethinking carefully before taking actionintentional, conscious, considered
determinedmaking one’s mind upintent, single-minded, resolute
devioussneaky and dishonestunderhanded, unscrupulous, fraudulent
devoutshowing devotion, particularly in religionpious, reverent, spiritual
diametricdirectly opposed tocontradictory, contrary, converse
didacticinstructive, teacher-likepedagogic, informational, academic
dilatoryprone to procrastinationdelaying, sluggish, slothful
disagreeableconstantly irritable and arguingill-humored, unpleasant, obnoxious
disciplinedwell-managedtrained, orderly, controlled
discreetcareful about what one saysprudent, restrained, circumspect
discursiveoverly wordy or talkativecircumlocutory, rambling, verbose
disingenuousslyly deceptivepretentious, misleading, insincere
dolefulmiserably unhappycrestfallen, gloomy, woeful
dolorousin terrible pain or distressmournful, wretched, dismal
doltishbehaving in a foolish wayblockheaded, brainless, obtuse
dramatichaving high emotion and expressionhistrionic, spectacular, breathtaking
drivenhighly motivated and eager to work hardcompelled, guided, directed
drollwryly amusingsarcastic, whimsical, absurd

Complete List of Adjectives That Start With The Letter D

Here’s a complete list of adjectives that start with the letter D:

Complete List of Adjectives That Start With The Letter D – Download PDF

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Adjectives That Start With The Letter D to Describe a Person With Examples

Here’s a list of adjectives that start with D to describe a person with examples:

  • Discreet: His discreet manner makes him a trustworthy confidant for sensitive matters.
  • Down-to-earth: Despite his success, he remains down-to-earth and approachable.
  • Distinguished: The professor has a distinguished career with numerous awards and publications.
  • Dynamic: She’s a dynamic athlete, excelling in multiple sports and activities.
  • Decent: He is known for his decent behaviour and polite interactions with others.
  • Disciplined: The disciplined soldier always follows orders and maintains a strict routine.
  • Decisive: Her decisive leadership during the project ensured its successful completion.
  • Dependable: Jane is a dependable coworker who consistently meets deadlines.
  • Detail-oriented: His detail-oriented approach to work results in accurate and thorough results.
  • Driven: She’s a driven entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and growth.

Example Sentences For Adjectives That Start With D

Here’s a list of example sentences for adjectives that start with D:

  • Dodecagonal: The dodecagonal shape of the room made it stand out from all the square and rectangular spaces in the building.
  • Dysfunctional: The dysfunctional family had a knack for turning even the simplest gatherings into chaotic events.
  • Delectable: The chef prepared a delectable fusion of flavours that left everyone at the table craving for more.
  • Dissonant: The dissonant notes of the avant-garde music created a sense of tension and unease in the audience.
  • Diametric: Their opinions on the matter were diametrically opposed, leading to heated debates.
  • Dichotomous: The artist’s work explored the dichotomous nature of beauty and decay in urban landscapes.
  • Diaphanous: Her diaphanous gown seemed to float as she glided across the dance floor, capturing everyone’s attention.
  • Doughty: The doughty explorer braved the harshest climates to uncover hidden treasures in remote lands.
  • Dystopian: The novel presents a dystopian future where technology has enslaved humanity.
  • Dappled: The forest floor was dappled with sunlight filtering through the leaves, creating a mesmerizing pattern.

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Complete List of Adjectives From A-Z

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