A Letter to God Class 10 Summary and Questions

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A Letter to God

A Letter to God is the first chapter of the NCERT class 10 English textbook First Flight. This story is written by GL Fuentes, who is a celebrated Latin American writer, poet and journalist. Set in the backdrop of Latin America, the story is about Lencho, a farmer and his unflinching faith in God. After his crops get destroyed by a hailstorm, Lencho, who is the protagonist of this story, writes a letter to god, seeking his help. Through this prose, the author conveys the idea of having an unwavering belief in something and explores the theme of mankind’s devotion and state of humanity in society. In this blog we will be discussing the summary and important questions based on ‘A Letter to God’


A Letter to God evinces the life of a poor, simple-minded farmer, Lencho who was expecting a decent harvest. He was under the impression that like every year, the harvest would bring him huge profits this year too. Much to his disappointment, a devastating hail storm ended up destroying all his crops causing much damage to the harvest. A farmer whose survival depended on the harvest, the damage posed a great threat to the survival of him and his family. Lencho was extremely pious and devout. Despite his initial dejection, his robust belief in god’s benevolence led him to write a letter to God. Even though he spent much of his time on the farm, he was a learned man who knew how to read and write. Being a simple-minded man he was certain that God would help him out. He, therefore, drafted a letter to god explaining his situation and asked for financial assistance. In the letter, he asked God to send him a hundred pesos so that he could sow his fields again and protect him and his family from starvation. After doing so, he went to the post office, got his letter stamped

The postman removed it from the letterbox and noticed that the letter was addressed to god. This piqued his curiosity and got him to read the letter. He had a hearty laugh after reading it, but the farmers’ religiosity also moved him. He immediately rushed to the post master’s office and showed him the letter that was addressed to God. he read the letter aloud. Everybody in the post office lauded his unquestioning devotion and decided to help him out. The employees of the post office together decided to contribute money and each included a part of their own savings so that Lencho’s faith in his god remained unshaken. The funds collected were a little less than what Lencho needed. Nevertheless, they put up the money together and addressed it to the farmer.

When Lencho received the letter, he wasn’t surprised to find it. But on counting, he found that the money totalled to 70 pesos instead of 100 pesos. Certain that God could not make such a grave mistake, he went to the window and posted another letter addressed to god. When Lencho left the place, the postmaster immediately opened the letter and read it aloud. In it, he found Lencho complaining about the fact that he had asked for 100 pesos and received only 70 instead.  Furthermore, he criticized the post office employees for being crooks as he assumed that the money was stolen by them. He then urged god to send the remaining money as he was in urgent need of it but insisted that he did not send it by post as the “bunch of crooks” would steal the remaining money.

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Important Questions Based on A Letter to God 

What was going through Lencho’s mind after the hailstorm got over? Who did he turn to for help?

Ans. Lecho was devastated after his harvest was ruined by the hail storm and he anticipated a  hard time for his family and the possibility of starvation. His whole crop field was destroyed and he was anxious about what the future held. Lencho, being a devout man, wrote a letter to God asking for his help. He sincerely believed that God was looking after him and his family and wrote a letter requesting 100 pesos.

Why did Lencho not try to find out who sent the money? What annoyed him after receiving the money?

Ans.  Lencho who was very religious was certain that the money he received was in fact sent by god. The thought of someone else sending him the money was inconceivable to him. After counting the money, Lencho realized that the money fell short by 30 pesos. Certain that God could not be mistaken, he assumed that the employees in the post office stole his money. This enraged him.

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