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English is language of the world, it brings people from different countries, speaking different languages to a common platform. Do you know more than 1.5 billion people conduct their daily communication in English? Whether you are preparing for an interview, writing an important term paper, planning to give a presentation or aiming to study abroad, a good knowledge of English is essential! If you think you are falling short of reaching your dream career due to lack of basic English knowledge, then pursuing a Diploma in English can be your claim to fame. Let us go through the blog and know more about it.  

Diploma in English: Overview

Diploma in English focuses on the fundamentals of English grammar as well as effective writing and speaking skills. Improving English proficiency is a good thing for people of all ages. It will not only develop your personality but also enhance your professional growth. The common duration of the course is around 12-18 months in which topics like Professional Writing Skills, Functional Grammar, Language through Literature, Personality Development and Business Communication are covered. Along with these topics, the program also includes project work and open discussions to impart better understanding of the language. Here are some common things that you can learn in a Diploma in English: 

  • Effective communication skills 
  • Speak with greater fluency, accuracy, and confidence
  • Expansion of vocabulary with completion of meaningful tasks, class activities and group discussions
  • Learn faster and better with task based activities 
  • Regular speaking and listening sessions with instructor or teacher

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Diploma in English: Curriculum 

A Diploma in English can be of different types. As per your personal requirements, you can select a suitable type. The curriculum is likely to change as per your selection. Some of the common diploma options are – English for effective communication, English for academic purposes and English for general and professional purposes. Some universities also provide the option to customize the entire program as per your needs. Isn’t that great? Let us have a look at some of the common subjects of a Diploma in English:

English Grammar Academic and Professional Writing 
Introduction to the study of English Language Culture and Literature
Instructional Methodologies of English Language Linguistics 
Understanding Language and its Need Vocabulary 
Communication Fundamentals Academic Reading Skills

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Top Universities to Pursue a Diploma in English

Once you have come down with a suitable study destination, the next step would be selecting the right university. A university will not only help you ace the subject and enhance your knowledge but will also assist you in seeking life-changing career opportunities. For all those looking forward to pursuing Diploma in English, here are some of the popular institutions to choose from-

Eligibility Criteria

The entry requirements for pursuing a Diploma in English is as follows: 

  • Completion of basic 10+2 education from a recognised university 
  • Applicants must have studied the English language as a core subject
  • A good score in IELTS, TOEFL, etc
  • LOR along with SOP 

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Career Prospects

At the end of this course, you will come across reliable career opportunities in organizations attached to various industries. After completing your Diploma in English, you may choose to work in government sectors like education, universities, law firms and NGOs or in the corporate sector. Enlisted below are the leading job profiles-

  • Digital Copywriter
  • Online Content Manager
  • Information Officer
  • Arts Administrator
  • Records Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Journalist

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Jobs and Salary After Diploma in English

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Here is a list of job profiles which are considered as the best ones after completing a Diploma in English:

Job Title Description Salary (Annual)
Teacher The role of the teacher is not limited to just transferring bookish knowledge to students but also preparing them for other life challenges. Communication is an essential element of this entire process. Diploma in English can help teachers to better their communication skills or push them towards advancing the subject and take it up full time.  3 – 4 Lakhs 
Account Key Manager These professionals help managers in sorting, organizing, planning, implementing and evaluating an objective. They also research competitors and communicate with clients. Diploma in English can sharpen English speaking skills and give the right push to people working in this field  4- 5 Lakhs
Translator A translator converts content in one given language into the other. For example, translating content from French to English or Japanese to English. These professionals work both on written as well as verbal form of content. Diploma in English can improve grammatical and sentence structure, bettering the career scope of Translators. 4-5 Lakhs

Note: The salary mentioned above is only for indicative purposes. It is subject to differ with respect to your work experience, education and knowledge!

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