How to Write a Speech on Discipline?

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speech on discipline

The content for Speech writing varies for each topic. There are various kinds of speech like motivating speech, informative speech, entertaining speech, achievement speech and many more. Every type requires a unique and different structure and are used on different occasions. In this blog, we shall guide you through writing a speech on discipline which comes under the category of motivational speech.

Speech Writing Format 

The basic structure to write any speech includes 3 parts:

  • Introduction: Greet the audience and briefly describe your topic- discipline, by giving a quote or a story. Continue relating the story or quote you mentioned, and emphasize the importance of the soft skill. Add rhetorical questions to encourage proactive thinking among the audience. 
  • Body: In this part, mention how can you acquire discipline? How the manifestation of the skill varies from each individual. Further, describe how the people listening can begin implementing the soft skill. How can they work on their schedules and make their lives more organized? Give them reality-checks and examples that help them feel motivated towards being more disciplined in life.
  • Conclusion: In this part state why being disciplined is essential. Persuade the audience towards a collective decision of beginning with small steps for a disciplined life. Appreciate their active listening and conclude your speech.

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Points to Mention in a Speech on Discipline

While writing a speech on topics like discipline, it is important to keep these things in mind:

  • Since a topic like a discipline is often discussed by elders and teachers,  make sure you don’t use repetitive or mainstream information. 
  • Add interesting factual points.
  • Give realistic examples and procedures. Do not straight away tell your audience to be disciplined. Give them positive small goals that can add up to acquiring the soft skill. 
  • While writing a speech on any soft skill, add psychological angles and consequences to help them understand the cognitive functions of the skill.

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Sample Speech on Discipline

Good morning/afternoon respected professors and my fellow friends. Today I’ll be vocalizing on the very common, yet essential topic of Discipline. One of the greatest philosophers- Aristotle said, “Through self-discipline comes freedom.” 

It makes people wonder how an act which is often used to draw boundaries, gives humans freedom. Despite being perceived as a penalizing treatment, discipline is the name of the game in any field for people of any age. Everything in nature has a definite cycle at a given time. The sun rises at dawn and sets at dusk. Any action by nature that takes the place bar of their specific times is deemed as odd. In the same manner, humans must work according to their circadian rhythm and work on a specific schedule. Does a shabby and disorderly person ever come off as appealing? 

Discipline can be developed by various means. Induced discipline means developing the skill by extrinsic factors like watching or following the disciplined nature of your parents, teachers, or an ideal model.  Self-discipline comes from the intrinsic will to structure your days and work in an orderly manner. Both methods require a high level of patience and self-control. If we pick up any successful and celebrated individual, we’ll notice the amount of discipline they follow in their lives. From abstaining from procrastination to making productive use of your free time; your skill reflects greatly on your future self. However, being disciplined doesn’t mean you miss out on great gatherings and parties. Prioritize your work and time yourself for each task. Once you practice discipline, you’ll be surprised at how much free time you have left in the end. The process and methods of discipline can be different for each individual. One can never understand the external factors in anyone’s lives unless we’ve lived in their shoes. 

A disciplined person isn’t formed overnight. It requires a considerable amount of effort and motivation to become a better person than you were yesterday. You can start by simply writing what you do each day and then timing each task. Make a realistic plan that you believe will work for you. Reward yourself often for positive reinforcement and develop intrinsic motivation. Be consistent in your practice. There will surely come days where we all feel like skipping every task which is alright. But, make sure you keep a watch and don’t let momentary fatigue ruin your schedule. Read and educate yourself about great leaders and global personalities that have achieved greatness due to this simple skill. Practice and complete the tasks on the given time, and soon you will notice how your efforts brightly change into habits. 

Being disciplined means having a sense of control of your consciousness and desires. It helps you become more concentrated on your ambitions. These skills can help you polish your attitudes and be calmer and composed in difficult or risky situations. It also helps you think clearer and be better and efficient decision-makers. Uncertain events can cause deeper levels of stress and cognitive load. Having a disciplined lifestyle can also benefit you psychologically by reducing anxiety and stress. To conclude, let’s all make our minds to follow this valuable skill and build successful futures for ourselves. Thank you for lending me your time and ears. 

Hope this blog helped you through writing an effective speech on discipline. Let us know your views in the comment section below. Stay tuned with Leverage Edu for more such awesome content!

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    1. Hey Dorothy!

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