Daily Used English Words

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Daily Used English Words

If you are learning English language, then it is important to remember that knowing about 2500-3000 words will help you understand 90% of english conversations, articles in newspapers, magazines etc. Rest of the language can be learnt through context. Instead of trying to memorize a huge chunk of difficult words, it is important to learn the right vocabulary of English words for fluency. In this blog we bring to you a list of essential words that will be very useful in your daily vocabulary and will help you speak English confidently.

List of 200+ Daily Used English Words 

Here is a list of essential words that will be very useful in your daily vocabulary and will help you speak English confidently:

Absence Justify
Academic kitchen
Accompany knee
Accomplish knife
Acknowledge knock
Adapt know
Administration Knowledge
Affect land
Afford landscape
Analysis language
Apparently lap
Background large
Balance largely
Besides Last
Beside manufacturing
Beyond many
Borrow map
Boundary margin
Budget mark
Building market
Business Marketing
Calculate negotiation
Campaign neighbor
Campus neighborhood
Capability neither
Capacity Nerve
Category objective
Challenge obligation
Characteristic observation
Civil Observe
Coalition opportunity
Colonial Oppose
Deal porch
Defensive port
Democracy portion
Description portrait
Dialogue portray
Dimension pose
Discrimination Position
Distinction qualify
Distinguish quality
elementary Quarter
eliminate quit
elite quite
else Quote
elsewhere recipe
e-mail Recognition
embrace refugee
emerge refuse
emergency Regard
emission scientist
Emotion scope
fewer score
fiber scream
fiction screen
Field Script
foreign tactic
forest tail
forever take
forget tale
form Talent
formal ultimately
Formation unable
gaze uncle
gear under
gender undergo
gene Understand
general victory
generate video
generation view
genetic viewer
highlight village
highly violate
Highway Violation
holiday wealthy
holy weapon
Home wear
illustrate weather
image wedding
Imagination Week
impact yard
implement yeah
Implication year
income yell
Incorporate yellow
journalist yes
journey Yesterday
joy Zone
Judge Zany

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Most Common Words With Examples

Word Meaning Usage
Absence lack, unavailability Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Academic scholastic Ivy league colleges accept students with an academically strong background.
Boundary bounds, confines It is important to draw boundaries with friends and relatives.
Borrow take I routinely borrow books from the library.
Characteristic typical Beautiful branches are characteristic of Goa and Kerala.
Dialogue conversation The counselor tried to initiate a dialogue between the fighting couple.
Embrace accept Matilda learnt to embrace her flaws.
Foriegn overseas On her 15th birthday, Ravi’s parents took him for a foriegn tour.
Generate produce, cause The boss asked her interns to generate ideas for her new projects.
Highlight call attention to The report highlighted the various discrepancies in the finance.
Incorporate include It is important to incorporate fruits and vegetables into the diet.
Justify defend, maintain The politician tried to justify his actions in his speech.
Science Experiments w/ Professor Robert Winston animated gif
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Word Meaning Usage
Knowledge understanding, comprehension The science professor has a great deal of knowledge in his subject.
Language speech, vernacular The speaker had a great command over her language.
Margin edge, gap The MP won the election by a great margin.
Neighbourhood area, locality Tina lives in a friendly neighbourhood.
Obligation responsibility She retired after fulfilling all her professional obligations.
Portray depict The film portrayed women in a very bad light.
Qualify be eligible India qualified for the finals in the T20 tournament.
Refused decline The officer refused to take bribes from employees.
Scream shriek Last night, Nadia heard someone scream from the neighbouring house.
Tactic strategy The military used tactics to capture the terrorist.
Undergo undertake The athlete had to undergo surgery before participating in the tournament.
Violation breach Stalking somebody is a violation of their privacy.
Daily used English Words
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Word Meaning Usage
Weather climate She couldn’t attend the wedding due to bad weather.
Yell scold, scream Janet yelled at her driver for stealing money.
Zone area Rhea’s car got towed because she parked it in the no parking zone.

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This was all about Daily used English words. We hope you find this blog useful in your language training. For more interesting content, subscribe to LeverageEdu!

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  2. Thanks but these are too basic. Please include more synonyms so that i can learn thise and include in my daily speaking 😊. Otherwise thanks

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