Daily Used English Words

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Daily Used English Words

When you are learning a new language and specifically the English language, then it is important to remember that knowing about 2500-3000 words which will help you understand 90% of English conversations, articles in newspapers, magazines etc. The rest of the language can be learnt through context. Instead of trying to memorize a huge chunk of difficult words, it is important to learn the right vocabulary of English words for fluency. In this blog, we bring to you a list of essential words that will be very useful in your daily vocabulary and will also help you to speak English confidently during your English proficiency test.

List of 20+ Daily Used English Words 

Here is a list of essential words, their meaning and usage that will be very useful in your daily vocabulary and will help you speak English confidently during your English proficiency exam:

Word Meaning Usage
Absence lack, unavailability Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Academic scholastic Ivy league colleges accept students with an academically strong background.
Boundary bounds, confines It is important to draw boundaries with friends and relatives.
Borrow take I routinely borrow books from the library.
Characteristic typical Beautiful branches are characteristic of Goa and Kerala.
Dialogue conversation The counselor tried to initiate a dialogue between the fighting couple.
Embrace accept Matilda learned to embrace her flaws.
Foreign overseas On her 15th birthday, Ravi’s parents took him on a foreign tour.
Generate produce, cause The boss asked her interns to generate ideas for her new projects.
Highlight call attention to The report highlighted the various discrepancies in finance.
Incorporate include It is important to incorporate fruits and vegetables into the diet.
Justify defend, maintain The politician tried to justify his actions in his speech.

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Most Common Words With Examples

Science Experiments w/ Professor Robert Winston animated gif
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Word Meaning Usage
Knowledge understanding, comprehension The science professor has a great deal of knowledge in his subject.
Language speech, vernacular The speaker had a great command of her language.
Margin edge, gap The MP won the election by a great margin.
Neighbourhood area, locality Tina lives in a friendly neighbourhood.
Obligation responsibility She retired after fulfilling all her professional obligations.
Portray depict The film portrayed women in a very bad light.
Qualify be eligible India qualified for the finals in the T20 tournament.
Refused decline The officer refused to take bribes from employees.
Scream shriek Last night, Nadia heard someone scream from the neighbouring house.
Tactic strategy The military used tactics to capture the terrorist.
Undergo undertake The athlete had to undergo surgery before participating in the tournament.
Violation breach Stalking somebody is a violation of their privacy.
Daily used English Words
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Word Meaning Usage
Weather climate She couldn’t attend the wedding due to bad weather.
Yell scold, scream Janet yelled at her driver for stealing money.
Zone area Rhea’s car got towed because she parked it in the no-parking zone.

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500+ Simple English Words for Daily Use

Listed below are some of the most used simple English words you can use in daily use:

Above Abroad Access Accomplish Achieve
Achievement Acknowledgment Add Additional Adjust
Admiring After Air Alluring Alone
And Another Animal Answer Around
Art Ask Attach At Attain
Auspicious Away Avoid Baby Back
Balance Banana Bark Basket Beach
Beat Beautiful Because Bed Before
Belated Believe Belong Below Benefit
Best Better Bill Billion Birth
Blood Bloom Body Book Bore
Both Bottle Boy Branches Breed
Brother Bucket Building Built But
Buy Cap Capital Captain Captivate
Capture Car Cardiac Careless Carnival
Carry Cash Casual Catastrophe Catch
Categories Ceremony Certain Challenge Chart
Chief Child Children Church Circle
City Clap Class Clouds Coat
Cold Colour Column Come Commit
Communicate Complete Concentrate Conclude Concrete
Confuse Congested Congratulate Cook Cordial
Country Cover Cow Craft Cravings
Create Crop Crowd Crush Cry
Cunning Cup Current Cut Challenge
Chart Chief Child Children Church
Circle City Clap Class Clouds
Coat Cold Colour Column Come
Commit Communicate Complete Concentrate Conclude
Concrete Confuse Congested Congratulate Cook
Cordial Country Cover Cow Craft
Cravings Create Crop Crowd Crush
Cry Cunning Cup Current Cut
Dance Dark Day Death Decide
Deep Defeat Detail Determined Different
Disappear Divide Draw Dream Dry
During Each East Eat Effect
Encounter Energy Entertainment Evening Ever
Every Everyone Everything Except Expect
Experience Fabulous Face Fact Fake
Family Fan Fantastic Far Farm
Farmers Fast Fasten Father Feel
Feet Fever Figure Fill Film
Fine Finish Fire First Fish
Flowers Fly Follow Food Force
Forgive Formal Forward Free Freedom
Frequent Fresh Friendly Friends From
Fruits Fun Funny Gain Game
Gas Genuine Girl Glory Go
Good Government Great Greet Ground
Group Growth Guess Guest Hang
Happy Harsh Have He Head
Health Her Him Hot How
However Hurry Idea Ignore Illuminate
Import Important Impossible Incident Industry
Inferior Infrastructure Inside Insight Instant
Interest Interior Interval Intimidating Island
Kick Kid Kitchen Land Language
Large Last Laugh Launch Lavish
Leader Lean Learn Leave Leaves
Led Left Level Life Light
Line Listen Little Locate Loss
Loud Love Low Luck Machines
Made Magnificent Main Map March
Marine Mark Marry Masculine Master
Match Materials Matter Measure Medicine
Meet Might Mine Money Moon
Morning Mother Movies Murmur Name
Near Need Never Night No
Noon North Not Nothing Object
Office Office Official Often Old
Oxygen Paint Pair Pamper Paragraph
Park Patty Peace Pen Penetrate
People Perhaps Permit Person Phrase
Piece Pillow Place Plant Plural
Poem Polite Pollute Poor Possible
Power Prefix Present Probably Problem
Produce Profit Protection Punch Push
Pull Rack Raft Rain Range
Rat Ray Reach Realise Reflection
Regain Reflection Rhythm River Rose
Row Rule Run Sad Safe
Sail Sand Saw Say Scare
School Scientist Screen Sea Seat
Secure Security Sentence Set Settle
Shade Shadow Shape Share Sharp
She Shine Ship Show Sight
Silent Similar Single Sister Sit
Size Skill Sky Sleep Slow
Small Smile Smooth Soap Soil
Solid Something Song Soon Sound
South Space Special Speed Sports
Spot Stars Steal Steel Story
Street Strong Sudden Suffix Sun
Sunlight Super Supply Sure Surrender
Swim Table Tackle Talent Talk
Task Teach Team Teenage Television
Tell Tendency Tender Them They
Thick Through Time Today Together
Tomorrow Too Tools Track Transport
Treat Tree Up Us Usually
Value Vanish Various Vegetables Vehicle
Victory Voice Walk Wander Wanted
Warm Watch Water Waves Way
We West Wet Wheels When
Where White Who Whoever Will
Win Wings Winner Wish With
Wonder Wood Word Work Worst
Worst Yawn Yes Yesterday You


What are the benefits of learning new vocabulary in English?

Children can benefit in many ways from having a strong English vocabulary. It aids the kids in developing their speaking, writing, listening, and nearly all other communication-related abilities. A successful existence depends on having a solid command of English. Gaining access to fresh knowledge is made possible by learning new terms.

List 5 daily used English words and their meaning.

Permit – give authorization or consent to someone to do something
Majestic – having or showing impressive beauty
Humanitarian – concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare
Genre – a style or category of art music or literature
Effective – successful in producing a desired or intended result

What are the 5 new words?

Here are some fresh English terms or vocabularies for you, which you should employ regularly when speaking and which will help you expand your body of knowledge.
Fast fashion
Long haulier

This was all about Daily using English words. We hope you find this blog useful in your language training. For more interesting content, subscribe to LeverageEdu! You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realize your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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