Speech on Make Public Transport Free: 2 Minutes Speech

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Speech on Make Public Transport Free

People love exploring new places. Those who possess their private vehicle can easily reach out to their favourite destinations without travelling hassles. Still, those who handle monetary factors economically feel this exploration is heavy on their budget. 

But what if this heavy budget could be made free of cost with the help of human rights and duties? However, there will undoubtedly be duties to follow, but how do you see making public transportation free of cost?

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10 Lines on Make Public Transport Free

1. Getting free transportation is the fundamental right of every citizen.

2. Free transportation leads to flexibility without any economic boundaries. 

3. Less private transit leads to the promotion of environmental sustainability.

4. Public transportation with no cost boosts exposure to local businesses and city areas.

5. Travelling in identical public vehicles creates a balance of society without economic discrimination. 

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6. Discovering new stations and public stoppages will encourage physical wellness with a low mortality rate and more productive work.

7. Free public transportation is a pocket-friendly treasure for heavy expenses on personal transportation.

8. Public transportation is a superb mode of encouraging social behaviour if done without any cost, and it will undoubtedly lead to healthy communications and interactions. 

9. Implementing no cost on public transportation will enhance the reduction of private traffic congestion. 

10. More public transportation will help the domestic government grow with more revenues and further economic investment.

2-Minute Speech On Make Public Transport Free

‘Hello and welcome to everyone present here. Today, I stand before you to present my speech on ‘Make public transport free.’ Have you ever wondered, if all the public transport costs nothing and is free to explore globally?’

‘This no-cost will benefit local business development through easy reach in departmental stores and various local setups, boosting economic growth and community competitiveness.’

‘Secondly, free public transport will strengthen environmental considerations. Instead of using private conveyance, the vast crowd will consume free transportation, lessening the number of self-owned vehicles and causing dense pollution.’

‘Apart from no-cost and environmentally friendly advantages, maintenance of these vast numbers of public transport will need a considerable workforce for care and handling.’ 

‘In a report by APTA (American Public Transportation Association) regarding Economic-Impact-Public-Transit-2020, an average of 20,000 jobs are supported for a year per 1 billion dollars of annual spending on public transportation operations.’

‘Let me quote the words of Susan Heller‘When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.’

‘Travelling is just a hobby or an activity. It needs a lot of stuff to carry on. It is an unspoken feeling that leads the traveller to travel with many thoughts. Unluckily, these feelings cannot have words, yet collecting necessary stuff such as clothing and many more is part of travelling. And yes, it can also be frustrating for the traveller.’

‘During this time-travelling time when everything is full of chaos, how will the traveller feel if the entire public transportation journey is made accessible? Sounding great? This free stuff is more than a wish that surely will come true with numerous adventures.’

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How can public transportation be made more accessible?

If public transportation costs nil, then it will surely be more accessible to the public. 

How can the public be encouraged to use more public transportation?

Apart from free costs, public transportation can be made available in good numbers so that the public can avoid any shortage at the time of requirement. 

Why should public transportation be used more often?

Public transportation should be used more often to enhance good environmental conditions and improve health and social interactions. 

What boosts up public transportation?

Increasing public safety and comfort will boost public transportation. 

What do you mean by public transportation?

Buses, trains, and aeroplanes are all means of transportation facilities used by the public are called public transportation. 

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