Speech on Should Violent Video Games Be Banned?

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Should Violent Video Games Be Banned?

Speech on Should Violent Video Games Be Banned: Playing games always helps one to maintain physical strength. Whether it be long hours or for a few minutes, training the brain with an activity always helps one engage in an activity. 

But what if video games are blamed for spreading violence? Will it still be justified to support violent video games? 

Just like there are two sides of a coin, there are both negative and positive impacts of playing video games. Here’s a speech on should violent video games be banned or not.

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Long Speech on Speech on Should Violent Video Games Be Banned? 

Hello and welcome to all the teachers and fellow students. Today we all are gathered here to share our views on the contentious topic that has sparked across the various platforms—Should Violent Video Games Be Banned? 

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Pros For Banning Violent Video Games

Let’s discuss what can be possible positive points for banning violent video games:

1. Potential Impact on Aggressive Behaviour

Violent video games such as Resident Evil, The Witcher, and Bioshock likewise suggest a correlation between video games and increased violent behaviour among children. 

The gaming disorder hinders them from understanding and regulating human emotions and results in aggression, depression, and an anxious state. 

2. Protecting Vulnerable Audiences

Younger players, who aren´t able to justify wrong and right actions might result in deficit or depressive symptoms. Symptoms of feeling sad, hopeless, and furious are some of the negative impacts of such negative impacts of violent video games. 

Banning such video games can help the vulnerable audience from potential negative consequences. 

3. Public Safety

Individuals who love to mitigate their favourite characters might carry the same with violent video games. Killing of people, and animals, foul language, and use and abuse of drugs and alcohol are some of the examples of harmful acts. 

Banning such fierce video games may be seen as a precautionary measure to mitigate the risk of such individuals. 

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Cons Against Banning Violent Video Game

Let us understand whether it is correct to ban video games just because of their violent likeness: 

1. Freedom of Expression

Do you find it justified to ban a speech of expression? Video games are a part of art and creative voice like other forms of media. 

Banning video games with violence is a violation of the creator´s artistic freedom and its impressions. Also, it restricts the potential for storytelling and creativity. 

2. Impact of Industry

As per the data of Statista Market Insights, the video game market is forecasted to reach a revenue of US$389.70 billion by 2028, which is undoubtedly a considerable figure. Banning video games because of their depiction is not justified. 

Also, banning the violent video games industry could result in severe economic consequences, leading to job losses and economic downturns. 

Credit: Statista Market Insights

3. Risk of Creating a Black Market

Banning video games with violence can create a secret illegal or black market. These video games, which will be accessed by different groups of children, including minors, might not be safe or regulated. 

Also, there is the possibility of creating hidden illegal businesses too. 

Banning video games with violent depictions is not a solution. Practice should be done to encourage children to consider what they are watching or playing. Instead of putting restrictions, suggest or advise them to learn how to handle situations.

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Why violent video games should be banned?

Violent video games express freedom and individual responsibility; thus, one cannot hinder one’s fundamental rights and views.

Can violent video games cause behaviour problems?

Many factors contribute to a person’s behaviour. However, it cannot be denied that violent video games don’t create mental disorder problems. 

Do violent video games cause anxiety?

The relationship between violent video games and anxiety varies from person to person. Excessive video games with violent depictions without proper guidance can cause anxiety. 

What can parents do about violent video games?

Parents can communicate, keep themselves informed about the games, and use parental controls for violent video games. 

How do violent video games affect children’s behaviour?

Some considerations related to violent video game behaviour are aggression, problems in decision-making, and real-life violence.

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