Speech on Importance of English in 250 to 500 Words [Class 10th & 12th]

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Speech on Importance of English: It has become important to keep students engaged and find modern learning methods and that is why CBSE introduced an Assessment of speaking & learning. ASL & is mandatory for students of classes 9 and 10. Students have to prepare a speech on the given topic for a specific duration. In this blog, we will cover the speech on the Importance of English so you can prepare better and ace your ASL evaluation!

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Why is English Important?

Our primary mode of communication, language is how we convey our ideas to others. The secondary function of language is to express someone’s feelings, attitudes, or thoughts. One language in the entire globe that fulfils both of the aforementioned requirements is English. English is often referred to as the first international language. It has assimilated into practically every field now in existence. It serves as the universal language for communication in a variety of contexts, from commerce to entertainment.

Many nations encourage and train children to learn English as a second language. Many science and engineering curricula are written in English, even in countries where it is not the official language.

Your commercial endeavours will undoubtedly benefit from your proficiency in English. Many large firms will only hire qualified workers after confirming that they have good English language skills. English language classes will be helpful for you if you want to work for a multinational corporation since they will teach you the communication skills you need to network with other professionals in your field or further your career.

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Reasons to Learn English Language

Now that its significance is apparent, let’s move on to why learning English is necessary. It is a universal language, to start. One in five people can speak or understand this language since it is so widespread.

Additionally, learning English can make it simpler to find employment. The likelihood of finding a decent job in a good company naturally increases because it has become the language of many industries.

speech on importance of english
Why English Communication is Important Nowadays?

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Speech on Importance of English in 250 Words (2 minutes)

Good morning to everyone present here. My name is XYZ & today I am going to present a speech on the Importance of English. How do we communicate with each other? What language do we use? Our Mother tongue or English.

While communicating in our mother tongue is easier, everyone is not able to understand. Even in our country, leave the international level, southern parts of India don’t know how to communicate or understand the Hindi language. This is because their mother language is Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, or any other language. In cases like this English language is our saviour, English is spoken around the world. No matter where we go we will always find people that can communicate and understand the English language.

It is the most common and most used language on radio, newspaper, and Netflix series, even we can watch Turkish movies and Japanese anime because they are dubbed in English. Even when planning to study abroad English test is required. Now, that we know the importance of English in our lives why don’t we bring the changes in our present that will help us in the future? Here are the little changes or things we can do every day that will help us improve our English language. Keep a pocket diary with you always in school, at home everywhere and whenever you hear a new word, write that word down along with its meaning. This will help you in increasing your vocabulary.

Another way you can improve your English is by writing every day. Before sleeping try to write your whole day or at least the moments that made you happy or new quotes you learned in your diary. This will help you increase your grammatical knowledge and build writing skills as well.  I hope you will try to implement these little changes in your life. Thank you and have a nice day ahead!

Speech on Importance of English in 500 Words (5 minutes)

Good morning everyone. My name is XYZ & today I am going to present the importance of English speech. What’s the language that is spoken worldwide? The English language is the most used language around the globe.

English has made it possible to connect with people around the globe. No matter what their mother tongue is, English has become a primary language everywhere. Be it educational institutions in India, Japan, the USA, Germany, Spain, or France. Everywhere the English language is used for speaking, writing, and for any other purpose. The English language has opened many doors around the world. A little fact about the English language is that every day a new word is added to it. Well, some of you might have a question why should I learn English if I want to excel and make a career in a language such as Sanskrit, Japanese, Spanish, or French? Well, these languages have a wider scope and you will surely succeed but knowing English with these languages will be a cherry on the top. You will be able to communicate better or even convey your thoughts to the world which will be quite difficult in any language other than English. It has become essential to have a good command and fluency in English. Not just in higher education or corporate sectors. English has become a part of competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, or any other government exam. If you are planning to study abroad you will have to clear English proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS. Now, that you are aware of the importance of English in life. The next question is how can we improve our English.

Here are some simple tips you can follow that will surely help you. The 4 core of the English language is Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading. Fear is your biggest enemy. If you are afraid that while speaking in English you are going to make mistakes then you are just letting this fear overpower you. People around you will only correct you and not make fun of you. Even the grammar nazis sometimes make silly mistakes. Don’t be afraid and try to speak as much as possible in English. To improve your writing, Start by writing down your daily tasks or routine, You can also write down your thoughts in a diary every night. This will help you increase your English proficiency while writing & also enhance your creative skills. For reading, start by reading newspapers daily.

This will not just increase your knowledge of current affairs but also build up your vocabulary. For listening, start by watching series or songs without subtitles. I hope you will indulge in these activities daily activities and improve your English. Daily efforts in your present will help you prosper in your future. Thank you and have a nice day ahead!

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Why do we need the English language?

English is the language of choice for Internet users due to the internet’s phenomenal growth and the enormous advancement of information technology in general. English is increasingly frequently used to comprehend, study, and explain ideas from a variety of academic disciplines. English is the primary language used in the writing of instructional tools, resources, and texts. English as a foreign language is necessary for the international educational systems at institutions all over the world.

The English language is useful for communicating with everyone when someone travels around the world, whether it be for tourism, job opportunities, settlement, casual visits, etc. English has been named the official language of 53 countries, and more than 400 million people speak it worldwide.


Is there any difference between American English and British English?

Yes, there are multiple differences between British English and American English like words pronunciation, spelling, grammar, and even the actual meaning of some words. In fact, English is the first language in many countries.

How does reading the newspaper help in learning the English language?

A newspaper read is a must for reading the English language. It helps the readers improve reading ability, correct pronunciation, and add new vocabulary and it also keeps the reader up to date. Overall, consistent newspaper reading boosts the confidence of the readers.

Are English-speaking courses helpful?

English-speaking courses help a new learner a lot to increase fluency in English from basic to advanced levels. These courses are 3 to 6 months in duration. English classes provide a good environment for everyone and motivate the learner to improve regularly.

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