Speech on Things I Learned in Lockdown

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Speech on Things I Learned in Lockdown

Speech on Things I Learned in Lockdown: Do you remember the phrase ‘Survival of the fittest’ by Charles Darwin? In his theory of evolution, Darwin explained how humans have evolved over millions of years as part of natural evolution. The lockdowns and curfews imposed due to COVID-19 highlighted the Darwinian theory of evolution, where only the fittest survive. Even in those uncertain times, we humans found new ways of learning and surviving. The concept of social distancing was among other things learned by people. Lockdown was not just about sitting idle at home; it was an opportunity to learn new things and come out like a shining star. Below, there’s a ‘Things I learned in lockdown speech’ for school students.

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‘Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.’ – Seneca

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2-Minute Speech on Things I Learned in Lockdown

‘Good morning and welcome to everyone present here. I would like to thank you all for joining me here, as I stand here today to present my speech on ‘Things I learned in lockdown.’ We all went through the difficult times of lockdown during the COVID-19 era. The government’s initial decision to implement a 21-day lockdown was seen as a horror in the nation.’ 

‘Lockdowns and curfews imposed in 2020 and 2021 completely transformed our way of life. A ‘New Normal’ was introduced, such as work-from-home, social distancing, face masks, parent home-schooling, etc. Lockdown allowed us to take a step back and learn from our mistakes. As students, we have had some responsibilities towards ourselves and understand those critical situations.’

‘The first thing I learned in lockdown was to take good care of my mental health. As a student, I often felt academic-related stress and worried too much about my scores at school. Lockdown allowed me to understand that there are other things where I need to focus.’

‘I created a new timetable that included 8 hours of sleep, 3 healthy meals, 1 hour of a home workout, a new skill every week, helping my mother in the house choir, and reading the newspaper. This new routine provided me with stability and a sense of normalcy.’

‘After 4 weeks, I focused on maintaining social connections with my friends and relatives. Thanks to technology, we can connect with people in far-off places on video calls. Social interactions helped me to fight feelings of isolation. We used to share jokes, talk about movies and starts, and share our grievances on video calls.’

‘Some other things I learned in lockdown were speaking Spanish, graphic designing, creative writing, cooking, and photography. I know I didn’t master any of these, but, I did gain basic skills. Lockdown was a time when we could reflect on ourselves and see what we could do to make ourselves better. We all spend our lockdown time in different ways, and I’m sure we all learned something new, something meaningful.

Thank you.’

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10 Things Learned During Lockdown

Here are 10 things that students focussed on during times like lockdown. Learn these skills to stay ahead.

  1. Cooking and baking
  2. Language learning
  3. Fitness and yoga
  4. Creative Writing 
  5. Photography and designing
  6. Networking and IT skills
  7. Social Media management
  8. Dancing
  9. Online Education
  10. Quality time with family

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Q.1. How to write things I learned in the lockdown speech?

Ans: Lockdown was a time to reflect on ourselves and allowed us to gain new skills. We were able to spend quality time with our families, work on our physical and mental health learn new things. Some of the popular things that people learned during lockdown were learning new languages, cooking and baking, socializing on the internet, online education, etc.

Q.2. What are 5 things students learned during lockdown?

Ans: 5 things students learned during lockdown were online learning, physical fitness, music and dancing, networking and IT skills, and cooking.

Q.3. What was the best thing to learn during lockdown for students?

Ans: Improving vocabulary skills was one of the best things to learn during lockdown for students. This was a simple and worthwhile activity, where students were required to read both academic and non-academic articles. Newspapers and magazines are the best sources to improve reading and vocabulary skills.

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