Speech On Is There Value In Homework?

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Speech on Is There Value In Homework

How many times in week does your teacher give you homework? How often do you ask this question, ‘What’s the point of doing homework?’ School students often have difficulty in understanding the value of homework and the question ‘Is there value in homework?’ Homework is assignments given to students to complete at home. Homework allows students to practice and reinforce their academic curriculum. It involves basic reading, writing, solving mathematical problems, project work, etc. Parents can guide their children with homework and make them understand how beneficial they are. Below we have discussed a speech on is there value in homework. 

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2-minute Speech On Is There Value in Homework

‘Good morning to everyone present here. Today, I stand before you to present my speech on ‘Is there value in homework.’ Homework teaches important lessons like self-learning, management skills, independence and responsibility, conceptual understanding, assessment preparation, etc.’ 

‘Homework is a powerful tool to reinforce classroom learning. It bridges the gap between what our teacher teaches us in class and what we can learn independently at home. Practicing homework at home allows us to solidify our understanding and make information more readily available for real-life situations.

We all struggle with homework in the beginning as we find it difficult to understand its values, importance, and the benefits it brings. Our parents and teachers often say ‘Do your homework before playing’ or ‘No TV before homework’. Parents want their children to focus on their learning, as it will benefit them in the long run, but, students find it difficult to do their homework as they think of it as a burden.’

‘There should be a balance between homework and playing. Students spending too much time on homework find it difficult to stay healthy, and those playing outside all day lag in school. Students must understand the value of homework.’

Benefits of homework include self-discipline, time management, responsibility, perseverance and determination, research skills, adaptability, coordination, etc. Homework involves research practices, where we learn more about a specific topic. This way, we can spend more time on a particular subject and hone our research skills.

Sometimes taking help from parents or elder siblings can help with our homework. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and foster a collaborative environment. Completing homework regularly results in better marks at school and an overall understanding of the subject.’

The value of homework cannot be measured by its quantity or number of pages assigned by your teacher. Our assignments are meant to deliver meaningful, purposeful, and constructive knowledge for educational growth. We can get help from our mentors and parents, but, our homework will always help us for our future work.’

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10 Lines on Homework to Add to Your Speech

Here are 10 lines on homework that you can add to your speech on is there value in homework. 

  • Homework allows us to practice classwork and strengthen our basic learning skills.
  • Homework teaches us the art of discipline and time management.
  • Completing our homework ourselves teaches us a sense of responsibility.
  • Homework breeds perseverance and allows us to overcome challenges and solve complex problems.
  • Through homework, we can hone our critical thinking skills.
  • Doing homework requires a lot of research, which will expose us to more information about a particular subject.
  • We can learn to do multi-tasking and how to stay organized.
  • Homework like reading, writing, and presentation can enhance our communication skills.
  • Homework can be a great way to learn new things in your free time.
  • Homework is considered as tomorrow’s preparation.

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Q.1. What is the value in homework?

Ans: Homework is beneficial in several ways, as it allows us to reinforce and practice our schoolwork. It teaches us the importance of learning, how to stay organised, prepare for future challenges, overcome challenges solve problems in due time, etc.

Q.2. How to write a speech on the value of homework?

Ans: Homework is the work assigned to students to complete at home. Completing homework on time can be a rewarding experience, where our teacher praises our work and we enhance our understanding of a particular subject. Preparing yourself for the future is what homework is all about. We can prepare ourselves for future challenges by completing the homework assigned today. Teachers and parents encourage us to do our homework on time so that it doesn’t become a burden. Homework keeps us occupied in productive activities. Once our homework is complete, our parents allow us to play outside or video games, which is a rewarding experience.

Q.3. What are the benefits of homework?

Ans: Homework offers us several benefits like time management, responsibility, discipline, research skills, communication, independence, perseverance and determination, rewarding experiences, etc.

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