Top 10 Colleges In Canada: All You Need To Know

Top 10 Colleges in Canada

When it comes to studying abroad, Canada ought to be there in the list of top countries preferred for overseas education. Why all this frenzy to study in Canada especially in the top 10 colleges? The answer is simple. Canada is a host to some recognized universities having collegiate preeminence all over the globe. Further, the affordable cost of studying in Canada along with offering SDS Visa options makes the admission process easier for international students. Being a country that has such a conducive environment for the students and invests this much in Human Resources, there is no reason why anyone would not choose Canada to pursue higher education. So, here is a list of the top 10 colleges in Canada 2022 which you can consider.

University Canada Ranking 2021 World Ranking [QS 2022 Report]
University of Toronto 1 26
University of British Columbia 2 46
McGill University 3 27
McMaster University 4 140
University of Alberta 5 126
University of Montreal 6 111
University of Calgary 7 235
University of Ottawa 8 230
University of Waterloo 9 =149
University of Victoria 10 =334

University of Toronto 

If you too are looking for the answer for “which is the best college in Canada for international students?” then UoT is what you can consider. Being a part of the list of top 10 colleges in Canada, the university is well-known for its Master of Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Commerce [BCom], and Bachelor of Arts in Economics courses. The plus side of taking admission to the University of Toronto is that the academic layout here is not rigid and hence equips you with the opportunity to try a broad range of courses to explore your calibre. Also, if you are someone who is a top of the line bibliophile, then their library would become your second home. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

Popular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
MSc Computer Science   16 Months  19 Lakhs
Full Time MBA  20 Months 34 Lakhs
Master of Engineering in Aerospace Studies  1 Year 31.8 Lakhs
Bachelors of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering 4 Years 31.8 Lakhs
MA in Clinical and Counselling Psychology  2 Years 11.7 Lakhs
Credits – University of Toronto (Youtube)

Did you know: France, who once owned much of North America for a while, left behind the culture and the language of France. Today, English and French are the most widely spoken official languages in Canada.

The University of British Columbia 

This prestigious university has been home to 3 Canadian Prime Ministers and 8 Nobel Prize Winners. The University of British Colombia is a host for 64,798 students out of which 17,225 students are international students taking admission from over 160+ countries. UBC provides a conducive environment for research and provides over $669.1 million as a part of their research funding for over 9500+ projects as per the UCB website. As per the ranking of Times Higher Education, the university features as the 37th University around the world. The most popular courses that the University offers are BSc Nursing, Doctor of Dental Medicine in Dentistry (Vancouver), and MD-PhD program. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

Popular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
MSc in Business Administration 2 Years 4.9 Lakhs
Master of Physical Therapy 26 Months  4.4 Lakhs
Master of Management in Operations Research 16 Months 15.9 Lakhs
Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art 2 Years  4.9 Lakhs
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4 Years 22.9 Lakhs
Credits – The University of British Columbia (Youtube)

McGill University 

Best known for its medical and law courses, McGill University is a popular option among other top 10 colleges in Canada. The university believes in fraternity and inclusiveness offering its first degree to a woman in 1888 as well as appointing Canada’s first female university professor and enterprising the first fraternity for gay and bisexuals. If you are someone who wants to probe further in the area of research, then it has one of the oldest research facilities in the tropics known as Bellairs Research Institute in St. James, Barbados. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

Popular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
MBA 20 Months  24 Lakhs
MSc in Mechanical Engineering 18 Months  9.7 Lakhs
B.Eng. in Computer Engineering 4 Years  24.8 Lakhs
Master of Laws (LL.M.) 1.5 Years  8.5 Lakhs
Certificate in Software Development 13 Weeks  20 Lakhs
Credits – McGill University (Youtube)

McMaster University

Listed 140th in QS Rankings, McMaster is a notable mention in our list of top 10 colleges in Canada. Apart from the STEM courses, the university is revered for its diverse programs in Business and Management, Humanities, Social Science as well as Health Sciences. Moreover, the university boasts of offering Canada’s first fully integrated, 5 years long, Biomedical and Health Science program. Apart from this, McMaster also has BA Economics, Materials Engineering, Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology, BA Hons Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, etc on offer. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

Popular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
MSc in Computer Science 1-2 Years 9.3 Lakhs
Doctor of Medicine (MD) 3 Years 16.2 Lakhs
M.Eng in Electrical and Computer Engineering 1.5-2 Years 9.3 Lakhs
M.Eng in Civil Engineering 1.5-2 Years 9.3 Lakhs
Bachelor of Commerce 4 Years 20.7 Lakhs
Credits – McMasterUTV (Youtube)

Did you know: Canada has the longest coastline in the world which is 125,500 miles.

What is the University of Alberta Known For?

Featuring among the top universities to offer a course in Post Diploma BSc Dental Hygiene, BScKin – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Alberta is the choicest institute for medical courses and thus is in our list of top 10 universities in Canada. Alberta is also one of the most famous universities to offer prominent career options in forestry and agriculture, manufacturing and tourism and finance. Also, it provides Alberta Healthcare Insurance Plan (AHCIP) to international students who plan to stay there for 12 months or have a study permit. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

Popular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
MBA in Finance 20 Months  15 Lakh
Master of Public Health (MPH) 20 Months  4.9 Lakh
BSc in Computing Science General 4 Year 16 Lakh
Master of Science in Engineering Management 2.5 Years  4.7 Lakh
Executive MBA 20 Months 20 Lakh
Credits – UniversityofAlberta (Youtube)

University of Montreal

Ranked 1st in Quebec, the University of Montreal has etched its name in the top 10 colleges in Canada due to its excellent educational infrastructure, top-notch academic staff, state of the art research centres, and scores of degree and short term programs. It offers courses across domains like Economics, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Arts and Music, Literature, etc. Some of the programs include Graduate Diploma in Game Designing, Baccalaureate in Project Management, Bachelor in bioinformatics, etc. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

sPopular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
Module Administration computer systems 3 Years 11 Lakhs
Bachelor In Law 3 Years 11 Lakhs
MA in Psychology 2 Years 6.5 Lakhs
PhD Virology and Immunology 3-5 Years  5.8 Lakhs
PhD in Biomedical Engineering 3-5 Years  5.8 Lakh
Credits – Université de Montréal (Youtube)

University of Calgary 

One of the most sought after universities offering top-notch courses in the field of medical science is the University of Calgary. It offers a bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree in Nursing and Management Technology. The university believes in offering courses that are an amalgamation of theory and practical knowledge with innovation and technology to aspiring for a blazing tomorrow. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

Popular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
Master of Management 10 Months  21 Lakh
Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies 2 Years  4.4 Lakh
Bachelor of Commerce in General Commerce 4 Years 12.4 Lakh
Master of Arts in Economics 1 Year 9.7 Lakh
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry 4 Years 10.9 Lakh
Credits – UofCESL (Youtube)

Did you know: The word Canada is derived from the indigenous word Kanata, which means “settlement” or “village” in the language of the St. Lawrence Iroquoians. 

University of Ottawa 

Another name that shouldn’t be missed while talking about the top 10 colleges in Canada, is of the University of Ottawa. It offers a profound course in Nursing at a bachelor’s as well as a master’s level. The university also features among the 10 most research-intensive universities in Canada. So, if you are keen to venture into the field of science and research, then, this might be the right choice for you. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

Popular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
Master of Engineering in Engineering Management 1.5- 2 Years  19.2 Lakh
Honours BSc in Computer Science 4 Years  29.3 Lakh
Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts 2 Years  14.8 Lakh
Master of Science in Management 2 Years 17.8 Lakh
Master of Business Administration 1 Year 34.7 Lakh
Credits – uOttawa Future (Youtube)

University of Waterloo  

The University of Waterloo is ranked as Canada’s most innovative university for the past 27 years consecutively by Maclean. The topmost courses that a broad array of students opt for in this university are Master of Science in Health Studies and Gerontology, Masters of Science in Optometry and Vision Studies and Bachelors of Legal Studies. The university has etched its name in the list of academic institutions offering top-notch Management courses in Canada.  Some of the popular courses of the university are:

Popular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
Doctor of Pharmacy 4 Years 6.7 Lakh
Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology 1 Year 31.8 Lakh
Master of Quantitative Finance 16 Months  8.98 Lakh
MSc in Vision Science 2 Years 11.8 Lakh
MSc in Public Health and Health Systems 2 Years 11.8 Lakh
Credits – experiencewaterloo (Youtube)

York University

York University is one of the highly distinguished universities when it comes to providing numerous exceptional programs. The top three most sought after courses offered by York University as being a part of the top 10 colleges in Canada are MBA, Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering and Juris Doctor. The University also shares an extensive network of alumni all over the globe. The film department of York University is one of the oldest and eminent film schools in the world. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

Popular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
MSc in Computer science 20 Months  10.2 Lakhs
Master of Marketing 12 Months  13.8 Lakhs
BA in Computer Science 3 Years  15.4 Lakhs
International Bachelor of Business Administration 4 Years  17.8 Lakhs
BA in Business and Society 3 Years  17.1 Lakhs
Credits – York University (Youtube)

Did you know: The French and British were not the first Europeans to colonize Canada. It was the Vikings, in the year 1000 AD.

University of Victoria

A very popular and one of the top 10 colleges in Canada, the University of Victoria is an ideal option for those who want to delve deeper into research in different domains. It was also ranked 1st in the Leiden 2019 report for research in Maths and Computer Science. From Law and Engineering to Fine Arts and Social Sciences, you can explore a plethora of courses offered by the university. Some of which have been given a rundown below-

Popular Course  Duration  Estimated Fees (INR)
Master of Global Business 1 Year 12.9 Lakhs
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science 4 Years 13.5 Lakhs
Master of Business Administration + Master of Engineering 25 Months  6.7 Lakhs
Master of Science in Mathematics and Statistics 1.5 – 2 Years  2.7 Lakhs
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 4 Years 13.5 Lakhs
Credits – This is UVic (Youtube)

Centennial College 

A reputed name when it comes to STEM courses, Centennial College has to be in the list of top 10 colleges in Canada. Courses like Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology (Co-op), Bachelor of Public Relations Management and Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology (Co-op) are extremely popular among international students. It is also known for its new courses launched in the field of Cybersecurity, Contemporary Journalism, Insurance Management, etc. The college also provides services like IT centres, health care coverage, multiple libraries, hostels, and study materials to students. 

Credits – Centennial College (Youtube)

Humber College 

Founded in 1967, Humber College is popularly known for its balance between lush forestry and urban living space. The college is home to around 32,000 students with almost 20% of its students hailing from other countries. The top courses offered by here are Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Software Development and Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting. One of the most beautiful parks you would ever visit would be ‘The Arboretum’ which is located within the campus. 

Credits – Humber College (Youtube)

Top 10 Colleges in Canada for Diploma

PG Diploma courses in Canada are the choicest amongst international students as they are cost-effective and offered across diverse specialisations. Here are the top 10 colleges in Canada for PG Diploma:

  1. Durham College
  2. Dawson College
  3. George Brown College
  4. Algonquin College
  5. Seneca College
  6. Humber College
  7. Confederation College of Applied Arts & Technology
  8. Nova Scotia Community College
  9. Columbia College
  10. Luther College

Know more: PGDM in Canada

Top 10 Colleges in Canada for MBA

Top Colleges for Postgraduate Diploma

  • Algonquin College
  • Centennial College
  • Durham College
  • Fanshawe College
  • George Brown College
  • Humber College
  • The Sheridan College
  • Sault College
  • Mohawk College

Top Universities for Masters in Canada

Top 10 Colleges in Canada for Computer Science

Want to pursue Computer Science and Engineering in Canada? Check out the top 10 colleges in Canada for Computer Science:

  1. University of Toronto
  2. University of British Columbia
  3. McGill University
  4. University of Montreal
  5. University of Alberta
  6. McMaster University
  7. University of Calgary
  8. University of Waterloo
  9. Queen’s University
  10. Western University


Which are the top universities in Canada for Engineering?

The top 10 highly renowned universities in Canada for Engineering are as follows:
1. University of Toronto
2. University of Waterloo
3. University of British Columbia
4. University of Alberta
5. McGill University
6. University of Montreal
7. University of Calgary
8. Concordia University
9. University of Ontario Institute Technology
10. University of Ottawa

Which are the top universities in Canada for pursuing an MS?

The list of top universities in Canada for international students to pursue an MS degree are as follows:
1. University of British Columbia
2. University of Alberta
3. University of Calgary
4. Western University
5. Carleton University
6. Dalhousie University
7. HEC Montreal

What are the top 10 colleges in Toronto?

the top 10 colleges in Toronto for international students are as follows:
1. University of Toronto
2. George Brown College
3. Seneca College
4. Humber College
5. York University
6. Ryerson University
7. Trent University
8. The Ontario College of Art and Design University
9. Algonquin College
10. University of Ontario Institute of Technology

What is the number 1 college in Canada?

The University of Toronto is the No.1 university in Canada.

What are the top private colleges in Canada?

The top highly renowned private colleges in Canada are as follows:
1. The King’s University
2. St. Mary’s University
3. Quest University
4. Trinity Western University
5. Fairleigh Dickinson University
6. Canadian Mennonite University
7. University of Fredericton
8. Yorkville University

If studying in the top 10 colleges in Canada is your goal but you are not sure how to go about it, then Leverage Edu experts can guide you in not only in completing the application process but will also help you write an SOP that highlights your achievements comprehensively!

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