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Are you aspiring to pursue your higher studies in any of the top study destinations like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia? Then, you will be required to provide English proficiency test scores of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo etc. for admission and visa procedures. Amongst these language proficiency exams, IELTS is globally recognized and widely accepted by major English-speaking countries especially, the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, amongst others. Especially for those planning to study in Canada, a wide range of academic institutions require IELTS scores for admission into their prospective programmes. But there are several universities and colleges in Canada which offer admission with alternatives for IELTS and other English proficiency tests. This blog brings you a detailed guide on how to study in Canada without IELTS from the major universities!

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Is it Possible to Study in Canada without IELTS?

The Canadian universities adopt varied factors to assess the English language proficiency of the candidates seeking admission. It is possible to study in Canada without IELTS given that you qualify the alternative language proficiency requirements specified by your chosen university. Many universities in Canada also ask candidates to provide a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from any of your previous academic institutions. Further, several foreign students from select nationalities are also allowed exemptions from providing English language proficiency scores. Further, Canadian academic institutions also readily accept English language proficiency tests other than IELTS which can you can submit during the admission process.

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Study in Canada without IELTS: Best Alternatives 

There are different options available for those who can’t provide IELTS scores while applying for admissions into Canadian universities. Here are the best alternatives prescribed by universities for those planning to study in Canada without IELTS: 

  • You can provide scores of other English Proficiency tests like TOEFL, Duolingo English Test and PTE.
  • You can submit proof that you have studied in an English medium school for at least 4 years as the replacement for English proficiency scores.
  • The candidates from an English speaking country are also exempted from providing IELTS scores in Canada.
  • You can also opt for the English language course offered by the university for those who are unable to provide English proficiency scores. 

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Alternative English Proficiency Tests Except for IELTS

As mentioned above, aspirants can provide English proficiency scores other than IELTS to apply for a study programme in Canada. These alternative English proficiency tests to study in Canada without IELTS are as follows:

CAEL Assessment (Canadian assessment English language) TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language)
Duolingo English Test
PTE (Pearson English Language Test) CanTest (Canadian Test of English for scholars and Trainees)

Universities to Study in Canada without IELTS

Now that you are familiarized with the key requirements and alternatives for IELTS and English proficiency scores, you must explore the popular Canadian universities that accept applications without IELTS scores. Here is a list of major universities and colleges you can choose from to study in Canada without IELTS:

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The following sections elaborate on these Canadian universities and their English proficiency requirements in further detail.

University of Winnipeg

Amongst the popular universities in Canada, the University of Winnipeg offers admissions to those candidates who are unable to provide IELTS scores. The university has its own English Language Program (ELP) which you need complete with the prescribed score. This program is available in both full-time and part-time option for students to apply prior to their admission or commencement of the course. 

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Brock University

Another prominent institution to consider to study in Canada without IELTS, Brock University offers many alternatives for IELTS. The university offers the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) for those who can’t provide English language proficiency scores. Further, if you have completed an International Baccalaureate Diploma or Degree course with English as the language of instruction then you are also exempted from English proficiency score requirements (though this differs as per the programme). Other than IELTS, the university accepts TOEFL, PTE, CAEL Assessment (Canadian assessment English language), MELAB and YELT scores.

University of Saskatchewan

For international students, the University of Saskatchewan has provided varied alternatives for IELTS including, but not limited to TOEFL, CanTest, Duolingo English Test (DET), CAEL Assessment, amongst others. Also, for those who can’t prove their English proficiency can take up the U-PREP program at the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre (USLC) before beginning their chosen course.

University of Regina

To pursue higher studies in Canada without IELTS, the University of Regina accepts several alternatives like TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, Duolingo, CAEL scores for admissions to UG and PG programmes. For TOEFL Paper score of 525 or a TOEFL iBT score of 70, Duolingo score of 95 – 105 and CAEL score of 50.

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Apart from these, here are the alternatives for some other universities you can consider to study in Canada without IELTS.

University Alternatives for IELTS Scores
Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador Duolingo English Test (DET); TOEFL; Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment; Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL); PTE Academic; Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees (CanTEST); Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)
Intensive English Programme (IEP) offered by the university.
Cambrian University TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo English Test (DET), etc.
The language proficiency of students is evaluated upon arrival, and those who do not meet the prerequisites will have to take up English language courses before beginning their chosen program.
Okanagan College  Language requirements are program-specific and the alternative for IELTS is Duolingo scores.
Concordia University TOEFL, DET, CAEL, CAE, CPE, PTE
The candidate must provide proof that they have completed at least four years of study with English as the medium of instruction at a secondary or post-secondary institution.
International Baccalaureate in English Literature with specified levels.
Intensive English Language Program (IELP) offered by the university on conditional admission.
Seneca College CAEL CE, Cambridge English Exams, Duolingo, PTE Academic, TOEFL 
The candidate must complete an intensive English language program from an institute like English Language Institute.
The candidate must have completed two years of study at an English-language academic institution
Carleton University CAEL, TOEFL, PTE
The candidate must provide proof that they have completed three years (full-time) of study at a high school or university in Canada, US, UK or any other country with English as the primary language as that of the institution.
Note: There are many courses for which admission process includes ESL requirement along with English proficiency scores.

Important: The aforementioned list indicates universities in Canada and their prospective alternatives for IELTS scores but the actual course requirements might differ as per the course and university. Students are advised to go through the university’s official website to know about language proficiency requirements in detail.

Best Courses to Study in Canada

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Student Visa in Canada without IELTS

Students who wish to study in Canada without IELTS can apply to Canadian universities. Those applying to Canadian universities without IELTS can get a student visa by submitting scores of tests like the Duolingo English Test or other alternative English tests like TOEFL iBT and CAEL. For the Canadian immigration process, candidates are required to submit scores of IELTS General or CELPIP. 

Work in Canada Without IELTS

For students who wish to work in Canada without appearing for their IELTS, the only way is to study in a university that waives off the requirement for the IELTS exam. After completing your education, you have 180 days to apply for a Work Permit Visa in Canada after course completion. Further, the experience you gain while working can help you qualify for permanent residence.

List of Scholarships

  • The University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for World Leaders (for International Students)
  • University of Regina International Entrance Scholarship
  • Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship 
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland International Entrance Scholarships
  • Concordia University Entrance Scholarships
  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  • Erasmus Scholarship 

List of Universities in USA without IELTS

Here are some popular universities to study in USA without IELTS:

List of Universities in UK without IELTS

Here are some popular universities to study in UK without IELTS:


Is it possible to study in Canada without IELTS?

Yes, you can study in Canada without IELTS as there are many available alternatives offered by Canadian universities to those who don’t have IELTS scores. These alternatives are:

-Language proficiency exams like TOEFL, Duolingo English Test CanTEST, PTE, CAEL, CPE, Cambridge English Exams, etc.
-Many universities offer their own English language course like the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) which you can opt for as an alternative for IELTS in Canada.
Submit proof that you have studied in an English medium school for at least 4 years as the replacement for English proficiency scores.
-The candidates from an English speaking country are also exempted from providing IELTS scores in Canada.

Which country is best for study without IELTS?

There are numerous countries which you can choose from to study abroad without IELTS and some of the prominent ones are:

Which university does not require IELTS in Canada?

To study in Canada without IELTS, major universities listed below accepted other alternatives:
-University of Winnipeg
-Brock University
-University of Saskatchewan
-Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
-Cambrian University
-Okanagan College 
-Concordia University
-Seneca College, Toronto
-Carleton University

How can I immigrate to Canada without IELTS?

It mainly depends on the reason of migration to Canada whether you can be exempted from IELTS or not. If you are going on a work permit, then it would depend on the company rules if you are allowed to immigrate Canada without IELTS. Moreover, you can apply for a visitor visa for Canada which doesn’t necessarily need IELTS and with this visa, you can look for work in the country as well. If you plan to study in Canada without IELTS, then you can appear for alternative language tests like TOEFL, PTE, CanTest, etc. or take up your chosen university’s English language program for international students.

Is IELTS compulsory for Canada?

No, you don’t necessarily need IELTS to study in Canada or visiting the country as a tourist on visitor or tourist visa. But if you aim to apply for Permanent Residency, IELTS will be necessarily required.

Hope you are clear with all the quintessential information related to study in Canada without IELTS. Apprehensive about how to apply for admission into these universities? Reach out to our Leverage Edu and we will guide you throughout the admission process of your chosen course and university making sure that you get successfully shortlisted. Sign up for an e-meeting today!

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  1. i have a UK degree, so in that case will i get admission in canada through medium of english , i just need to know about this.
    thank you

    1. Hey Nabeel!

      In most Canadian universities, applicants who have completed a minimum of three full years of study at the undergraduate or graduate level at universities in countries like the UK, USA, Ireland, and New Zealand are exempted from showing proof of proficiency in English. Please check with the specific university requirements, if you have more questions then feel free to get in touch with our experts at 1800572000. All the best!

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