Management Courses in Canada

Management Courses in Canada

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.” – Henry Mintzberg. Management is not a course but an art that you acquire over time. Getting international exposure in a management course is something that you should never miss out. Management courses are some of the most sought after paths of the modern-day education industry. Canada has successfully established itself as the hotspot of higher education and especially for the management courses. Canada has achieved this global popularity due to the easy availability of the student visa programs and the global outreach of Canada as a country that is supportive of people of all the regions. If you are planning to study Management in Canada, you can choose from varied programs like hotel management courses, event management courses, human resource management courses, project management courses, etc. This blog brings you a collated guide on top management courses in Canada, major business schools and universities, eligibility requirements and much more.

Why Pursue Management Courses in Canada?

The Canadian management institutions are featured in various globally accepted rankings like QS research, Academic Rankings of World Universities and the Times Higher Education. Studying management courses in Canada comes with many benefits. Not only do these universities provide high-quality education to students, but the tuition fee for management courses in Canada is less in comparison to other countries. Canadian educational institutes also provide students with a platform to undertake various extracurricular activities in a multicultural environment. Amongst the top study destinations in the world, Canada is the most developed country globally, with 56.27 per cent of its population having received higher education. Therefore, studying in Canada is very suitable for higher studies. The visa and other accommodation rules and regulations placed by the government are very friendly. Most of the colleges offering management courses in Canada offer great opportunities for international students by way of scholarships and rebate on the university fees.

List of Management Courses in Canada 

The primary objective of management courses is to equip students with the necessary skills that can help them become able managers. The curriculum of these programs is structured to inculcate in students a habit of solving problem pragmatically, build cordial relationships with clients and fellow employees, handle difficult situations innovatively, and lead various teams effectively. This not only enhances the overall productivity of students but also improves their leadership skills. These professional programs also provide students with an opportunity to specialize in an array of courses like Land, Fashion, Risk Insurance, Logistics, and Petroleum Management thus helping you to advance in your career. Thus, management degree programs prepare you to handle various roles to the best of your abilities. 

There is an array of management courses in Canada that are offered across various disciplines. Given below are some of these courses:

Education LevelManagement Courses in Canada
Diploma/CertificateDiploma in Business Management
Diploma in Global Business Management
Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Diploma in Interactive Media Management
Certificate in Business Administration
Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management-Logistics
Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management
Bachelor’sBBA in Project Management
BBA in General Management
BBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership
BBA in Marketing Management
BCom in Fashion Management
BCom in Management Studies
Bachelor of Management (BMgmt)
Bachelors in Business Management
Bachelor in Business Technology Management
Bachelor in Environmental Management
Bachelor of Fashion Business Management
Bachelor of Hospitality Management
Master’sMA in Tourism Management
MSc in Management
Masters in Management Analytics
Master of Global Management
Master of Engineering Management
Masters in Strategic Mining Management
Masters in Resource Management

Eligibility Criteria

In order to pursue management courses in Canada, you need to fulfil the requisite eligibility requirements specified by your chosen university. Though the actual course requirements might vary as per the course and university, here are some general eligibility criteria you must know about before applying for a diploma or degree in Management in Canada:

  • For Diploma and certificate at the undergraduate level as well as bachelor’s degree programs in Business Management, the minimum requirement is that the student must have complete 10+2 from a recognised board with the minimum marks specified by the university.
  • For Masters in Canada or PGDM in Canada, you must have completed a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline as well as provide GRE/GMAT scores as per the requirement of your chosen university.
  • The candidate must also provide language proficiency scores of IELTS/PTE/TOEFL along with a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LORs).

Note: The aforementioned eligibility criteria indicates general requirements for Management courses in Canada. Students are advised to go through the official website of their chosen university to know about actual course requirements.

Top Universities Offering Management Courses in Canada  

The management colleges in Canada provides a healthy work environment and equip its students with the necessary industrial skills. Given below is a list of the top universities in Canada as per QS University Rankings 2021 that offer a wide range of management courses in Canada:

UniversityQS World UniversityRankings 2021CanadaQS World UniversityRankings 2021
University of Toronto125
McGill University2=31
University of British Columbia345
University of Montreal 4118
University of Alberta 5119
McMaster University6144
University of Waterloo7=166
Western University8=203
University of Calgary=9=246
Queen’s University=9=246

Hopefully, with this blog, you are now aware of the various management courses being offered in Canada. If you wish to kickstart your career in Canada but are not sure about how to get started with the admission process then you can contact Leverage Edu. From writing an impeccable Statement of Purpose (SOP) to completing the admission formalities, the counsellors will help you take admission to your dream university. 

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