IELTS Score for Canada

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IELTS Score for Canada

For academic, professional or immigration purposes, the International English Language Testing System or IELTS score is widely used in various countries as a trusted English language certification. Along with TOEFL and PTE, the IELTS forms part of a triplet that is relied upon by international universities, academic institutions, multinational organizations, and enterprises, amongst others. This blog concerns the rules and regulations adopted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) regarding language requirements including the IELTS score for Canada immigration and other relevant details.

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New IELTS Requirements for Canada SDS

  • IELTS requirement for Canada SDS will change starting on August 10, 2023, according to IRCC.
  • IELTS test takers utilizing the SDS program will now need to achieve an overall 6.0 band in order to be accepted.
  • To emphasize the significance of the test-taker’s comprehensive abilities, it was decided to remove the individual score of 6.0 bands.
  • The most recent modification to the IELTS score for canada criteria is intended to provide international students with better possibilities to complete their studies in Canada.

IELTS Score for Canada

Fulfilling the respective country’s language requirements is an important prerequisite for immigrating into that country along with the conditions related to the years of stay, occupation, dependents, future plans and a host of other components. Canada, in particular, receives scores of applications for permanent residence and immigration and proving communicative proficiency is among the crucial criteria you need to fulfil. Owing to both French and English being official languages, prospective applicants can submit language certificates in either of the two. For those choosing English, approved language tests are the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) and the IELTS-General. It must be noted by students that the applicable IELTS score for Canad immigration is permissible only for the IELTS-General Test and not for the IELTS Academic test.

Note: Universities or colleges across Canada offer admission keeping the different IELTS bands in mind. There is an array of IELTS 5.5 band colleges in Canada and there are also IELTS 6 band Universities in Canada for masters. It is thus advised to go through the essential eligibility criteria and the IELTS band requirements of universities in which you want to be admitted. 

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IELTS Score for Canada Immigration: Programs

Immigration for Canada under the Skilled Worker [Express Entry] is implemented through three programs. This includes the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Class and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. There are different allowed levels depending on the requirements of the respective program. Glance over the following tables to have an overview of the accepted IELTS score for Canada: 

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Federal Skilled Worker Program

For those applying under this program, your scores will be judged according to the CLB level of sections. The following table is for those belonging to certain countries with English as the official language.

CLB LevelPoints per subcategoryListeningReadingSpeakingWriting
10 & above68.5-9.08.0-9.07.5-9.07.5-9.0

In cases of the individual has English as a second language, you will be awarded 4 points if you are successful in meeting the following requirements as well.

CLB LevelTotal PointsListeningReadingSpeakingWriting
5 & above45.0-9.04.0-9.05.0-9.04.0-9.0

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Federal Skilled Trades Program

CLB level sectional IELTS score for Canada has been elucidated in the following table: 

CLB LevelListeningReadingSpeakingWriting
10 & above8.5-9.08.0-9.07.5-9.07.5-9.0

Canadian Experience Class

In cases of NOC A, applicants must adhere to the minimum language requirements of CLB 7 whereas CLB 5 is the minimum requirement for NOC B jobs.

NOCCLB LevelListeningReadingSpeakingWriting
A10 & above8.5-9.08.0-9.07.5-9.07.5-9.0

Here is a great video that explains which country is suitable for your IELTS score.

Can you get a Canadian PR Visa with a Low IELTS Score?

Under the IRCC, there are a total of 80 immigration programs in Canada. These policies are meant for immigrants from around the world. The IELTS score required for a PR visa varies depending on the immigration type.

  • Express entry requires high IELTS canada score 
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) requires a low IELTS score. Some of the PNPs include: Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program & Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. An IELTS score of 4.6 is acceptable here.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program and Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program require low IELTS programs.

Tips to Get a High IELTS Score for Canada

Below are some tips to secure a high IELTS score for Canada. A good IELTS Canada score can be extremely beneficial for students.

  • Read books, newspapers, and magazines to improve vocabulary. 
  • Develop fluency in English to ace the speaking, and listening tests
  • Learn time management skills as it is essential to answer all the questions
  • Use the practice tests to improve the writing skills
Q1. What is Canada’s required IELTS score?

Ans. For admission to a Canadian university, you must have an IELTS score of at least 6. International students must have a minimum of 5.5 IELTS scores in each of the IELTS bands in order to qualify for a study permit or visa in Canada.

Q2. Can I travel to Canada with five bands?

Ans. In general, you must have at least 5.5 bands in each area of the IELTS exam and an aggregate score of 6.0 in order to apply to undergraduate programmes regardless of your educational background or degree level.

Q3. IELTS Canada: Is it challenging?

IELTS is not always difficult in Canada, but it might be difficult. The degree of English proficiency and the individual determine how challenging the test is. It’s critical to study for the exam and hone the abilities required to ace each area.

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  1. I had my letter of acceptance from school and my ielts score band is 5.5,..I want to ask if the government of canada will give me study permit knowing that allowed score band is 6.0?

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      If you have a letter of acceptance from DLI for admission in a 2-year full-time course and 5.5 in one section, it is possible for you to apply for the Canada Study Permit. We recommend that you consult your DLI before applying for the permit.

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  2. I have got overoll score 6
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    1. Hey Tenzing. The IELTS exam requires minimum of 6-8 weeks preparation. During this time, the student must foucs on grammer, writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. Additionally, spending about 3-4 months of preparation to imporve te speed, and test stratgies is important. Therefore, 2 months of IELTS preparation should be sufficient. For further assistance reagarding the IELTS preparation you can visit this link.. You can also call us at 1800 57 2000 for any queries regarding study abroad.

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      It’s great to witness that you are aiming to study in Canada for your higher education. Here is a blog that will help you find the right university in Canada for IELTS 5.5 band score Furthermore, you can even contact our Leverage Edu experts at 1800572000 and they will help you out with the university applications and the right course that will suit your portfolio and eligibility criteria.