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Life Science

Whatever development we witness in contemporary times is only because of science and research. One of the Science stream subjects, Life science is the branch of Science & Technology which solely deals with the scientific study of living organisms like insects, birds, plants, animals including human beings. It involves the examination of their chemical processes, physical structure, physiological devices, molecular interactions and evolution. It is important to know that the discoveries in life sciences are quite helpful and improving the standard of lives. The field of life science has enormous scope in various fields such as Agriculture, Medicine & Health, Pharmaceutical and Food Science. Through this blog, we are going to explore careers in this field!

Top Life Science Courses

As a demanding subject with enormous scope, the field of life Science offers a plethora of options for students to choose from various courses. All these programmes are very informative in nature, provides in-depth knowledge pertaining to the subject. A complete list of Life Science Courses is:  

Undergraduate Level

BSc Zoology BSc Biology BSc  Genetics
BSc Advanced Plant Biology BSc Cell Biology
and Biostatistics
BSc Ecology and
BSc Mathematics
for Life Science
BSc Immunology
and Animal Tissue Culture
BSc Genetic
BSc Developmental
Biology & Physiology
BSc Biochemistry BSc Microbiology
BSc Biotechnology BSc Bioinformatics BSc Biodiversity
BSc Food Science BSc Food Technology BSc Forestry
BSc Animal science BSc Dairy  Science BSc Nursing

Postgraduate Level

MSc Medical Genetics and Genomics MSc Biostatistics MSc. Aquaculture
& fisheries
MSc Microbiology MSc Developmental
MSc Biochemistry
MSc Bioinformatics MSc Industrial Microbiology MSc Biodiversity
& Conservation
MSc Medical Radiology MSc Genomics
and Proteomics
MSc Dairy Science
MSc / M.Tech Genetic
MTech/ MSc. Biotechnology Mtech / MSc
Biomedical Science
MSc Environmental science MTech Marine science MSc Food Technology
MTech/ MSc
Molecular Bioscience
MSc Forensic science MSc Endocrinology

Top Universities for Life Science

Enlisted below are some of the leading universities offering Life Science courses:

University name  Country 
Harvard University  Cambridge, Massachusetts, US 
Oxford University  Oxford UK
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland US
Massachusetts Institute of technology Massachusetts, US
Stanford University  Stanford US
Imperial College London London, UK
ETH Zurich Zurich, Switzerland 


Due to the enormous scope of life science in contemporary times, many students are choosing life science as their full-time career. Its research is considered as authentic and need of an hour.  And it’s important to know that there are lucrative jobs for life science graduates and they enjoy lavish lives with handsome salaries. Let’s understand some of the lucrative jobs which can help you set a milestone and create a distinctive space. 

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  • One of the primer scope of Biotechnology, these professionals combine the biology-the study of living things with technology. 
  • Conducts in-depth research in order to develop and make use of biology to solve the problems in various sectors like chemical industries, food production, pharmaceutical, health care, the agricultural sector, environmental protection etc. 
  • Enjoy a lucrative profile and handsome salary starting from 3 lakhs per month.  

Computational Biologist

  • These primarily focus on the development and application of data- analytical theoretical methods, computational simulation techniques, mathematical modelling and its techniques to study the behavioural system, social system, biological process etc. 
  • The field of Computational Biology also entails in the field of; Chemistry, Biophysics, Molecular biology, Ecology, Anatomy, Neuroscience, Visualization, Genetics, Animation, Statistics, Computer science, Applied mathematics  
  • They also enjoy lucrative salaries. 

Biomedical Scientist

  • These professionals examine medical samples like blood and tissue etc.  
  • They extensively help doctors to use their knowledge and help them to treat diseases.  
  • Have in-depth knowledge such as anatomy, pathology, and physiology. 


  • They have an in-depth understanding of Chemistry and Biology of Microbes.
  • Microbiologist adopts their intelligence in the field of Food Processing, Water Management, Pharmaceuticals in order to manage and protect the environment. 

Study Fields for Life Science

There are various fields of study in life science which have an impressive scope and are quite demanding in nature. 

Field  Job Profiles 
Medicine  Doctors
Genetic Engineers
Biology and medicine  Forsters Science
Environmental science  Atmospheric Scientist
Environmental Biologist
Environmental Chemist
Environmental Science
Botany  Environmentalist 

With an enormous scope and lucrative job profiles, the field of Life Science is expanding unstoppably with a plethora of scientific innovations coming it’s way. There are prestigious universities offering such courses to encourage students. Do you want to make a career in this field? If yes, then book your 30 minutes of counselling session with Leverage Edu your one-stop solution amid a dedicated team of mentors who help you recognise your talent and guide you to your dream study destination!

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