Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

rotman school of management
rotman school of management

As part of the prestigious University of Toronto, the Rotman School of Management is one of the leading business schools in Canada. It was formally established in 1950 and since then has established its reputation as a renowned business school for its wide-ranging programs in Business and Management as well as other interdisciplinary specialisations. One of the choicest options for international students looking to pursue their MBA degree in Canada, this school offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in Commerce, Business Administration, and Finance. Want to know more about this globally acclaimed business school? Take a look at this blog on the Rotman School of Management to know what makes it so awesome!

Campus Highlights

At Rotman School of Management, the best global business leaders and greatest minds come together to redefine expectations, reinvent models, and rethink assumptions. Rotman School of Management rests at the heart of the downtown campus of the University of Toronto. Let’s look at some of the highlights of the UToronto campus:

  • The St. George Street building and St. George Street houses most of the school’s faculty and staff as well as the classrooms for all the degree programs. The Rotman Commerce, which is the centre for program services, career services, the student life offices as well as alumni relations, is just a short distance away at the corner of Bloor and St. George and the Rotman South hosts the Executive Programs at College Street.
  • The campus houses a large area on the ground floor known as the ‘the Fleck Atrium’, which is often used for public lectures, special events, and receptions. It has an open-air concept allowing the onlookers to observe the ongoing events from various floors. The glass ceiling of the atrium allows brightness throughout the interior.
  • The Financial Research and Trading Lab allows students to access a gamut of data sets and financial analysis software packages. Numerous business competitions are organized in the lab throughout the year. Specifically, the Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC), which is an annual trading competition that features universities from around the world.

Programs Offered at the Rotman School of Management

Preferred for its meticulously designed MBA programs, Rotman School of Management offers a plethora of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses to students around the world. We have detailed its MBA programs as well as a complete list of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in the following sections:

MBA Programs

MBA degrees at Rotman School of Management are offered with majors in Investment Banking, Consulting, Brand Management, Global Management, Funds Management, Health Sector Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Risk Management and Financial Engineering. The Rotman School of Management’s MBA programs offers a very unique exposure to its students in the form of Live Cases. Students are provided with contemporary and real-world business problems and are encouraged to apply model-based decision making for coming up with possible solutions. This approach plays a crucial role in facilitating a holistic learning process for intensive MBA courses at Rotman School of Management. Let’s take a look at the different MBA programs offered in the business school:

  • Full-time MBA Program: Constituted of a 16-month rigorous study schedule with four months of internship or summer courses making it a 20-month course.
  • Part-Time MBA: Offered as a morning or evening program where students need to devote two hours per day, twice a week. This arrangement helps to complete the program in 32 months and the best part of this program is that you can continue with your professional commitments alongside the course.
  • Joint MBA Program: For this unique course, you can combine various course modules across specialisations such as Law, Engineering, Pharmacy along with MBA.
  • Executive MBA: This is an intense 13-month long MBA program with four terms, each of these comprise a week-long on-campus residential session. This course is supposed to be for senior professionals with at least 7-8 years of work experience.

Other Programs

Apart from MBA, the Rotman School of Management also offers the following degrees:

  • Undergraduate Degree Program in Commerce
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of Financial Risk Management
  • Master of Management Analytics
  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
  • PhD

Admission Requirements 

The admission requirements for diverse programs at the Rotman School of Management differ from one course to another. For getting admitted to any program at the Rotman School of Management, you need to fulfil some basic criteria along with submitting all the essential documents. Here are some of the general admission requirements you need to ensure while applying to Rotman School of Management

  • Fulfil the required criteria of marks in your undergraduate degree (for master’s level programs)
  • Submit a copy of all official transcripts
  • Have a minimum GMAT score of 550 or an equivalent score in GRE
  • Preferably have at least two years’ work experience (mainly for MBA programs)
  • Have a score of at least 100 in TOEFL iBT or 7.0 in IELTS Academic (these are indicative scores and can vary from one program to another)
  • Submit two Letters of Recommendation and for MBA courses, you will also have to provide a well-written MBA essay.

Application Deadlines

At the Rotman School of Management, admissions are granted on a rolling basis. Also, it is a good idea to apply early for the program of your choice since it will increase your chances of receiving financial aids, also known as entrance awards, since those are given on a first come first serve basis to eligible applicants. The deadlines for application to the Morning MBA and Evening MBA for the current academic year is as follows:

First Deadline 4th November, 2020
Second Deadline 3rd February, 2021
Third Deadline 7th April, 2021
Fourth Deadline 2nd June, 2021

Student Life at Rotman School of Management

The students of the Rotman School of Management come from diverse backgrounds from different countries around the world. Along with gaining exposure at a global level, students can choose from 14 majors and around 100 different elective courses offered. Other than academics, the Rotman School of Management has cultivated a vibrant campus life with the presence of numerous student clubs, which are led by the students themselves. These include different industry clubs, social clubs and cultural clubs, which encourage students to explore their multifarious interests and benefit for immense networking opportunities. Here are some interesting facts about the students of the Rotman School of Management:

  • As per the latest statistics on the official website, the annual class batch 2021 of the full-time MBA program consists of 295 students.
  • International students make up around 58% of the class and nearly 42% of the class constitutes female students.
  • With an average age of 27 years and an average work experience of 5 years, the cohort is well-versed with the relevant work knowledge before the official commencement of the program
  • The class of 2021 have students from 44 countries around the world.
  • Students from business/commerce and engineering/science constitute around 60% of the full-time MBA batch 2021.

Hope you found this blog on the Rotman School of Management interesting and informative. Want to be a part of this world-class business school? Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu who can not only help you with choosing the perfect course as per your career goals but will also guide you through the application process. Sign up for a free session today!

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