Aerospace Engineering Colleges

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Aerospace Engineering Colleges

Do planes hovering in the sky entice you? Do you aspire to build aircraft someday? Then you should think of pursuing a career in Aerospace Engineering. One of the specialized branches of engineering, Aerospace engineering is a degree program that incorporates theoretical knowledge with the practical study. The branch primarily deals with the designing, testing, and maintenance of the aircraft, spacecraft, and the other aerospace-related components. The aerospace industry also designs and builds products for the military as well as for commercial use. The primary responsibility of an Aerospace engineer is to develop new technologies and incorporate them in aircraft, spacecraft, and aerospace objects so as to improve their overall efficiency. The diverse curriculum of the course offered by various Aerospace engineering colleges imparts in-depth knowledge in subjects like Aerodynamics, Vehicle Dynamics, Designing Software, etc.

The program also equips students with the necessary skills to bring new changes to the products. Astronautical Engineering is another branch of this industry which deals with the study of technologies related to the production of spacecraft. In this blog, we will cover some Aerospace Engineering colleges which offer graduation and postgraduation degree programs in the field. But before that, let us go through the roles and responsibilities of an Aerospace engineer. 

Duties of an Aerospace Engineer

After getting a degree in this field from a top Aerospace engineering college, the students can work in various work profiles. Given below are some of the most important duties of Aerospace engineers:

  • To determine whether the project is financially and technically feasible by assessing the quality of proposals.
  • Manufacture, Design and test aircraft. 
  • Ensuring that the products meet the customer’s requirements and also comply with environmental regulations and standards.  
  • Identify the malfunctions and repair the damaged portions of an aircraft.
  • Develop new technologies that can be used in the aerospace industry. 
  • Design and develop military and commercial planes. 

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Aerospace Engineering Colleges: Eligibility Criteria

To kickstart your career in this field, you need to fulfill the basic eligibility criteria. Even though the minimum percentile to secure admission may vary from one university to another, here are some common qualifications followed by most of Aerospace engineering colleges:

  • The applicants must have secured the minimum qualifying marks in 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as core subjects.
  • To study postgraduation courses, the applicant must hold a bachelors degree from a recognized university. 
  • Valid IELTS, TOELS, or GRE score. 

Where To Pursue Aerospace Engineering?

Now that you are familiar with the nitty-gritty of the Aerospace engineering, let us go through some of the popular Aerospace engineering colleges, the student-faculty ratio and the total student enrollment in these colleges:

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology  USA 5.6:1 3,130
Stanford University Canada 7.4:1 3,524
California Institute of Technology Canada 5.1:1 543
Georgia Institute of Technology USA 4.3:1 4,085
University of Michigan– Ann Arbor USA 4.4:1 3,285
The University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign Ireland 4.4:1 3,733
University of Texas-Austin Texas 5:1 2,011
Princeton University New Jersey 4.2:1 676
Texas A&M University Texas 3.6:1 3,065
University of Colorado Colorado 5:1 2,185
Cornell University New York 5:1 2,185
Air Force Institute of Technology Ohio 0.7:1 554
Case Western Reserve University USA 3.3:1 628
North Carolina State University North Carolina 3.5:1 2,971
Ohio State University Ohio  3.8:1 1,679
New York University New York 3.6:1  1,790
Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania 3.1:1 1,638
Iowa State University Iowa 3.2:1 1,521
Oklahoma State University Sweden 1.4:1 397
Old Dominion University Virginia 0.7:1 169

Thus, there is an array of Aerospace engineering colleges offering a multitude of degrees at the bachelor’s and master’s level. If you want to pursue this course but are confused about how to get started with it then the counselors at Leverage Edu will mentor you and help you kickstart your career in this field.

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