MA Psychology

MA Psychology

Psychology has become one of the most opted Medical Science courses both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. From Child Psychology and Theories of Counselling to Developmental and Biopsychology, pursuing Psychology courses will give an in-depth understanding of various facets of the field. Though bachelor level courses like BA/BSc Psychology can open a wide range of opportunities in Rehabilitation Centres, Welfare Organisations, Research Centres, etc, enrolling into a masters level course like MA Psychology will help you gain advanced knowldege and will aid in skill development.

Moreover, at the masters level, you can specialize in a subfield like Industrial Psychology, Community Psychology, Counselling Psychology, etc. Apart from MSc, Master of Arts in Psychology is a popular choice amongst students wherein they read intensively about all the nuances of the field, to which they were introduced to at their graduation level. So, if you want to build a successful career in Psychology and are planning to pursue an MA Psychology degree then here is a blog that will shed light on the key details pertaining to this course. 

Who Should Opt for this Course?

Although an interesting specialization course but the type of work the Psychologists have to go through is satisfying but excruciating. So, ask yourself some questions before going deeper into the course like:

  • Can you handle tense situations patiently?
  • Do you have good analytical skills?
  • Are you sympathetic and empathetic towards others?

Those of you who could answer these questions affirmatively then, pursuing Psychology courses is best suited for you!

MA Psychology Overview

Master of Arts or MA Psychology is a postgraduate course in which students learn about human behavior and psychology along with conflict resolution techniques, reactions, mental processes, experimental psychology, human development, etc. Running for a period of 1-2 years, this course aims to train the students to identify, assess, and manage the emotional and behavioural patterns of humans. 

Course Level Masters
Curriculum Type Semester/Yearly
Duration of Program Maximum 2 Years
Job Prospects Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Practitioner, Counselor, Mentor, Marriage Counselor, Career Counselor, Therapist, etc.

Subjects Taught

With a special focus on research methods and theories, there are scores of subjects taught at the master level Psychology courses. Although the course curriculum can vary from one university/country to another, the gist remains the same. Enlisted are some of the subjects or topics that are covered in an MA Psychology course: 

  • Applied Psychometry
  • Social Psychology
  • Emotions in Everyday Life
  • Paradigms of Psychology
  • Appreciating Diversity
  • Human Resource Practices
  • Group Processes in Organizations
  • Training and Development
  • Psychology of Advertising
  • Neuro-sensory
  • Listening and Communicating
  • Development of Theories of Mind

Note: This is a generalized list of subjects and can vary from one university and country to another. 

Top Universities Offering MA Psychology

With the increase in demand for trained Psychologists, academic institutions across the world now offer a comprehensive MA Psychology course with an option for the students to specialize in a subfield of their choice. The universities listed below not only offer quality education but also provide state of the art facilities, highly experienced academic staff, labs equipped with basic amenities amongst others. 

University Country QS Ranking [2020]
Stanford University USA 2
University of California, Berkeley USA 5
Columbia University USA 12
University of British Columbia Canada 13
University of Melbourne Australia 17
The University of Edinburg UK 24
University of Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR 31
University of Auckland New Zealand 40
University of Helsinki Finland 107
University of Freiburg Germany 169

Note: The above-mentioned colleges are meticulously picked as these are the colleges which specifically teach MA Psychology courses. Furthermore, the universities offering this course are not limited to only this list.

Want to know more about the fee structure and the VISA application process? Then, register yourself here to get a free counselling session! 

MA Psychology Eligibility

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Be it MA/MSc Psychology, the students have to fulfill eligibility criteria as specified by the university concerned. Though the prerequisites will vary based on the study abroad destination and university, here are some generalized conditions to pursue MA Psychology:  

  • This is an open post-graduation course which means, a prior degree in the same is not necessary but is advised. 
  • Candidate must hold a graduation degree from a recognized university in Psychology with a minimum percentage. Usually, the mark lies between 45%-55%. 
  • Scores of universities also require a valid GRE scorecard. 
  • The applicant should also have a valid scorecard of English-language proficiency tests like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE.
  • A statement of purpose [SOP], Letter of Recommendation [LORs], transcripts, updated CV/resume are other required documents. 

While some admit on merit bases, you may be required to clear the entrance test of a college/university [if any]. It is thus advised to read everything there is to know about the college that you are applying to.

MA Psychology: Career Prospects

Upon completing an MA Psychology course, one can always go for an M.Phil or PhD in Psychology to advance further in the field. But, for all the students seeking employment opportunities after their MA, this is a choice section of the blog for them. The major recruiting industries and profiles have been given a rundown below: 

MA Psychology

Bringing peace in the life of chaos, the job of a Psychologist and counselor can thus be tough yet satisfying. If you are interested in pursuing an MA Psychology course from universities abroad but are unsure about the specialization most suited for you then, take the psychometric test at Leverage Edu. The team of experts will gauge through your profile and recommend the best-suited course as well as the educational institute to kickstart your career abroad!

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