MSc Computer Science Syllabus

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MSc Computer Science Syllabus

Computer Science as a discipline surely does not need an introduction. Scope of Computer Science cannot be measured as it is being widely by everyone. While Btech Computer Science and BE Computer Science are among the most pursued courses, some students also opt for BSc Computer Science to gain more theoretical knowledge on the subject. But what do these students do after completing their bachelor’s? Many take up jobs while others look for higher education opportunities. MSc Computer Science is a perfect course for such students. It is important to know the course content of the degree before signing up for it. Thus, we have prepared this blog on the MSc Computer Science syllabus to help students!

Course Name  MSc Computer Science 
Full Name  Master of Science in Computer Science 
Level  Postgraduate (PG)
Duration  2 years 
Eligibility Criteria Must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University in relevant subjects and 50%-60% marks. 
Admission Process Both entrance based and merit-based
Subjects Required Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science
Average Salary INR 7-12 lakhs per annum 

MSc Computer Science Syllabus

MSc Computer Science Syllabus comprises a host of core and elective subjects covering all the main topics. Since the actual course curriculum might vary as per the university, we have enlisted all the major subjects constituted under the MSc computer science syllabus:

First Year 

Data Structures Operating Systems
Structured and Object-Oriented Programming Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Computer Organisation and Architecture C++ Programming Laboratory
Operating Systems Laboratory – Unix and Shell Programming Computer Graphics
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Database Management System
Computer Networks Visual and Dot Net (.NET) Programming
Database Management and Case Tools Laboratory Dot Net (.NET) Laboratory

Second Year 

Software Engineering Java Programming
Web Technology Web Tech/ Java Laboratory
Mini Project Elective 1
Elective 2 Project Work

List of Electives 

  • Information Security
  • Data Compression
  • Soft Computing
  • Distributing Computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Web Services
  • Data Mining
  • Statistics and Data Analytics

Check out the MSc Computer Science syllabus of top ranking universities:


Cryptography is a technique of securing information and communications through the use of codes so that only those people for whom the information is intended can understand and process it. Thus preventing unauthorized access to information. The subject deals with the security of data and interpretations. In cryptography, there is the involvement of mathematical operations and data analysis.

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Machine Learning – MSc Computer Science Syllabus

Another name in the list of MSc Computer Science syllabus is Machine Learning. It is related to artificial intelligence(AI) that gives frameworks the capacity to learn and improve machine systems by making them expressly customized. The iterative part of AI is significant because as models are presented with new information, they can freely adjust. They gain from past calculations to create repeatable choices and results. It’s a science that is not new – but rather one that has increased new momentum.

Data Networking

A system of interconnected machines and computerized peripherals such as printers is called a computer network. Data networking alludes to the transmission of advanced information between at least two PCs or information organize in broadcast communication arrange that permits information trade. The physical association between organized computer gadgets is built up utilizing either link media or remote media. The most popular PC network is the Internet.

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System Software

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Software programming is a sort of computer program that is intended to run equipment and application programs. Framework programming is the interface between equipment and client applications. Computer software (OS) is a popular case of software programming. The OS deals with the various projects in the field of computers

Computer Graphics – MSc Computer Science Syllabus

Computer graphics is a specialty of drawing pictures, lines, graphs, and so on utilizing computers with the assistance of programming. Computer graphics are comprised of several pixels. Pixel is the littlest graphical picture or unit spoke to on the PC screen. Fundamentally there are two kinds of computer designs to be specific. This subject deals with the graphic designing and illustrations of various computer-based programs.

Top Universities for Msc Computer Science

Global universities are popular for offering  Computer Science courses to international students. However, before getting admission, it is crucial to gather information regarding the college you are applying for. Below is the list of top universities offering the same: 


What is better among MCA CS and MSc Computer Science?

A person who is extremely interested in teaching computer science or conducting computer research should definitely pursue an MSC in computer science. The MCA program is ideal for people who want to work in the software industry.

What is the salary of an MSc computer science?

For some profiles, the pay following an M.Sc in computer science might be extremely substantial. The compensation for the basic profiles ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 per month. Salary ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 per month for higher-level positions such as Data Scientists and Software Engineers.

Is computer science hard?

For most students, learning the field of computer science is a tough and time-consuming undertaking. Most students, however, may effectively study the discipline and pursue successful careers in Computer Science disciplines provided they are prepared to devote the time and develop serious time management skills.

Is MBA better than MCA?

MBA is a better degree for individuals who want to take on leadership responsibilities, whilst MCA is better for students who want to work in technical jobs. The MBA degree digs into business management and administrative abilities, whereas the MCA course concentrates on instilling technical skills in a candidate.

We hope that this blog has provided you with a comprehensive overview of the MSc computer science syllabus. Planning to study abroad? Get in touch with Leverage Edu experts who can help you in selecting a suitable course and university which aligns with your interests, preferences, and career aspirations. Sign up for a free e-meeting today! 

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    1. Hi Mithun! Here is the minimum eligibility criteria -The candidate must have completed the basic schooling of 10+2 from a recognized board.
      While some universities demand a graduate degree from similar fields like BSc Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Electronics, Statistics, ICT, others accept the candidates from any field. Click here to know more -

      Please remember to always check with the university eligibility criteria for MSc Computer Science before starting the application process. Hope this helps!

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