MBA Without Work Experience in Canada

MBA Without Work Experience in Canada

Wondering what is the best university or how much does it cost to study in Canada? Can’t figure out the requirements to apply at a Canadian university? Here is a one-stop solution to all your queries!

There are several people who offer advice on the to-do list when one is preparing for an MBA. The one piece of advice that keeps popping around an MBA is the need to have work experience before pursuing the course. Fortunately, this happens to be a myth that holds no value in the practical world. People believe that work experience helps students have a better-looking resume during the placement period of the program. It is also believed that students with prior work experience have better communication skills with both their juniors and seniors, and have a better vision of their future plans. While this might be a bit hard to believe but one can do an MBA without work experience in Canada. There are numerous other ways to make up for one’s lack of work experience, let us look at some though this blog!

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Benefits of MBA Without Work Experience in Canada

There are many advantages to starting with one’s MBA right after graduation. A common belief is that when an individual starts working, they start from scratch and make a niche for themselves in their respective career fields and after a certain point, withdrawing from that position and growth is considered somewhat of a setback in one’s career. A very frivolous reason, but a reason to be considered, is the foregoing of one’s earning as a working individual when one starts with their MBA again. Students pursuing an MBA without work experience in Canada right after their graduation have an early start for their career. The most difficult problem with having to begin one’s MBA after working for a few years is that it is difficult to choose the exact moment to quit your work and continue one’s studies, from where they left it off. The ‘sweet spot’ to move on to an MBA is difficult to identify.

MBA without Work Experience in Canada: Eligibility Criteria

There are many other requirements for an MBA, which has no connection to work experience. If paid proper attention to, these requirements can prove to be beneficial and work in favour of those wanting to pursue an MBA without work experience in Canada. These requirements are:

  • The first requirement universal for all kinds of students is a Bachelor’s degree with an aggregate percentage specified by the desired college.
  • The second requirement for pursuing an MBA without work experience in Canada is a GMAT or other equivalent exam score, acceptable by the college to be applied to.
  • IELTS or another equivalent exam score, for those whose native language is not English.
  • Another requirement for an MBA without work experience in Canada is an updated resume. Those without work experience have the opportunity to be creative and make their credentials look better than they already are.
  • Copies of transcripts from colleges that the student completed their Bachelor’s degree from.
  • Statement of Purpose. This is solely based on how the student manages to write. Students have the chance to showcase their ambitions and their courage to face obstacles in the way, to their desired universities. They have a chance to explain why they are passionate about a certain college and the preferred program.
  • Letter of Recommendation: The students can have their professors or even internship mentors help them with the LOR. They will provide with the back up the students need to authenticate their claims and move forward with the admission for MBA without work experience in Canada.
  • Essays: The students have a chance to make themselves worthy of the college through the essay, needed to write for MBA admissions. They can highlight their skills and talk about their achievements and the changes one might bring to the institution.
  • References: The candidate needs to be careful about the person they refer to as this person is who the university contacts to cross-check the student’s credentials and authenticity.

Universities for MBA Without Work Experience in Canada

There are many colleges that offer MBA without work experience in Canada. Some of these colleges are:


Is work experience necessary for MBA in Canada?
Most of the top business schools in Canada require work experience of 2-3 years. However, there are some business schools in Canada which provide admissions into MBA programs without any work experience. 

Can I do an MBA without work experience?
Yes, you can do an MBA without work experience. But to get admissions into the best business schools around the world, you need to have 2 to 3 years of experience in the relevant field. To know more about it, read our blog on MBA without work experience!

What is counted as an MBA work experience?
Full time job that you did in a relevant field after completing your graduation can be counted as work experience in your MBA application. You can also mention any internships or volunteering work in your work experience as additional information. 

Whatever the requirement, whether LOR or misconception about work experience, we at Leverage Edu have your back and help you throughout the entire process. So sit back and let the experts handle it.  

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