Canada Student Visa IELTS Band Requirements

Canada Student Visa Ielts Band Requirements

“The best way to end is to get started.” Studying is considered the first step to getting started, not just on the professional front, but for an individual’s overall growth. The hunger to grow and evolve is what drives any student towards progress. Whether engineering feats or scientific discovery, a doctor’s miracle or even a journalist’s enriching article, every step was achieved because of rigorous studying. Canada is now considescientific discoveryred to be one of the top locations for studying abroad. The pathway to begin studying in Canada is a long one. Want to know Canada Student Visa IELTS band requirements? Read this blog to know the minimum IELTS score for Canada as well as how many bands required for Canada student visa after 12th or graduation!

What is the Minimum IELTS Score to Study in Canada in 2021?

To apply for Canada student visa, you must have a minimum of 5.5 in each of the IELTS band and the overall score of 6.0 in IELTS. The IELTS requirements for Canadian universities vary for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Want to know how many bands required for Canada student visa after 12th? The minimum IELTS requirement for Canada student visa after 12th is a minimum of 5.5 in each of the four sections with an aggregate band score of 6.0 for undergraduate courses in Canada after 12th.

For postgraduate courses, the minimum IELTS score for Canada is at least 6 in all the four sections and a minimum total of 6.5 band as the combined score for the student visa. With the above-mentioned score, the candidate fulfils the Canada Student Visa IELTS band requirements 2021 and just needs to make sure that the rest of their requirements are perfectly on point.

Canada Student Visa IELTS Band Requirements

There is a certain prerequisite in terms of the Canada Student Visa IELTS band requirements. The minimum IELTS requirement for Canada Student Visa is overseen by the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB), the national standards used in Canada for defining, recognizing, and quantifying the English language proficiency. The CLB varies from 1 to 12, with each CLB score being equal to a particular IELTS score in Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading section.

To help you understand better what is IELTS Reading score, IELTS Listening score, IELTS Writing Score, IELTS Speaking score in terms of CLB, we have devised this descriptive table: 

Canada Student Visa IELTS Band Requirements

Minimum IELTS Score for Canada Immigration 2021

To apply for Canadian PR or work visa, you will have to qualify IELTS General with the score specified by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The visa processing time taken by IRCC is a minimum of 6 months. When it comes to the IELTS score for Canada immigration 2021, you must CLB 7 as the minimum level of language proficiency, i.e. at least 6.0 IELTS band for each section for Canadian PR.

Minimum IELTS Score for Canadian Universities

The IELTS score for Canada varies for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The minimum overall IELTS band and section-wise score for Canadian universities 2021 is as follows:

Undergraduate Courses in Canada
[Bachelor’s, Diploma or Short-term]
Overall: Minimum 6 IELTS
Each Band: No less than 5.5
Postgraduate Courses in Canada
[PG Diploma/Masters]
Overall: Minimum of 6.5 IELTS
Each Band: No less than 6

*While the mentioned universities accept section-wise 5.5 IELTS Band score, the minimum IELTS score for study visa Canada is 6.0.

IELTS Requirements for Canadian Universities

Now that you have understood what all are the Canada student visa IELTS band requirements, it is now time to have a look at what all are the expected sectional, that is, speaking; listening; writing and reading IELTS band score along with overall band score of popular institutions in Canada. Tabulated below are the IELTS requirements for Canadian universities:

University Overall IELTS Score (Tentative)
University of Toronto 6.5
University of British Columbia 6.5
McGill University 6.5
McMaster University 6.5
University of Alberta 6.5
University of Montreal 6
University of Calgary 6.5
University of Ottawa 6.5
University of Waterloo 6.5
University of Victoria 6.5
University of Winnipeg 6.5
University of Windsor 6.5
Trent University 6.5
Simon Fraser University 6.5
University of Lethbridge 6

IELTS & TOEFL Scores for Canada

Here is a list of minimum IELTS score for Canada as well as TOEFL scores that you need to attain in order to apply to a Canadian university:

Education Level IELTS & TOEFL Scores
IELTS: 6/6.5
PBT: 550 Min.
CBT: 213 Min.
Post-graduate/Masters Courses IELTS: 6.5 overall with no bands less than 6 
PBT:  580-600 min.
CBT: 237-250 min.

Note: The above-given requirements are for indicative purposes. However, the score might vary as per the university you choose to apply for. Check the language test requirements of the course beforehand. 

How to Crack IELTS to Study in Canada?

Now that you are aware of how many bands required for Canada student visa after 12th and after graduation, let’s now understand what are the ways to grab a higher band score in IELTS. To start their preparatory journey early, either by reading the best books for IELTS preparation or through coaching classes. As the exam is mandatory not only to study at the university but also for the VISA process, candidates focus on completing and revising the IELTS syllabus thoroughly. You can also reach out to our experts at Leverage Live offering exclusive online classes and premium study material by best-in-class experts along with doubt clearance sessions and flexible timings to help you achieve your dream IELTS score for Canada!

Student Life in Canada

Canada is a beautiful and diverse place. They are very passionate about professional sports, with Hockey being considered the most popular sport among Canadian youth. Apart from sports, Canadians also have a rich artistic and cultural history, as it learns and encourages traditions and festivities of all kinds to flourish. There are also different cuisines to choose from; a fun side effect of the myriad of cultures inhabiting the country. The Canadian locals are polite and tolerant of foreigners in their country. With a good study environment and world-class facilities, the students will learn and grow in a vibrant and diverse university that makes them feel right at home. They also get to learn about different cultures and understand various traditions too. Taking care of every little detail, including Canada’s Student visa IELTS band requirements, better academic institutions, and professors from around the world are waiting for you in Canada. 

What are the Best Colleges of Canada?

Now that the Canadian Student visa IELTS band requirements are taken care of, there are numerous colleges and universities in Canada to choose from. There are IELTS 6 Band Universities in Canada for Masters as well as IELTS 5.5 Band Colleges in Canada. Here are the top colleges in Canada:

Here are the top universities in Canada:

How to Obtain Canada Student Visa?

To fulfil your dream of seeking Canadian education,  it is mandatory for one to first attain a study permit. Once students have received their study permit for Canada, they are all set to apply for a Canada student visa and live up to their dream. Listed below are some important points to keep in mind while applying for Canada study permit-

  • It is mandatory for you to be accepted by a Canadian academic institution 
  • Candidates must be able to prove their financial background ensuring proper funds for their educational course
  • Availability of medical health insurance
  • Documents proving that candidate has no criminal record to ensure your risk-free security in the country 


What is the minimum IELTS score required for Canada student visa?

Canada student visa IELTS band requirement varies as per the program an university that you have chosen. However, the majority of the universities demand a minimum score o 5.5 for UG courses and 6.5 for PG courses.

Which IELTS is required for study in Canada?

If you are looking forward to entering the country for educational purposes such as pursuing a course, student exchange program, etc.; you will have to qualify for IELTS Academic. On the other hand, those willing to pursue a job or business in Canada have to give IELTS General.

Is 6.5 good score in IELTS for Canada?

Yes, 6.5 is a good band score for IELTS students visa. Through this score, you can apply to ample universities at your preferred level of study.

Is 6 bands eligible for Canada?

If you are applying for UG courses, generally, the Canada student visa band requirement is 6.0. So, if you have 6.0 band you can apply to a plethora of the UG courses in the country. But, candidates are advised to get in touch with Leverage Edu experts to check the exact IELTS score requirement before applying to the university. 

Can I get a student visa for Canada with 5.5 bands? 

With a 5.5 as minimum score in each of the section and 6.0 as your overall band score, you can seek Canada student visa. However, under some special categories, visa is even granted with a minimum score band of 5.5.

Why is IELTS required to study in Canada?

IELTS is the most popular choice of candidates planning to study in Canada. It assesses the English capabilities of the candidates on the basis of listening, reading, writing and speaking tests.

Whether a college or a university, your dreams are our priority and we at Leverage Edu strive to make the journey towards your dreams and goals as smooth as possible. Whether the decision is which college to choose or how to get the minimum Canada Student Visa IELTS band requirements 2020, we have you covered

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