2 Years PG Diploma Courses in Canada

2 Years PG Diploma Courses in Canada

A postgraduate degree is an important addition to your educational qualifications. It is a prestigious degree that helps you develop your skills and trains you to be a part of the corporate world. Institutes all across the world, provide either 1 year or 2 years PG diploma programs for students belonging to different streams and courses. Before we look at the different 2 years PG diploma courses in Canada, let us understand the difference between 1 year PG diploma courses and 2 years PG diploma course for graduates. 

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The Difference Between 1 and 2 Year Courses

While most countries aim at offering both 1 year and 2 year PG diploma courses, it is known that countries in Asia, North America and Australia offer programs that last over 18 months. While countries in Europe are believed to offer courses formulated for a duration ranging between 6 months to 12 months.

There are certain advantages of pursuing 2 years PG diploma courses in Canada. The course is structured for more extensive studies. There are opportunities for internships and summer abroad programs. These courses are best suited for those having work experience of 0-2 years. The advantages of pursuing a 1 year PG diploma course includes a maximum of 9-15 months of studying. There is time to pursue a maximum number of internships during this course. Also, the expenses are comparatively reduced. These courses are best suited for those who have some work experience. Having established the various benefits of the PG courses of both 1 and 2-year courses, the choice you make depends majorly on your short and long term goals.  

2 Years PG diploma courses in Canada

With the expansion of various sectors and their growth and development in large scales due to the advent of globalization, the need for highly skilled professionals across the globe is growing too. Therefore, there are numerous 2 years PG diploma courses in Canada that you can pursue. Some of these courses are:

Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management: This course is structured to help you gain more business expertise and develop your managerial skills. It will also help you in developing an appreciation for global trends and cultures. For this course the minimum IELTS band score is 6.5. 

Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology: This 2 years PG Diploma courses in Canada  helps students understand constructional science and understand how to develop their building design skills. This course too requires an IELTS score band of 6.5.

Post Diploma in Information Technology: This course on the list of 2 years PG Diploma courses in Canada requires a minimum IELTS score band of 6.0. This course is designed to help you to understand the different applications of I.T. like storage, processing and dissemination of any type and form of data.

Post Diploma in Tourism Management: The growing tourism industry requires more skilled professionals and this is where the 2 years PG diploma courses step in. This course helps you in understanding the different international and regional management and tourism laws. This course too requires a minimum IELTS band of 6.0 score. 

Diploma in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician: This course is designed to help you professionally install, design, operate, maintain, supervise and offer servicing for electromechanical machines. This 2 years PG diploma courses requires an IELTS band score of 6.5 minimum for admissions. 

These were some of the 2 years PG Diploma courses in Canada, out of the numerous ones offered. Each course is unique and has its own benefits. 

Colleges Offering 2 years PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Some of the colleges offering 2 years PG diploma courses in Canada are listed below: 

  • North Island College, BC
  • College of New Caledonia, BC
  • Centennial College, ON
  • Fleming College, ON
  • Humber College, ON
  • Lambton College, On
  • Fanshawe College, ON
  • St. Lawrence College, ON

The 2 years PG diploma courses are designed to give you maximum knowledge and better job opportunities. Many students tend to feel confused about whether they should invest in a diploma course or a graduate degree. If you are confused about what to do, let the counsellors at  Leverage Edu help you assess what degree will help you make your ‘Study in Canada‘ dream come true.

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