Fine Arts – What Can You Do With an Art Degree?

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fine arts

Art is the voice rendered to the unconscious to stir thoughts. Art is the thread spun to weave a story into being. Art is all you need to talk about the things we never speak. Over the centuries of our existence, art has become a source of outlet for all of our inner thoughts, feelings and a way to let our creative imagination flow. As popularly said, art arises out of ordinary and extraordinary experiences as well as from a situation of unrest experienced by the artist. Producing a piece of art is a challenging process that requires practise as well as precision to hone our skills and master in our area of specialization. So, if you want to venture into the field of arts and find your truest self, then, this blog would offer you all you need to know to make a career in Fine Arts. 

Understanding Fine Arts

Immersing yourself into Fine arts, you can follow a broad array of courses such as Bachelor of Fine Arts or Master of Fine Arts. In these Fine Arts courses, you would be offered the opportunity to follow a specific arena of Fine Arts which can be drawing, sculpture, painting, ceramics, illustrations, creative writing, dance, music, theatre and performing activities, etc.

What is Included in Fine Arts?

So, those who are willing to progress further in this direction can consider the different courses. To grasp what are the prospective fields of study under the banner of Fine Arts, we have discussed the prominent fields of arts below:  

Painting and Drawing 

Having extraordinary ideas in a visual portrait inside your brains and translating them on a piece of paper with a brush and some colours, painting and drawing has received immense growth with the advent of 3D Paintings and Animation technologies. Being an intricate part of the Visual Arts, a course in painting indulges in subject areas such as colour theories, history of painting culture, types of painting, etc. Tracing from ancient styles of painting, as a painter, you would undergo rigorous training in different types of paints and different techniques of drawing in the duration of your course. So, if you are considering following a career in Painting and Drawing, you can consider the following set of roles such as Artist, Art gallery curator, Art teacher, Art Therapist, Art & Design Lecturer, Art valuer, Illustrator to build a career in Fine Arts.

Multimedia and Animation

Intricately linked with diverse fields such as Animation, Visual Effects, Web Design, Graphic Design, Media Arts, Strategic Communication, Digital Art, and Intellectual Property, career in Multimedia and Animation deal with a wholesome understanding of computer and design. Building on the knowledge of texts, graphics, sound and art, Multimedia courses infuse life in still photographs. Besides this, students can opt for bachelor’s degree courses in Multimedia, Digital Media and Visual Design. If you are interested in making a career in Creative Technology, then going for Game Designing courses after 12th, Masters in Game Development or engaging in Product Design courses are best suited for you.

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Design: Fashion and Interior  

With the convergence of the popular culture and Fine Arts to create contemporary forms of design, Fine Arts has transcended the bounds of just aesthetically pleasing content but engaged in different domains such as Fashion Design and Interior Design. Being associated with the fashion industry, these courses would harness your skills in patterns, design and colour, materials and textile to create fresh and original designs. So, if you want to follow your passion and make a career in the domain of design, then, here is a list of some of the courses that you may consider: 

Interior Design Courses: 

Fashion Design Courses: 


Looking at the architectural marvels of different periods, if you feel zealous to get out there and engage in this multifaceted arena of design and fine arts, then, you can quench your thirst and get yourself enrolled in a course in this field. Not only can you pursue architecture by getting yourself enrolled in Bachelor of Architecture or take up a Diploma in Architecture, but you may also choose from the extensive list of Architecture courses available in this field. In the current scenario, this field has surpassed beyond the creation of the building and other infrastructure, but nowadays, there are different Landscape Design courses that you can follow to design eco-friendly outdoor spaces that work harmoniously and add to the aesthetic as well as the functional value of the spaces. 

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Performing Arts – Dance, Music and Drama

Creative expression through movements of the body or vocalization or amalgamating the two and creating a form of art known as theatrics, performing arts is an interdisciplinary arena that includes dance, music and drama on a surface level.


Practising vocals, rhythms and pitch to create dynamic sounds, music is of various types. So, if you feel enthusiastic to make a career in the music industry, then, you can not only learn a kind of music but also make a career as a Music Composer, Music Engineer, Music Producer amongst many other career choices. To follow your passion of music from the best universities around the world, you can consider the following courses: 


Engaging in certain movements to express different ideas and emotions using different forms, dance is a popularly opted form of fine arts around the world. One can follow a career in dancing by engaging in certain Diploma as well as Bachelor’s courses in Dance from the top Dance Schools around the world such as The Juilliard School, P.A.R.T.S., Folkwang University of the Arts, The Place and Conservatori Superior de Danza (Superior Conservatory of Dance). These courses would dwell upon certain areas like the contemporary trends in dancing, the current trends, contemporary forms of dance, rhythm and other dynamics pertaining to dance. So, if you feel inspired to progress in this direction, then, you can attain various roles in the digital industry, motion pictures as well as stage and animation industry. 

Theatre & Drama 

Indulging in subjects like Theatre, Drama, Film, Radio, Performing arts, Direction and Production, Theatre is a field that partakes in the performance of a piece of art to present a story. Followed in different ways, people can make a career in Art and Drama by becoming a live performer in the street and stage theatre, act in cinema as well as TV shows and online series. Being a broad category that can not only involve professions such as acting, Theatre and Drama industry also involves people in different roles such as Set Design, Direction, Production, Costumes and many others. So, if you feel excited by the charm of this sector, then, you can find numerous opportunities this industry has to offer. 

Some of the courses that might come in handy in your search for fine arts are: 

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Prerequisites for Admission

Fine Arts is a field that requires the zeal to follow your passion in your chosen field of arts and the wish to achieve heights of perfection. Striving to build a career in arts requires for one to dedicatedly move in the direction of their dreams and steadily build their portfolio. A portfolio is quite important and plays a crucial role in presenting your current accomplishments as well as reflects your commitment towards your goals. So, prepare a good portfolio and along with this appear in your IELTS/TOEFL/PTE exam. Prepare for the entrance exams if any for the colleges of your choice. Collect all your documents and submit your SOPs and LORs. And then you would be all set to sail through the admission process. 

Top Universities for Fine Arts

Building on your pre-existing skills and providing you with an in-depth learning process the best universities in this domain nurture your talent and offer you the best training from industry experts and highly talented professionals. This learning experience would help you grow as an artist and eventually transform your career. Along with this, studying the universities that are renowned for the subject area for your specialization allows you the opportunity to connect and network in the industry. This networking provides you with ample opportunities for internships that would definitely come in handy post your degree in Fine Arts. 

Some of the highly reputed institutions with remarkable courses in Fine Arts are: 

So, if fine arts is your area of interest and making a career in this spectacularly interesting and rewarding industry is something that your heart wants, then, get in touch with us at Leverage Edu and use our resources to design your perfect future.

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