Diploma in Psychology in Canada

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Diploma in Psychology in Canada

Psychologists provide people with counselling and treatment. They help promote systemic or social progress, perform psychological study on individuals or organisations and administer psychological evaluations. A career in psychology is very lucrative, especially in foreign countries where there is no dearth of good courses available. In this blog, we will cover all details about diploma in psychology in Canada.

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Before you decide to pursue a diploma in psychology in Canada, it is important to understand what a psychologist does and what process does he/she follow. For your reference we mentioned them below.

  • A typical day for a counsellor may involve gathering data (through polls, interviews, etc.), performing brain activity and behaviour tests on clients, investigating, recognising client behavioural and emotional habits, diagnosing conditions, setting recovery schedules, providing referrals, and writing. 
  • In order to share the results of their findings, psychologists who concentrate on research can find themselves writing articles and research papers. A primary purpose of psychologists who base their careers on study is to teach people.
  • Via psychoanalysis or psychotherapy, psychologists can test patient behaviour. Personality, performance, aptitude or ability testing may be appropriate for them, and it is up to them to decide whether such tests are needed.
  • Many psychiatrists work independently, which can require independent study or treating patients personally. Others seek to manage sickness and encourage general well-being as members of a healthcare team, partnering alongside doctors, social workers, and others. 
  • Most private practising psychiatric and counselling psychologists have their own offices and may set their own schedules. Clinics, hospitals, detox centres, and cultural and mental health centres are other traditional workplaces. In colleges and universities, government departments, or private research groups, most research psychologists operate.
  • In public schools, most psychologists operate, varying in degree from nursery school to education. They also work with private schools, institutions, hospitals and clinics, recovery centres for the community, and independent practise.

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Course highlights

Tabulated below are the course highlights of diploma in Psychology in Canada.

Level of Course  Certification/ Diploma 
Duration of Course  3 Years 
Eligibility  Communication, numeracy, science, ethics, persistence and problem-solving skills are the requisite skills required to select psychology courses after the 12th in India. 12th or similar is the key qualifying requirement to complete a degree programme in Psychology. As a minimum graduation requirement, diploma courses require only 10th grade.
Examination Type  Semester-wise 
Admission Process Entrance exam based/Merit-based/Minimum required GMAT or GRE score as required by the programme/A successful IELTS, TOEFL or some other English language proficiency test score/In the specified format, SOP and LOR if asked for.
Job Positions Clinical PsychologistCounselling PsychologistEducational PsychologistHealth PsychologistHigh-Intensity TherapistForensic PsychologistOccupational Psychologist

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Top Institutes in India

For your reference, we have enlisted the top institutes in India which offer a diploma in psychology. 

  • CVM Institute of Human Resource Development 
  • Government College of Educational Psychology and Guidance 
  • Maharshi Dayanand University 
  • SGT University, Gurgaon 
  • Jyotiba Institute of Management and Technology
  • Goa University
  • Dev Samaj College of Education
  • Government Bilasa Girls Post Graduate College

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Top Institutes Abroad

Mentioned below are the top universities abroad to pursue diploma in psychology.

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Job Opportunities

The job opportunities after pursuing a diploma in psychology in Canada. They are mentioned below for your reference. 

  1. Between psychological occupations, there is considerable variety, and incomes and yearly earnings are just as varied. Many students have diverted their attention into some of the highest-paying psychology jobs in a stagnant economy. The highest paid career wages for psychologists range up to $167,000.
  2. While there are a range of occupations with an annual wage greater than average, it is important to note that real pay depends on a variety of variables, including geographic location, job market, educational history, and years of experience.
  3. The salary of a psychologist varies upon various factors such as education, experience, area of specialisation, working area, etc.
  4. The average salary of a psychologist in India is between Rs. 2.5 to 3.5 lakhs per year. You can earn more after you get rooted in this region or specialise in either of its divisions.
  5. In the United States, an annual income of over INR 51,55,000 is made by a psychologist.

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We hope this blog has answered all your queries related to pursuing a diploma in psychology in Canada and dispelled any uncertainties that you had.  Wanting to join a world-class university for a diploma in psychology? Our experts at Leverage Edu will evaluate your profile and support you through the entire application process. Register today for a free session and get ready to give wings to your dreams!

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