6 Best Institutions for Executive MBA Programs Around the Globe

Executive MBA Programs

As a business owner, everyone wants to build a robust network, excellent business skills, and reputation. But who gets a high salary and accreditation, an MBA or an EMBA (Executive MBA)? 

Of course, an EMBA. Those who enrol in an executive MBA program get an opportunity to study with such students who are above the age of 30 and have more than 5 years of experience. The average duration of executive MBA programs is 12 months to 24 months. Thus, it would be convenient for you to study without disturbing the current business or job. 

Best Institutes for Executive MBA Programs

Here are the 6 best institutions in the world where you can do an EMBA course:

Executive MBA Programs at INSEAD

INSEAD is a private business school that was established in the mid-19th century. It’s a well-known business institution in France as well as abroad. Executive MBA courses are organized in a way that enables a student to study in various locations such as Singapore, Fontainebleau (Europe), and Abu Dhabi. According to QS 2020 rankings, the INSEAD business school ranks at the 3rd place for its global MBA programs. 

Executive MBA Programs at Haas School of Business 

Haas School of Business, within the University of California Berkeley, is one of the greatest schools. The university has been able to score high for thought leadership. The school provides a 19th-month executive MBA program in which 5 terms exist. Most of the participants in this course are generally 38 years old. According to QS 2020 rankings, the school stands at the 9th place for its global MBA programs. 

Executive MBA Programs at UCLA Anderson School of Management 

UCLA Anderson School of Management has scored well across all ranking indicators because of its executive MBA program. It offers a 22-month program in Los Angeles campus with two scheduling alternatives: monthly and biweekly. On monthly schedule, classes get together on 3 weekends of the 10-week quarter. In the biweekly schedule, classes get together for 5 weekends of the 10-week quarter. Along with this, weekly online instructions are provided to everyone. According to QS 2020 rankings, the school is listed at the 13th place for its global MBA programs. 

Executive MBA Programs at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

The institution offers one of the best 21-month executive MBA courses along with 2-3 courses per quarter. During the international session weeks, this university takes classes at each global campus. The university offers 3 international session weeks in London, Hong Kong, and Chicago. According to QS 2020 rankings, the University of Chicago ranks at the 8the place for its global MBA programs. 

Executive MBA Programs at IESE Business School 

According to all ranking indicators, this business school scores very high in everything. In fact, it’s known for providing the best career outcomes. Students can accomplish their course in Madrid, Munich, Sao Paulo, and Barcelona. Second-year students get a chance to study internationally in places like Shanghai, Nairobi, and New York. The duration of IESE’s Executive MBA program is 18 months. In QS 2020 rankings, the university ranks at the 12th place. 

Executive MBA Programs at London Business School 

When it comes to business schools, London Business School has its own significance across the globe. Like IESE Business School, this school has also achieved very high scores in almost every ranking indicator. It’s known for generating successful careers. Almost every student in this school is highly experienced. As a student, you can build an excellent network here. 

The EMBA program of this school has been organized into 2 locations: London and Dubai. You need to spend 20 months to complete the EMBA course. London Business School’s Global MBA program ranks at 6th in the Financial Times 2019 and 6th in QS World Rankings for 2020.

Which One Do You Like the Most? 

Look! We know – it’s not that easy to choose among all executive MBA programs. 

We recommend you to choose such a program that results in more accreditation, earnings, experience, and career opportunities. All institutions mentioned above are highly valued across the globe for their executive MBA program. Now, if you have your eyes on any business school, feel free to get in touch with Leverage Edu to get to know more about it and to explore further.

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