MD in Canada

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MD in Canada

Canada is globally renowned for delivering high-quality education through its top-ranked institutions welcoming international students all around the year! Whether it is management, science, arts, or medicine, the country is not behind in providing quality academic programs in different fields of study. Want to pursue a medical degree in Canada? Doctor of Medicine (MD) is one of the most sought after degree programs in Canada and is considered as equivalent to MBBS. The country is home to the world’s finest and most prestigious medical schools and universities. This blog brings you a complete guide on MD in Canada, its eligibility requirements, fees, and more.

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About MD in Canada

Doctor of Medicine or MD/PhD in Canada is a 3-5 year degree program in Medical Science and often requires students to have a prerequisite medical qualification like a bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences or MBBS. Pursuing an MD degree, you will get qualified with a certified license to practice as a medical practitioner or doctor in Canada. 

Course Structure

A Doctor of Medicine in Canada comprises 2 years of pre-clinical courses and 2 years of clinical training, called rotation. 

  • In majority of the universities, the first 2 years of the MD Program helps students develop requisite skills, knowledge, and attitudes for future learning. 
  • Students learn in various settings like classrooms for lectures and seminars, anatomy labs.
  • Post the 2 year intensive learning, students learn various clinical topics which helps them develop their clinical skills to prepare for workplace learning. This term is often known as clerkship. 
  • These two years involves learning while working with physicians and other health care team members in hospitals and clinics.

Eligibility for MD in Canada 

Let’s first look at the eligibility requirements or criteria for pursuing MD in Canada. The essential requirement for MD in Canada is that you must have a bachelor’s degree (like MBBS) in the same field of study is of utmost importance. Here are the major eligibility requirements for MD in Canada:

  1. 12th qualification from a recognized board. 
  2. Students must qualify 12th standard with at least 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  3. Students must have some previous university experience and cannot directly pursue an MD in Canada just after high school. 
  4. Students hence must hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. 
  5. The undergraduate program must have subjects like Biology and Chemistry.
  6. Some universities prefer undergrad program for 2 years while others accept only for 3 years.
  7. A diploma is CEGEP is also required in order to study MD in Canada. 
  8. For pursuing MBBS in India, a student must qualify NEET exam. Likewise, in order to pursue an MD in Canada, the student must qualify the MCAT exam to get admission in a medical college in Canada.
  9. Apart from MCAT, the student also must qualify the English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE etc to study MD in Canada. 
  10. Once qualified, the student has to also appear for group discussion and personal interviews as well. 

Top Universities offering MD in Canada

Here are the top medical schools and universities offering MD in Canada:

Universities  THE World University Rankings for Medicine 2022
University of Toronto 10
McMaster University, Hamilton 37
McGill University 22
The University of British Columbia 27
University of Montreal 70
University of Ottawa 111
University of Alberta 90
University of Calgary 83
Western University 151-200
Universite Laval 151–200
Queen’s University 151–200 

MD in Canada Fees

Here are the top medical universities and their fees for MD in Canada:

University Duration of MD Total Fees (Year One)
University of Toronto 4 years CAD 94,224.42 [54,40,241 INR approx.]
McMaster University 3 years CAD 95,​996.68 [55,42,566 INR approx.]
The University of British Columbia 4 years CAD 22,199.45[12,81,731 INR approx.]
University of Montreal 4-5 years CAD 17,590[10,15,595 INR approx.]
University of Alberta 4 years CAD 12,887.20 [7,44,069 INR approx.] 
The University of Ottawa* 5 years  CAD 4,775 [2,75,695 INR approx.]
University of Calgary 3 years CAD 60,641.54- CAD 63,340.68 [35,01,264 INR – 36,57,105 INR approx.]
Western University 5 years CAD 11,993 [6,92,441 INR approx.]

Note: The University of Ottawa offers PhD/MD in Medicine and Biochemistry/Medicine and Cellular Molecular Medicine/Medicine and Microbiology and Immunology/Medicine and Neuroscience)

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We hope that this blog provided you with all the information you need to pursue a Doctor of Medicine in Canada. If you also want to pursue MD in Canada but are still confused about where to begin, then reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we will help you find the right university and scholarship and further guide you through the admission process as well! Book a free session right away!

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