MS in Engineering Management – An Engineer’s MBA

MS in Engineering Management

Every engineer faces a choice after graduation, a choice between practical knowledge or higher studies. Higher education happens to be the most popular choice amongst the millennials today and completing one’s master’s degree in a stream that matches with one’s passion and career goals is as important as the degree itself. A master’s degree today is an important aspect of one’s career, not just because it gives more detailed information about the course the student is interested in, but also the fact that it gives a feeling of accomplishment and respect to the student in the field. While Engineering students have numerous branches and courses to choose from, another option that is now upcoming is an MS in Engineering Management.

What is MS in Engineering Management?

Also called the Engineer’s MBA, the shorter version of MS in Engineering Management is MEM. Basically, this degree offers the link between management and technological aspects of an industry. The student once done with the program has all-rounded knowledge about business, marketing and financial parts as well as the technical part of the corporate world. This degree might be a better advantage than a mainstream MBA because conventional MBA is only focused on developing management skills that are more commercial and business-based. In Masters in Engineering Management, an engineering student is in touch with the course he/she studied in their undergraduate while getting the opportunity to learn new and different perspectives of how a company or business runs. It teaches leadership qualities too, and therefore the students are more preferred candidates for an all-rounder role in a company.

As can be understood by its name, an MS in Engineering Management is applicable to only those students who have an engineering background and capable of grappling with the technical aspects of the course. Having an undergraduate degree in engineering and the required percentage to enroll in the program are the only two requirements of this course.

Colleges Offering MS in Engineering Management    

Many colleges across the globe offer an MS in Engineering Management, and they also offer variations to the same course to provide a more suitable course framework according to the convenience of the students. The variants are:

·        Combined engineering course with engineering management as an option

·        An engineering branch with management

The Top Colleges that Offer an MS in Engineering Management

§  Cornell University: Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell University is one of the Ivy League Colleges and a good college to pursue an MS in Engineering Management. Founded in 1865, this college has a well-prepared course to divide the subjects equally amongst engineering and management parts. This college also provides a distance learning program for the same.

Cornell University

§  MIT: Ranked as number one in the world, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is an excellent place to pursue an MS in Engineering Management. As they themselves declare, the course framework is laid in such a way that the students can seamlessly switch between engineering core subjects and management subjects. The students are allowed to select the engineering branch of their choice as the engineering subjects of Engineering Management.

§  Stanford University: Situated in Stanford, California, this college is another on the list belonging to the Ivy League Colleges. Stanford University claims that the course has a deep proficiency in two chief branches, behavioural sciences and quantitative MS in Engineering Management. Established in 1885, this prepares students for entrepreneurship too.

§  Northwestern University: Located in Evanston, Illinois, this university offers a Masters in Engineering Management that lasts for 9 months. The course framework is such that the students are exposed to all the basic as well as advanced versions of all the subjects whether technical or management. The students, according to the university, are prepared for top leadership roles when they leave the program.

§  Duke University: Founded in 1838, in Durham, North Carolina, this college is famous for offering an MS in Engineering Management. This college offers a curriculum that is interdisciplinary and adaptable. The college itself agrees that their program is a more tech-savvy substitute for traditional MBA. One of the best colleges across the world, it is worth pursuing an MS in Engineering Management at Duke University.

All the colleges except Stanford are a part of the Masters in Engineering Management Committee (MEMPC), which is an international body to ensure the growth of the MEM program and to ensure the students are of industry standards with overall knowledge. Kickstart your career in MS in Engineering Management today with the help of Leverage Edu. Get in touch with us today at +91-8826200293.

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