Scholarship in Canada for Masters

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Scholarships in Canada for Masters

Canada is home to some of the best research universities offering excellent education across several disciplines. However, overseas education does not come easy, there are a lot of financial constraints which act as a barrier between you and your dream of studying abroad. Canada is one of the most efficient countries that is consistently working towards improving the educational experiences of international students. Offering diverse degree programs in renowned universities and excellent work culture makes Canada a one-stop study destination. To cater to the financial needs of students, the Canadian government provides scholarships to international students planning to pursue higher education. In this blog, we’ll talk about scholarships in Canada for Masters. So, continue reading further.

List of Universities Offering Scholarships in Canada for Masters

There are several prestigious universities and colleges offering various scholarships, grants, and fellowships to international students aspiring to pursue graduate degree programs in Canada. The Canadian government in association with these universities has come up with specialized scholarship programs to help students lessen the financial burden on their families. Let us understand the prominent scholarships in Canada for students planning to pursue a master’s course: 

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Canadian government has introduced Vanier Canada Scholarship Services to support Canadian institutions attract and retain highly skilled master’s degree candidates. The program was created as a global center of excellence for research and higher education. A total of 167 grants are awarded annually by the Government under this scheme. Currently, there are nearly 500 foreign students pursuing master’s degree programmes at different universities in Canada. Here are some key points about this scholarship in Canada for masters:

  • This scholarship program is only applicable to apply for master’s and Ph.D. courses.
  • The scholarship amount of $50,000(INR 29 lakhs) will be allotted for 3 years during the course.
  • The applicant must be nominated for the scholarship by their desired Canadian institution.
  • Candidates are selected on the basis of academic excellence, leadership, and research potential.

The University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Awards

The International Masters and Doctoral Awards are effective for international students entering research-based graduate programs at the University of Waterloo. However, the university has eliminated the scholarship program for students enrolling for part-time master’s and doctoral courses. Here are some key points about the scholarship International Masters and Doctoral Awards:

  • Students are only eligible to be enlisted in full-time research-based graduate programs at the University of Waterloo.
  • The candidates are required to hold a valid Canadian study permit.
  • The scholarship amount of $2,045(12 Lakhs) is allotted for 2 terms in the period of 2 years.
  • The candidates must meet the academic requirements. 
  • Moreover, the student should not be obtaining any other external award or sponsorship currently.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship program is funded by the provincial government to encourage excellence in graduate studies at the master’s and doctoral levels. It is a merit-based scholarship in Canada for masters across all disciplines. Here are some key points about the scholarship:

  • The scholarship amount of $15,00(INR 89K) is allotted every year and the minimum duration of the scholarship may be held for 2 consecutive terms.
  • Students are required to score at least 75-80% in their bachelor’s course to be eligible for this scholarship program. 
  • Students are shortlisted on the basis of research ability in program study, academic excellence, communication and leadership skills.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

The University of Manitoba Graduate Program is a merit-based award that is open to students from any part of the world aspiring to pursue full-time master’s and Ph.D. programs in Canadian universities. Below listed are some of the key points of the scholarship:

  • The scholarship amount of $18,000(10 Lakhs) is allotted for a year.
  • Students are eligible to receive fellowships for the first 24 months of their master’s program.
  • Candidates with a minimum GPA of 3.75 are eligible to apply.

University of Calgary Graduate Awards and Scholarships

The University of Calgary is providing scholarships to honor academic excellence and help fill the difference between the cost of tuition and minimal student income, encouraging students to concentrate on their research and study. Below are the eligibility criteria for this scholarship in Canada for Masters:

  • Applicants are eligible for the award after they have made an application for entry and have obtained a student identification number from the University of Calgary. 
  • Applicants must register for a graduate scholarship. Awards are not automatically considered or rewarded. 
  • Scholarships vary from $1,000 to $40,000(INR 59K – 23 lakhs) and cover various areas of research.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

The Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS) initiative is a significant attempt to attract the best international Grad students to Ontario. Various participating universities in Ontario recruit candidates and grant scholarships on the basis of the eligibility criteria and the achievements of the candidates to promote their education and academic advancement in the Canadian province. Below given are the key points of the scholarship:

  • OTS scholarships are valued at $40,000 (INR 23 lakhs) annually and are renewable for another three years.
  • Candidates who are interested must be international students with a valid Canadian visa and student permit and planning to obtain a full-time doctoral degree in a program of their choice.

UBC Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships 

The Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships (GGLF) encourage graduate studies at UBC to be undertaken by emerging leaders. These grants are structured to encourage foreign students with excellent leadership in humanitarian and development services in their home country. Students are encouraged to pursue studies that will strengthen accomplishments that have already been made that will be of great benefit when they return home to apply their learned abilities and/or expertise. The key points of this scholarship in Canada for Masters are:

  • The recipients of this prestigious fellowship receive an $18,200( INR 10 Lakhs) stipend and their tuition fees are covered for four years annually. 
  • UBC offers these scholarships to two new applicants annually.

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

The Trudeau Foundation Scholarships is a three-year leadership initiative by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation which is meant to prepare Ambitious Leaders. This scholarship in Canada for Masters helps in outfitting exemplary doctoral students with the capabilities to transform their ideas into action to enhance their countries, Canada, and the world. As well as leadership preparation in the scope of Brave Spaces, up to 16 doctoral researchers are chosen each year and receive generous support for their research. The key points of this scholarship are:

  • Students who pursue a full-time first or second year (or in the course of enrollment) in the Graduate Program in the Humanities and Social Sciences can also apply for the scholarship. 
  • The total benefit of the Trudeau Foundation Scholarships is up to $60,000 (INR 35 lakhs) per researcher for up to three years. 
  • Up to one in four scholars, each year may be a non-Canadian (permanent resident or foreign national) enrolled in a full-time To apply for the Canada Scholarship for International Students 2022, you need to follow the following steps: program at a Canadian university. This refers in particular to students from developing countries.

How To Apply For Masters Scholarships in Canada? 

You must do the following actions in order to apply for the Canada Scholarship for International Students in 2022:

  • Choose and submit an application for the Master’s program.
  • Upload the necessary paperwork and language requirements.
  • pay a cost for the application (if needed)
  • Most of the time, students must submit a direct application to the university; if they are qualified, they will be chosen for the scholarship program at random.

Available Masters Courses to Study in Canada

If you want to pursue a master’s degree programme in Canada, you may apply for the following fields:

  • Nursing
  • Health Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering
  • Natural and Social Sciences
  • Management
  • Humanities
  • Pharmacy
  • Information Technology
  • Architecture
  • Arts
  • Education
  • Computer Science

Scholarships are an effective way to pursue quality education without heavy financial constraints and this is exactly what a scholarship in Canada for a master’s aims at. If you’re planning to pursue a master’s in Canada and need assistance, get in touch with experts at Leverage Edu. We can help you in choosing the right course and best-suited university to help you build a flourishing career.

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