Which Country is Best for MS?

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Which Country is Best for MS

Master of Science (MS) is an esteemed degree awarded in the discipline of Science. Available in scores of specializations, MS has always been the most favorite choice of a plethora of students. The course provides you with an opportunity to study the chosen sub-branch in-depth as well as secure a high-end job with the earned knowledge. But the most bewildering question for the MS aspirants is, Which country is best for MS? A variety of countries abroad offer this popular program with their unique and advantageous inputs, making it difficult to select one over the other. For all those who are facing similar challenges, here is a blog that aims to discuss the salient features of the countries offering MS courses and find out the top 10 best countries for MS Abroad!

United States of America (USA)

Known as the hub of STEM courses, the USA is an ideal destination when it comes to pursuing MS abroad. Detailed curriculum, flexibility in internships, extensive research opportunities are some of the benefits you can avail yourself while pursuing an MS in the US. Moreover, the Optional Practical Training (OPT) period of 3 years for the students of STEM courses gives the country an edge over the others. Popular MS programs are MS In Business Analytics In USA, MS in Computer Science, MS in Power Engineering, etc. Some of the universities offering likely courses are:

United Kingdom (UK)

Exploring the option of MS in UK will end all your queries about which country is best for MS. From housing, a variety of prestigious universities like Oxford, Cambridge, etc to providing high-end education in almost all the fields, the UK is a popular choice when it comes to pursuing professional courses after graduation. The leading research-based institutions of the UK offer the MS as MSc courses which run for a duration of 1 year with numerous specializations. Furthermore, the UK also provides a 2-year post-study work visa which allows students to stay and work in the UK. Frequently opted courses are MSc Computer Science, MSc Civil Engineering, etc. Listed below are some of the famous institutions:


Germany is considered a land of opportunities, especially for those, who have an inclination towards Science and Technology. The intensive curriculum of the MS programs along with hands-on-learning experience which one can gain through working at coveted companies, that too at zero tuition fee makes Germany an ideal study destination. Free education in Germany via its public institutions is offered for the majority of programs including MS. To those who want to get a hold of practical learning in STEM courses must explore the option of MS in Germany. Running for a period of 1-2 years, some popular MS courses are:

Enlisted are some universities that you must consider for Master of Science programs in Germany:


State-of-the-art educational infrastructure, top-notch faculty, and best-in-class education at economical prices make MS in Australia the choicest option amongst many.  With a multitude of programs offered by group eight universities along with other academic institutes, specialized research centers, excellent career growth opportunities, 1-year post-study work visa, easy PR formalities, Australia has it all when it comes to seeking an MS degree. Australia is a pocket-friendly answer to the question of “Which Country is Best for MS?”. Majorly, candidates opt for courses like MS Information Technology,  MS in Mechanical Engineering, etc. from universities like:


Popularly known as a Student-Friendly Destination, Canada is globally renowned for its academic excellence and internationally acclaimed education system. Remarkable education along with extensive research opportunities at affordable costs makes it a favorable option to pursue MS in Canada. Moreover, obtaining a degree from top-ranked universities in Canada for MS opens the door to innumerable employment opportunities. Students popularly opt for MS programs such as MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, MS in Chemical Engineering, etc from institutes like: 

New Zealand

Emerging as a popular study destination and considered best for MS abroad, New Zealand is home to many globally ranked and renowned universities offering an array of master’s degree programs across several areas of study. To study MS in New Zealand, you can choose between two admission intakes, i.e. July (summer term) or December (late-year). Moreover, the top universities in New Zealand follow a student-centric approach and MS courses are essentially research-oriented and offer immense global exposure for students to avail! Still confused which country is best for MS? Here are the major universities in New Zealand you must consider for pursuing MS:


Wondering which country is best for MS? You dont have to look beyond. Globally famed for its art schools and design schools, France is another significant destination to add to your list of best countries to study MS. The country houses a diverse and vibrant international student community and many of its academic institutions has been consistently ranked at the top of world university rankings. The French education system is lauded amongst the best in the world and you will get to study MS in France while exploring international hubs like Paris, Lyon, Angers, Marseille, Poitiers, to name a few. Some of the popular universities in France for master’s degrees are:


What can be better than getting a degree in Science from the hub of science and technology, yes, you read it right, Japan is also known as the hub of new and emerging technologies. Apart from its enticing tech-gadgets, the country is globally renowned for its high-end technical knowledge. If you are aspiring to opt the Land of Rising Sun as your study abroad destination, you may be presented with a variety of options from which you can choose your MS specialisation. Earning an MS degree from Japan will be your ticket to a rewarding career. Popular universities offering MS courses are-


The esteemed and economic Dutch universities are now becoming a comforting home for the various Indian students willing to secure an MS degree. The Netherlands is one of the most worthy answers to the question- which country is best for MS? The country not only offers an MS degree in science-oriented courses but in creative and trending fields like Marketing, Content Strategy, Shipping and Transportation, Maritime Economics etc. The duration of MS courses in Netherlands range around 1 year. Leading universities of the country are-


A small island country at the western tip of Europe, Ireland is famed as the land of saints and scholars having nurtured some of the best poets and intellectuals for many centuries. Be it the academic excellence or the jolly and welcoming Irish people, the country earlier immersed in a golden age then became a colonised country and emerged from it as a goldmine of knowledge and learning. Fast forward to the modern age, it has largely become an entrepreneurial nation and renowned for its research excellence throughout the world. If you have planning to study abroad, choosing the land of Irish is a striking decision to accomplish your pursuit of higher education. Some of the leading universities are:


Which country is best for MS for Indian students?

MS is a popular course and is offered by numerous countries. The below-mentioned countries top the list of Indian students-

Which country is cheaper for MS?

The thought- which country is best for MS is often accompanied by which country offers the degree at minimal costs. With respect to our list of best countries, the countries that offer cheaper MS are-

Which MS course is best?

MS course can be pursued in an array of specializations. As per your interests, you can choose the right MS course. Here are some popular MS courses-
Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering
Information and Technology
Electrical and Electronics 

How can I do MS abroad for free?

When it comes to seeking free education, scholarships are the best option. You can apply for multiple scholarships and seek financial assistance through them.

How much will it cost to do MS in Canada?

If your answer to which country is best for MS, is Canada, then, it will cost you around INR 9,00,000- 15,00,000. 

Which country is best for MS in computer science?

The USA and UK are best for pursuing MS in computer science.

Which country is best for MS in information technology?

Information technology has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. Countries that are best suited for MS is Germany. The top universities are TU Berlin and RWTH Aachen University.

Which country is best for MS in mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is one of the most opted branches of engineering. USA and Australia are the best for MS in mechanical engineering.

Which country is best for MS in electrical engineering?

Canada is home to some of the top-ranked universities offering MS in electrical engineering. McGill University and the University of Windsor are considered best for electrical engineering.

Which country is best for MS in data science and artificial intelligence?

Imperial College of London and the University of Windsor are located in UK and Canada. These two universities are famous globally for their courses in data science and AI.

Which country is best for MS in civil engineering?

Australia and UK rank on top of the list of best countries to study MS in civil engineering.

Which country is best for settling down abroad after MS?

Canada, Germany, USA, UK, Australia are the best countires for settling down abroad after MS.

Thus, we hope that after reading this blog you are now familiar with which country is best for MS. The aforementioned countries along with a number of others offer a wide variety of MS courses, thus, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu who will guide you about the best program through profile evaluation. Hurry up! Book an e-meeting now!

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