Artificial Intelligence Course in India

Artificial Intelligence Course in India

As children, all of us have been astonished by those creatively designed robots and remote control cars and have dreamt of designing these kind of technologically advanced machines which will ultimately imitate human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is one such field springing from the domain of Computer Science and aims to create innovative technologies which would ultimately lead to a reduction in human labour. To take advantage of this high-rising technology which has become a core element of every industry, many are opting for a career in Artificial Intelligence which comprises of promising prospects and amazing opportunities. If you also want to create one of those technological marvels like Siri, Netflix, Alexa, you should strive to peruse a degree in this specialization. Through this blog, we aim to bring you a detailed guide on pursuing an Artificial Intelligence course in India, top programs you can choose from as well as major universities and online websites you can study this discipline from.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Before coming to Artificial Intelligence course in India, let’s first understand what AI is. The most common notion about AI is that it deals with the designing and development of machines and robots whereas this technology is much more than that. It is a new springing field of computer science which aims to create unique technologies which can imitate human brains and ultimately reduce manual tasks. It can simply be understood as a field which involves core concepts of computer science and strives towards building and functioning extraordinary machines capable of doing tasks that are performed by human beings. Usually, the technologies in this field are involved with translation of languages, visual perception, decision making, speech recognition etc. There are a variety of examples which became possible because of the presence of Artificial Intelligence and some of the prominent ones include Alexa, Tesla cars, Siri etc.

Artificial Intelligence Course in India: An Overview 

By now you must be familiar with the relation of computer science and AI but there is another field which connects these two together, i.e. Machine Learning. If you are pursuing an Artificial Intelligence course in India or anywhere across the globe, the graduate-level courses for this specialization aim to provide the basics of computer science such as algorithms and computational codings. Although there are certain prerequisites for pursuing this course at a recognized institution, you can explore this sub-field through online courses as well. Studying this field, you will also get to learn about Bayesian Networking, Cognitive Science theories, Robotics, Engineering Mathematics etc. 

Artificial Intelligence: Course Structure & Curriculum 

Perusing an Artificial Intelligence course in India, institutions generally provide students with a mix of symbolic/classical approaches which help to create a better base for the understanding of intricate concepts of the course. Several coding languages and theories are taught about recreating and advancing technology. Moreover, the coursework of an academic program in AI is a perfect amalgamation of varied elements of Computer Science and Machine Learning. Though the subjects might differ from one course to another, we have brought you a list of major topics that are generally covered during an AI course:

  • Fundamental of Artificial Intelligence
  • Human Language Technologies 
  • Intelligence Systems for Pattern Recognition 
  • Concepts of Machine Learning 
  • Smart Applications
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence  
  • Computational Mathematics for learning and data analysis 
  • Robotics 
  • Semantic Web
  • AI Systems 
  • Network Analysis
  • Computational Modelling of Complex Systems
  • Web Ontology Language 
  • Robot Navigation 
  • Visions in Humans and Robots 
  • Sensor for Robotics  

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Artificial Intelligence Course in India: Major Programs

As the demand of tech professionals has boosted in almost every industry, numerous institutions across the globe have started offering specialised courses in AI. For those wanting to opt for an Artificial Intelligence course in India, there are a plethora of programs available at different levels such as diploma, certificate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral. To make the courses easily accessible to everyone in India as well as across the globe, one can also choose from a wide range of online courses in AI.

So, whether you are planning to apply for an Artificial Intelligence course in India or abroad, here is a list of varied AI programs offered across the globe.

  • PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI, Indian Institute of Information and Technology Bangalore
  • Advanced Certification in AI and Machine Learning, Indian Institute of Information and Technology, Hyderabad 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Amity University
  • AI Intelligence Foundation Program, Pearson Professional
  • PG Program in AI and Machine Learning, Great Learning
  • Full Stack Machine Learning by AI Program, Jigsaw Academy 
  • Applied AI and Machine Learning-Specialization, AI & Deep Learning with Python, Analytixlabs 
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program, Simplilearn  
  • PG Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Edureka  
  • Applied Machine Learning Course, Applied AI Course 

Apart from the above-mentioned regular programs, here are some top-notch online programs for those wanting to study AI:

Online Artificial Intelligence Course in India Website/ Plattform/ Institution    
Artificial IntelligenceIIT Kharagpur 
Introduction to Robotics Stanford University 
Machine Learning California Institute of Technology 
Natural Language Processing IIT Bombay
Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceCoursera 
Applied Artificial IntelligenceInternational Business Machine (IBM) 
Machine Learning Standford University (Coursera)
Master of Machine Learning and Data Science  Imperial College of London (Coursera)
Machine Learning for Business ProfessionalsGoogle Cloud 

Hence, we hope that this blog has helped you understand the several facets of pursuing an Artificial Intelligence course in India. Needless to say, studying a degree or diploma in this emerging specialization from a globally renowned institution can equip you with immense knowledge and international exposure. So, if you are aspiring to pursue this field and don’t know where to begin, reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we’ll guide you in choosing a suitable course as well as university that can provide you with the necessary skillset to establish your career in Artificial Intelligence.

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