Most Expensive Degrees in the World

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10 Most Expensive Degrees in the World

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg have shown that you don’t need a college education to succeed in life. However, while their formula for success is inspiring and motivating, it may not be applicable to everyone. Climbing the educational ladder still appears to be the acceptable way to achieve this in this dog-eat-dog society. Higher education can be expensive yet there are some universities that help students ease that finance with scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid. With tuition fees increasing every year, let’s find out which are the most expensive degrees in the world!

The Most Expensive Universities in the World!

4 Most Expensive Degrees in the World

Some of the most expensive degrees are in fields like Engineering, Medicine, Management, Law, and Art. Here are some of the most expensive degrees to study in the world!

Doctor of Medicine

We all know that straight A’s and the highest grades in class are required for admission to medical school. However, the amount of time spent at university adds a significant amount to the expense of obtaining a degree in this field. Only a small percentage of people can afford to pay the costs up in advance. Rather, they rely on student loans. And paying off medical school debt might take a decade or more. Doctors, on the other hand, may make a good living once they have completed their training. Throughout your working life, you will, nevertheless, need to stay up with the newest findings by attending extra courses.

Most Expensive Medical Schools in the World

School Name Tuition And Fees 
Midwestern University $71,833 [INR 53 lakhs]
Columbia University $71,107 [INR 53 lakhs]
Brown University $70,425 [INR 52 lakhs]
Case Western Reserve University $70,339 [INR 52 lakhs]
Northwestern University $70,254 [INR 52 lakhs]
Dartmouth College $69,768 [INR 51 lakhs]

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Art Programmes

Let’s be clear and say it out loud: art schools are exorbitantly costly. While it is unclear how the recent shift to online learning will affect the cost of higher education, students have been forced to live with the rising cost of a college education for years, with the average cost of an in-state public education in most states approaching or exceeding $11,000 per year. Below, we have mentioned a list of the most expensive art schools in the world:

Most Expensive Art Schools in the World

University Tuitions Fees
Columbia University$45,290 [INR 33 lakhs]
Sarah Lawrence College$45,212 [INR 33 lakhs]
Vassar College$44,705 [INR 32 lakhs]
George Washington University$44,148 [INR 32 lakhs]
Trinity College$44,070 [INR 32 lakhs]
Carnegie Mellon University$44,010  [INR 32 lakhs]
Connecticut College$43,990  [INR 33 lakhs]
Wesleyan University$43,974  [INR 33 lakhs]
Bucknell University$43,866  [INR 33 lakhs]
Bard College at Simon’s Rock$43,840  [INR 33 lakhs]

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MBA Programmes

MBA is well-known for being one of the most costly programs to pursue in the world. To finish the two-year curriculum, aspirants must pay a substantial price. An applicant spends time studying for the entrance tests even before getting into a B-school. As a result, the course costs a significant amount of money in addition to the B School tuition expenses. Given these expenses, it is recommended that applicants examine the potential of an investment, which includes preparatory costs, tuition fees, opportunities, badges, value, alumni network, and career options, before deciding to enroll in an MBA program.

Most Expensive MBA Schools in the World

UniversityTuition Fees
 George Washington University School of Business  104,895  [INR 77 lakhs] 
 Marshall School of Business 99,419 [INR 73 lakhs] 
 Kogod School of Business 84,432 [INR 62 lakhs] 
 Martin J. Whitman School of Management 84,186 [INR 62 lakhs]
 Kelley School of Business  74,520 [INR 57 lakhs]
 Frank G. Zarb School of Business 64,350 [INR 47 lakhs]
 University of Florida Warrington College of Business 59,807.52 [INR 44 lakhs] 
 IE Business School  56,080 [INR 40 lakhs] 
 Eller College of Management 51,525 [INR 38 lakhs]
 Baylor University 51,264 [INR 38 lakhs]

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Law Courses

Law is undoubtedly one of the most expensive degrees in the world. The reason remains the fact that the law colleges offer courses by some of the finest academicians and the course also provides internship opportunities which helps the students in expanding their horizons. Below, we have mentioned the top law schools that offer courses and charge hefty amounts. Even if a student obtains a substantial discount, the expense of law school might be overwhelming, especially if he or she is required to take out student loans.

Most Expensive Law Schools in the World

University Tuition Fees 
Columbia University $74,995 [INR 57 lakhs] 
New York University $71,304  [INR 51 lakhs] 
Cornell University $70,274  [INR 51 lakhs] 
University of Chicago $69,975  [INR 50 lakhs] 
University of Southern California $68,828  [INR 50 lakhs] 
Northwestern Universit $68,800  [INR 50 lakhs] 
University of Virginia $68,500  [INR 50 lakhs] 
University of Pennsylvania $68,130  [INR 50 lakhs] 
Yale University $68,117  [INR 50 lakhs] 
University of Michigan $67,198  [INR 49 lakhs] 

We saw some of the most expensive degrees in the world. Now, let’s look at some of the most expensive universities in the world:

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[BONUS] Most Expensive Universities in the World

UniversityCountryAverage Cost of Attendance for the year 2021-2022
Harvey Mudd CollegeUSA$79,539 (INR 59,11,139.63)
Johns Hopkins University USA$58,720 to $73,980 (INR 43,64,349.32 to INR 54,98,707.76)
Parsons School of DesignUSA$25,861 (INR 19,21,968.83) Per semester
Dartmouth CollegeUSA$81,501 (INR 60,57,089)
Columbia UniversityUSA$1,768  (INR 1,31,403) per credit hour 
New York UniversityUSA$80,878 (INR 60,11,030) 
Sarah Lawrence CollegeUSA$58,936 (INR 43,79,563.63)
Wesleyan UniversityUSA$61,449 (INR 45,66,305)
The University of Chicago USA$57,642 (INR 42,83,610.47)
Claremont McKenna UniversityUSA$78,717 (INR 58,48,869)

How to Fund Your Education?

Higher education across the globe can be heavy on our pockets yet there are several avenues to fund your education. From education loans to scholarships, international students have an array of options when it comes to funding their education and pursuing their dream careers. While these tuition fees can be hard to afford, there are various scholarships based on merit, need, and individual needs that students can avail. 

Education loans are one of the most common ways to fund higher education, millions of aspirants every year apply for students that help them fund their education and allow them to pay them off once the student has gained the capacity to earn. Another way to fund one’s education is to apply for part-time jobs while studying in a foreign university. Many countries like the USA, UK, and Canada allow international students to work part-time during the academic year and full-time during the off-season. While part-time jobs may not be enough to cover the entire expense, these are great for gaining some pocket cash and in terms of exposure and learning experience. 

Most Expensive Colleges in India

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