University of Otago

Public University

Dunedin, New Zealand

The University of Otago was established in the year 1869, in Dunedin, in the city of Otago, New Zealand. The university was established by a committee which is known to have led by Thomas Burns. The University of Otago aims to provide the students with vibrant life. The total area covered by the cam Read more


Highlights of University of Otago

  • The total area covered by the main campus of the university is 133 hectares.
  • The university of Otago consists of 5 campuses.
  • The university is known to have topped the New Zealand Performance Based Research Fund evaluation.
  • Their total academic staff consists of 1,207 members and a total of 3,788 administrative staff members.
  • It consists of 4 academic divisions followed by multiple service divisions.
  • They have their own two newspapers for students which are printed in the college campus.
  • Famous Alumni
    Janet Frame


    David Cunliffe

    Former Labour Member of Parliament and Minister of Health

    Nathan Cohen

    New Zealand rower

    Malcolm Grant

    Chancellor of the UNIVERSITY OF YORK

    Silvia Cartwright

    New Zealand jurist

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