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How to Study at Princeton University

Did you know that Albert Einstein was a Princeton University alumn? Princeton University is one of the ivy league universities and is known for its exceptional list of alumni. The centuries-old university was founded as the College of New Jersey. In 2020, it was ranked as the fourth-largest endowment in the United States by US News. It ranks at #22 at the QS University Rankings 2022 and #1 at the US News Ranking 2021 for the tenth consecutive year. The university’s list of achievements knows no boundary. 

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Facts and Figures

facts about princeton university
Faculty and Students Facts of Princeton University
facts about princeton university
Academics and Campus Facts of Princeton University

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Princeton University Ranking

  • Ranks at #20 in QS World Ranking 2022
  • Graduate Employability Ranking at #15 in QS World Ranking 2022
  • Ranks at #1 at US News 2021
  • Ranks at #3 at Best Graduate Teaching at US News 2021
  • Ranks at #7 at Times Higher Education

Princeton University Cost and Financial Aid

As of 2021-22, the total cost of attendance is $77,690 (INR 57,20,250) with 61% of all undergraduates receiving financial aid. The average financial aid grant is $57,651 with tuition, room and board free for families earning less than $65,000 (INR 47,85,890). The university admissions are need-blind i.e. your financial situation is not taken under consideration during admission and it does not accept merit and sports scholarships. 

Tuition$56,010 (INR 41,24,830)
Room Charge$10,690 (INR 7,87,260)
Board Rate$7,490 (INR 5,51,600)
Miscellaneous Expenses$3,500 (INR 2,57,750)
Health Insurance$2,780 (INR 2,04,730)

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Princeton University Admission

You can apply at Princeton University through several methods including the Common Application, the Coalition Application and the QuestBridge Application. However, the university is highly selective, accepting only 5.4% of the applicants. 

  • The range of SAT Score for admission is 1470–1560
  • The range of ACT Score for admission is 33-35
  • The average high school GPA should be at least 3.91
  • The average GMAT Score for MBA applicants is 565
  • The minimum IELTS requirement is 7.0
  • The minimum TOEFL requirement is 100

How to Apply to Princeton University?

Princeton University has altered its application process to suit the pandemic situation. 

  • Princeton accepts both coalition application and common application and both are treated equally
  • You need to submit either a coalition application or common application along with the Princeton supplement
  • Then, you need to submit a graded written paper
  • Next, you need to submit a transcript, school report, school counsellor letter and 2 teacher recommendations
  • Due to lack of access to tests, SAT or ACT results are not mandatory
  • You need to submit your IELTS/ TOEFL score

Departments Available 

The enrolled students at the university may either pursue Arts or Science.

  • African American Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Neuroscience
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Economics Princeton

The Economics department of Princeton has been inspiring and training the next generation of academics and government leaders. In 2021, six seniors have managed to produce exceptionally rigorous and impressive results on their senior thesis. Many students from the department have started careers in consulting, finance, public policy, academia, and more. The faculty includes two Nobel laureates recognized for their work in development, econometrics and microeconomics. The department offers courses from an undergraduate level to a PhD.

Princeton Maths

The Mathematics department offers maximum research and educational opportunities. The department was founded in 1760. Students are required to write a dissertation in their 4 years of education. The department is associated with several notable individuals that include John Nash, a former faculty member and winner of the 1994 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science. The department has around 101 faculty members and researchers. The department handles an annual lecture series called the Albert Einstein Memorial Lecture on or around Einstein’s birthday on March 14. In national and international rankings, the department usually places under the top 5 of the universities. 

Princeton Physics

The department of physics is dedicated to research and teaching at Princeton University. The faculty members, researchers and students associated with the department have won a collective of 19 Nobel prizes, four National medals of Science and two Wold prizes in Physics. The department offers courses for bachelor and PhD. The first class taught by the department was in 1832. It is often ranked high in national and international rankings. Princeton ranked at no. 3 by the US News. 

Princeton University Campus

  • Princeton, which consistently finds a spot amongst the world’s top 10 universities, is known for its campus’s beauty along with some of the landmark buildings, designed by America’s well-known architects. Like for instance, its McCarter Theatre Centre has received a Tony Award for the country’s best regional theatre. Its Lewis Library, designed by Frank Gehry contains numerous science collections of the university.
  • The campus lays over an area of around 500 acres and houses nearly 190 buildings, which include 10 libraries with over 14 million holdings. Over 8,50,000 visitors come to its open campus every year, generating about $2B in revenue.
  • Princeton in New Jersey, with a population of around 30,000 people, is also a destination in itself. Many are attracted by the wide variety of restaurants, shops, and parks. And not to forget its tree-lined streets.
  • The university is quite accessible in both Philadelphia and New York City. The “Dinky” shuttle train provides a regular service lasting around 1 hour to both cities. Princeton frequently subsidizes a lot of student trips to plays, athletic events, and concerts happening in the 2 cities.

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