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When it comes to the best institutions worldwide, there’s one name that never fails to find its spot in the list. Founded in 1746, the Princeton University is one of the oldest institutions in the United States of America. According to the latest QS World University Ranking, Princeton is placed 13th worldwide. Adding on to its glory, two of the former US presidents (Woodrow Wilson and James Madison) call PU their alma mater.

The Princeton University

also boasts of having the largest endowment (per student) in the USA, with a total of $23.8 Billion. Let’s know more about this esteemed institution –


Insights About The Courses Available
  • The enrolled students at the University may either pursue Arts or Science. Within the two departments, they can opt from the following fields of study:
  1. African American studies
  2. Anthropology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Computer Science
  5. Engineering
  6. History
  7. Mathematics
  8. Mechanical and Aerospace engineering
  9. Neuroscience
  10. Philosophy
  11. Politics
  12. Mechanical and Aerospace engineering


  • With 42 doctoral departments and programs, 18 Master’s degree programs, 33 interdisciplinary programs, 53 interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate programs, and 36 academic departments, the institution has one of the most diversified program’s structures in the U.S.


    • Princeton, which consistently finds a spot amongst the world’s top 10 universities, is known for its campus’s beauty along with some of the landmark buildings, designed by America’s well-known architects. Like for instance, its McCarter Theatre Centre has received a Tony Award for the country’s best regional theatre. Its Lewis Library, designed by Frank Gehry contains numerous science collections of the university.
    • The campus lays over an area of around 500 acres and houses nearly 190 buildings, which include 10 libraries with over 14 million holdings. Over 8,50,000 visitors come to its open campus every year, generating about $2B in revenue.
    • Princeton in New Jersey, with a population of around 30,000 people, is also a destination in itself. Many are attracted by the wide variety of restaurants, shops, and parks. And not to forget its tree-lined streets.
    • The university is quite accessible by both Philadelphia and New York City. The “Dinky” shuttle train provides a regular service lasting around 1 hour to both cities. Princeton frequently subsidizes a lot of student trips to plays, athletic events, and concerts happening in the 2 cities.


Facts and Figures 
    • Last year, Princeton enrolled 5,200+ undergraduate students and 2,700+ graduate students. Because of the premium residential facilities it provides, a whopping 98% of the students preferred living on-campus. Also, the university is amongst the only few to maintain a 1:1 Male to Female ratio on its campus.
    • The student to faculty ratio on-campus is 5:1, which is deliberately kept so low in to create an effective and efficient learning environment. Also this way, each student can receive sufficient attention from the teachers.
    • The varsity boasts of having over 92,000 living alumni in 139 nations around the world. Amongst them, are 2 names that have served as the U.S. president, 16 are Noble Prize winners, and 3 have served as the U.S Supreme Court Justices.
    • When it comes to sports, Princeton University is behind of none. 37 intercollegiate teams, 112 Olympic competitors, 38 sports clubs, 204 national championships won by Princeton athletes, 28 undefeated seasons in football, and 24 Ivy League Hockey championships, all these figures don’t need a supporting caption.


Studying at

Princeton University

is a dream for many due to its all-rounded excellence. Be it, academics or extra-curricular offerings, the varsity is the top-notch provider. Facts state that students from Princeton have made it big in their lives, whichever path they chose.

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