Sorbonne University

Public University

Paris, France

The New Sorbonne University is a public university situated in Paris. It provided a huge range of courses in the field of Science, Medicine, Arts, and Humanities. The unique list or courses offered by the university and the efficient method of teaching followed by it has helped the university to gai Read more


Highlights of Sorbonne University

  • Sorbonne was able to acquire the 73rd rank in the World University rankings, 2019.
  • It was able to attain the 60th spot in World Reputation Rankings 2018.
  • Sorbonne achieved the 3rd position in the European Teaching Rankings 2018.
  • The international students studying at this university make up 19% of the total student population.
  • This university provides courses in science and medicine, Arts and humanities.
  • The Endowment value of the university is around Euro 900 million.
  • Famous Alumni
    Yann LeCun

    Scientific Director of AI at Facebook

    Marie Curie


    Joseph Abboud

    Fashion Designer

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