University of Tokyo

Public University

Bunkyo, Japan

The University of Tokyo, abbreviated as Todai or UTokyo, is a public research university located in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. Established in 1877 as the first imperial university, it is one of Japan's most prestigious universities. The university has 10 faculties and enrolls about 30,000 students, 2,100 Read more

Highlights of University of Tokyo

  • As of 2018, University of Tokyo's alumni, faculty members and researchers include 17 Prime Ministers,16 Nobel Prize Laureates, 3 Pritzker Prize laureates, 3 astronauts, and 1 Fields Medalist.
  • Weekly Diamond, also reported that Todai has the 3rd highest research standard in Japan in terms of research funding per researchers in COE Program.
  • In January 2011, Repec ranked University of Tokyo’s Economics department as Japan's best economics research university. And it is the only Japanese university within world top 100. Todai has produced 9 presidents of the Japanese Economic Association, the largest number in the association.
  • The undergraduate experience at the University of Tokyo is unique as it’s the only Japanese university with a system of two years of general education before students choose their major. The campus has been designated a "center of excellence" for three new areas of research by Japan’s Ministry of Education and Science.
  • It is made up of 10 faculties, 15 graduate schools, 11 affiliated research institutes, 13 university-wide centres, three affiliated libraries and two institutes for advanced study and the University of Tokyo Hospital.
  • University of Tokyo has a student strength of 27453 and faculty strength of 4509.

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