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student accommodation austin

Accommodation is crucial in students’ lives as it primarily impacts them. Selecting accommodation is a tedious process. However, the process varies depending on individuals and their preferences. The basic factors that affect everyone’s accommodation choices are Budget, Location and Proximity. Living in students’ accommodations brings a lot of new changes in your life including meeting new people, adapting new lifestyle and discovering new aspects of your life. To know more about student accommodation in Austin, read this blog.

List of Student Accommodation Austin

The following are the available student accommodation in Austin:

NameTypeCost per MonthIn INR
Skyloft AustinPrivate room, studio flat, the entire place$1,02583,253
21 RioPrivate room, the entire place$85969,770
Ion AustinPrivate room, studio flat, the entire place $1,11990,888
Villas on GuadalupePrivate room, studio flat, the Sentire place $1,06686,583
Vibe on RiversidePrivate room, the entire place$1,6991.37 Lakhs
The RuckusPrivate room, studio flat$99981,141
Axis West CampusPrivate room, studio flat, the entire place$88571,882
Texan 26Private room$76962,460
GrandMarc AustinPrivate room, studio flat, the entire place$1,19997,386
Moon TowerPrivate room, studio flat, the entire place$1,4151.14 Lakhs

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Benefits of Student Accommodation Austin

The following are the benefits of living in student accommodation in Austin:

  • Cost of Living – Austin is quite an affordable city compared to other cities in the USA. You can get your basic amenities at an affordable price. 
  • Student-Friendly Locations – The city is inviting students to many student-friendly locations and hip areas. Accommodations are near university campuses and provide connectivity to essential services, markets and restaurants.
  • Parks, Lakes and Nature Reserves – There are many pleasant sites in Austin with plenty of greenery and calming environment which help students to relax. Lady Bird Lake, Zilker Park, and Zilker Botanical Garden are some of the best places to visit. 
  • Capital Metro – The city has a red line on the metro rail and buses that run from Leander to Downtown. This provides accessibility to all corners of the city. 
  • Student Discounts – Students can avail of a 50% discount on metro fares and bus fares with a valid student identity card.

Factors Affecting Accommodation

The following are the basic factors that affect student accommodation:


Budget is the most integral factor that affects accommodation selection for students. Your budget will determine the affordability of accommodation and all the other aspects of your living. Therefore, your budget will determine if you can afford to live in private student accommodation or rented accommodation. 


The choice of location in accommodation largely impacts your lifestyle. The environment that you choose to live in should be motivating and host friendly people. The location must provide good connectivity to other regions and cater to basic services. 


Living closer to your university is a huge benefit as it saves travel time and transportation costs. Being closer to the university will improve the accessibility to its resources. This will largely save you time to focus more on your studies

Important Tips While Choosing Accommodation

Given below are the things to consider when applying for accommodation:

  • Be sure to check what is included in the cost of the accommodation.
  • Make sure the accommodation matches your suitability.
  • Check if it has basic facilities and good connectivity to places. 
  • Choose a location that matches your preference and is closer to your university.
  • If needed, figure out the travelling routes and transportation fares.
  • Finally, read all the rules and regulations carefully.

Pros and Cons of Student Accommodation 

The following are the pros and cons list of living in student accommodation:


  • You get a chance to select your room.
  • All the student essentials are included. 
  • You will probably be sharing a room with people of similar interests. 
  • Chance to build new networks.


  • If you are an introvert, it can be difficult for you to make new friends.
  • It may take you some time to adjust to the new environment.
  • If your living residence is at a distance, you might have to commute the distance every day.


Q. What is the average cost of living in Austin?

A. The average cost of living in Austin is between $1,500 – $2,000 or INR 1.21 Lakh – 1.62 Lakh per month for an international student

Q. What are the popular universities in Austin?

A. The University of Texas at Austin, Southwestern University, St. Edwards University, etc. are some of the popular universities in Austin. 

Q. What to consider while selecting student accommodation?

A. The basic factors that affect everyone’s accommodation choices are Budget, Location and Proximity.

Well, we hope that we have been able to provide you with the relevant information on student accommodation in Austin. And if you are planning to study in the USA or any other country, contact Leverage Edu for full assistance. You can also call us at 1800572000 and book a free session today!

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