How to get into Stanford MBA?

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How to get into Stanford
Stanford GSB And Getting Into Stanford MBA- Leverage Edu

In the heart of Silicon Valley lies a top b-school which gave the world organisations such as Nike, Netfix, Paypal, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Cisco, Sun Pharma, the list is really long. In fact, one in every 20 Google employees is a graduate of this school. Founded in 1925, Stanford GSB is known for producing remarkable number of business influencers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Before moving on to how to get into Stanford, let’s take a closer look at Stanford University:

Stanford GSB – Program Highlights

  • The Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), in Palo Alto, California, USA provides The Stanford MBA Program which is deemed to secure the first spot in the list of best universities by Forbes.
  • Also, Stanford GSB is a Stanford GSB is a general management program.
  • Furthermore, around 17% students pursue a joint degree with their MBA to expand opportunities.
  • Also, around 94% students got a job within three months of graduation, with a base salary of $133,406.
  • The MBA curriculum went under an overhaul in 2007, which claims to enhance the emphasis on a collaborative culture, bound around innovation, analytical and evaluative thinking.

State of the Art Facilities at Stanford GSB

  • Campus over an area of 8,100 acre.
  • Moreover, the campus is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, giving the students immense opportunities to engage, interact and network with who’s-who of the industry.
  • Also, the entire structure has been environment friendly allowing natural lights, along with energy and water preservation plants.
  • The campus has multiple buildings, around 100 classrooms, and hangout places.

Class Structure at Stanford GSB

  • The Class of 2016 comprised of 408 admits.
  • Around 41% of the students are international students.
  • Immensely diverse buffet of students, ranging from across different academic and cultural background, thus ensuring wider exposure.
  • The number of students enrolled in this particular program is literally half than other contemporaries, suggesting for a more personal student teacher interaction, hence individual attention is ensured.
 How to get into Stanford

The Stanford Dynamic

Stanford GSB stands on 3 primary ideologies that make the school unique and must be kept in mind when mapping your ‘how to get into Stanford’ plan:

  • Selective MBA & A Strong Community: Stanford aims at providing individual focus to each student. That is the reason they restrict their class to only 400 students. Furthermore, Stanford GSB has an extremely strong and active community, with 30,000 graduates around the globe.
  • Innovation: The culture at Stanford cultivates global, knowledgeable and innovative leaders.
  • Focus on the Future: At Stanford, students continuously try to drive innovation that could create an impact on the entire world. They have strong managerial skills and have the urge to continuously learn, grow and evolve as a business leader.

How to Get into Stanford MBA

The Stanford GSB checks three most-important criteria for selection of candidates for the MBA Program: intellectual vitality, proven leadership potential, and personal qualities and achievements.

In the absence of even one of these attributes, a candidate’s academic achievements, GMAT/GRE score, LORs, work experience, and performance in the admissions interview will not help much.

GSB makes it clear that it does not accept an applicant on the basis of any one aspect. It evaluates candidates from a holistic perspective and selects only those whose aspirations and ideals align with its own goals and values.

Stanford GSB is amongst the Top 5 B-schools around the world. Amongst all the top b-schools, Stanford has the lowest acceptance rate. Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), is one of the most promising havens for delivering the best education experience. Therefore, make your way to Stanford GSB with Leverage experts.

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