1 Year Masters Programs in Canada

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1 Year Masters Programs in Canada

Are you planning to study postgraduation in Canada? Thinking whether it’s a good idea or not? Are there any colleges offering 1 year degree programs in Canada? As per the Canadian Bureau of International Education, the country is ranked 3rd for holding the highest percentage of international students in the world. Known for its immense diversity and harmony amongst culturally diverse people,  friendliness, immaculate wilderness, and world-class universities, Canada has become one of the most popular study abroad destinations for international students. If you are someone who is willing to gain further specialization in the field of your choice form Canada, then here is a comprehensive blog that will walk you through various aspects of pursuing 1 year masters programs in Canada. 

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Why Pursue 1 Master’s Programs in Canada?

Home to nearly 400k international students, Canada is a major global player in higher education. With various reputed universities offering excellent degree programs across several disciplines, Canada has become a popular overseas education destination. Listed below are some of the major reasons to pursue 1 year masters programs in Canada:

  • Quality Education at Affordable Prices
  • Canada is Home to World-Class Institutions
  • Quicker Option Towards Dream Career
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Industry-Led Curriculum

Investment in Education
The government of Canada constantly works towards improving the education quality of the universities by providing funding and other facilities to international students. It is also among the 36 OECD countries which provide state backing for higher education.

Culturally Diverse
Canada hosts students from over 200 different countries studying across various universities. A blend of culture in most Canadian universities is one of the main attractions for international students.

With two official languages (English and French) and a multicultural population, the North American country offers a platform for students to explore new languages and improve their existing skills.

Career Outlook
If you’re keen to stay after completing your 1-year masters programs in Canada, then the country offers special benefits to its international students where you might be eligible for a post-graduation work permit. Thus allowing you to work in the country for the same duration as your program.

The 1-year master’s programs in Canada can be pursued under degrees like Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Engineering, Master of Business Administration, etc. The 1 year courses in Canada are likely to emphasise traditional as well as hands-on learning experiences so that students are equally equipped with the necessary skills in a short span of time. Generally, the master’s courses are expected to start in September and involve a dissertation that one must submit by the end of the course. Some of the best universities offering 1-year masters programs in Canada are:

  • University of Toronto, Ontario
  • Ivey Business School at Western University, Ontario
  • Westford University College, Ontario
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Winnipeg

Alongside the general master’s courses, many universities in Canada offer Cooperative Education courses. The programs under this option are specifically designed to furnish candidates’ with the knowledge and skills that are compulsory to pursue a career in corporate. Such programs are available across various disciplines and allow students to be a part of exclusive and specialized projects. To make your way through likely Cop-Ed courses, you have to prove your edge over the others as the entry requirements for being a part of cooperative education 1-year masters programs in Canada are slightly different. However, here are the prominent fields in which you can choose your program-

Computer ScienceFinanceBusiness Administration
Psychology Mechanical EngineeringPublic Health
International Relations Travel and TourismMarketing 

Now that you are aware of all are the prominent fields in which you can pursue 1-year masters programs in Canada, let us have a look at some of the popular courses offered by the Canadian Universities- 

  • Master of Management in Finance (MMF)
  • MSc in Financial Analytics
  • Master of Global Management
  • MBA in Global Banking and Finance 
  • Master of International Business
  • MSc in Financial Analytics: Applied Modelling and Quantitative
  • CEMS Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM)
  • Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
  • Master of Engineering Leadership in Sustainable Process Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • MS in Hospitality Management
  • MA in Sociology
  • MA in Theological Studies 
  • Master in Administracion de Justicia 
  • Master of Digital Media
  • Master of Museum Studies
  • Master Agribusiness Development 

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1 Year MS in Canada

Here are the major 1 year MS programs in Canada:

  • MS in Food Science by University of British Columbia
  • MS in Psychological Sciences by Lakehead University
  • MS in Health Sciences by University of Saskatchewan
  • MS in Data Science and Analytics by Ryerson University
  • MS in Biological Science by Ryerson University
  • MS in Biomedical Science and Commercialization by Mcmaster University

1 Year Masters Programs in Canada: Top Universities 2022

Canada is home to some of the best institutions in the world. These universities or colleges offer an array of degree programs. Being globally recognized, studying these courses gives you an opportunity to work in any part of the world. Given below are some of the best universities which offer 1 year masters programs in Canada: 

Name of the UniversityQS World University Rankings 2022THE World University Rankings 2021
University of Toronto2618
McGill University=2740
The University of British Columbia4634
University of Montreal111=73
University of Alberta126=131
McMaster University14069
University of Ottawa230= 145
University of Calgary235= 200
University of Waterloo=149201-250
Western University170201-250
Dalhousie University= 272251-300
University Laval=414
Queen’s University=240251-300
Simon Fraser University=298251-300
University of Manitoba601-650351-400

Apart from these leading academic institutions, here are some other universities offering 1 year masters programs in Canada-

University of Toronto

Offering the best 1 year masters programs in Ontario, The University of Toronto is a reputed public research university founded in the year 1827. Over the years it has evolved into Canada’s leading research universities for learning, discovering and acquiring knowledge. The university offers a wide range of 1 year masters programs across several disciplines. The course curriculum of these courses aims to equip students with skills and knowledge to enter the industry. 

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is considered as a global center for research and teaching. Founded in the year 1908, the university is consistently ranked among the top 20 public research universities in Canada. UBC offers excellent 1 year masters programs in several disciplines including Computer Science, Finance, Information Technology, etc. The university consists of faculty from around the world having expertise in major research projects. 

McGill University

McGill University is one of the most reputed public research universities in Canada. Ranked among the top 30 research institutes in Canada, it attracts thousands of international students from over 150 countries. Its Masters of Management in Finance and Masters of Management in Analytics are some of the famous 1-year programs. 

University of Winnipeg

Another popular educational institute in Canada is the University of Winnipeg.  It has embarked on a major drive to expand its graduate program courses and currently offers a wide range of master’s degree programs across various disciplines including Management, Business, Finance, Marketing, Psychology, Research & Development, etc. 

Requirements for Masters in Canada

Looking for the requirement for masters degree in Canada for international students? In order to pursue 1 year master’s programs in Canada, there are major requirements for international students:

  • A bachelor’s degree in related field with the minimum marks specified by your chosen university.
  • For MBA courses, GMAT or GRE scores are essentially required by universities in Canada while for master’s programs in Engineering, GRE scores are needed.
  • You must also provide English proficiency test scores of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, etc. along with a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LORs).

How much does a Master’s Degree Cost in Canada?

The cost of masters in Canada widely ranges from CAD $7,000 to CAD$ 28,000 [3.96 Lacs to 15.8 Lacs] varying as per the university and program. The fees of 1-year masters programs in Canada also ranges somewhere around CAD$ 7,000 to CAD$20,000 [3.96 Lacs to 12.07 Lacs] and are considered are generally cost-effective due to their 1-year duration.

To know about the living costs while studying masters, check out our blog on Cost of Studying in Canada!

Canada Work Permit 

The Canadian government issues a work permit which allows candidates to work in Canada but they have gained the required education. All the foreign nationals who aspire to work in Canada must seek this license so that they can work in their desired organisation. There are two types of work permits available in Canada, that is, Employer-Specific Work Permit and Open Work Permit. Those foreign nationals who have already received a job offer from an organisation in Canada will have to apply for the employer-specific work permit. Whereas those who want to enter Canada with a purpose to seek a job in a reputable organisation have to apply for an open work permit.


How much does a masters degree in Canada costs?

A masters degree in Canada can cost somewhere between CAD $7,000- CAD$28,000 per year. The cost can go even higher depending upon the lifestyle of the student.

How many years is a masters degree in Canada?

Usually, a masters degree in Canada is 2 years long. However, depending upon specialization, some degrees are also 1 year long in duration.

Is Canada good for Masters?

Yes, a masters degree from Canada is reputed, global and has the potential to get you a job in any part of the world. It is considered as the best destination for masters after USA.

What are 1 year Masters programs?

Masters in Canada can be of 1 year as well. Here are some specialization available for 1 year masters in Canada:

1. Accounting
2. Business Administration
3. Management
4. Criminal Justice
5. Computer Science and IT
6. Education
7. Finance
8. Healthcare Administration

Thus, we hope that this blog has helped you discover various 1 year masters programs in Canada. If you’re planning to pursue higher studies in Canada but are not sure about how to get started with the process then the experts at Leverage Edu can help you choose a suitable course that aligns with your professional goals. We will provide you with the best guidance and support to make sure you study a program in your dream university. 

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    Moreover, I carry an extensive work experience of over 10years in the fields of Hospitality and Insurance.
    I would be really glad if you could guide me to enroll in the course that would suit my education and experience. I’m interested to enhance my skills for overall knowledge and career growth.

  2. I have a first degree in English and Literary Studies, A Postgraduate Diploma in public Administration, Also a Masters of International Affairs and Diplomacy . I am about to complete my final defense in M.Sc Policy and Development Studies.. can i get admission for masters in Public Health?

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    Thanks a lot.

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    1. Hi Catherine,

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    1. Hello,
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  1. I am Anjali, currently residing in India and I am keen to present my application to one of the above courses in your esteemed organization college.
    On the education front, I have completed my Master’s in the year 2010 with a CGPA of 6.73 %
    Moreover, I carry an extensive work experience of over 10years in the fields of Hospitality and Insurance.
    I would be really glad if you could guide me to enroll in the course that would suit my education and experience. I’m interested to enhance my skills for overall knowledge and career growth.