STEM Courses in USA

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STEM Courses in USA

The vast academic discipline of Science is filled with immense opportunities for those who are aspiring to pursue a career in it. One can explore a wide variety of career paths right from Medical Science to Information Technology in both the public and private sector globally. When it comes to specialisation in Science and Technology, there are an infinite number of areas to discover. STEM is one such course that encompasses four major courses offered in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. If you are someone who is looking to pursue STEM courses in USA, here is a comprehensive blog to help you discover the different aspects of such courses.

What is STEM?

STEM courses refers to several degrees that fall under Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Since its creation, various universities around the globe have started including STEM courses in their curriculum to attract international students each year. The aim of these courses is to nurture young minds and also increase the ratio of female studying tech-oriented courses by providing a platform to explore their potential and interest in the field of Science. 

Professions related to STEM courses are considered to be amongst the most popular and lucrative fields. USA has been a global dominator in these areas and in order to sustain this leading position in this global economy, American universities are implementing such technical programs in their academic curriculum. The STEM courses in USA form the basic foundation of scientific and technological innovations which can help in improving the quality of life.

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STEM Courses in USA 2022

Covid – 19 situations all over the world have created confusion among students planning to study abroad. The travel restrictions are different in every country. While the USA has banned citizens of India in the country, there are some exemptions. Students with an F-1 visa are allowed to enter and study in the USA. The USA is the top priority among students wishing to pursue a course abroad. Along with other courses, the USA stands among the best countries to study STEM Courses. From the top IVY league to many other prestigious universities, students have a variety of courses and universities to choose from.

Benefits of STEM Courses in USA

There are a variety of reasons why Indian students prefer to study STEM in the United States of America over other nations such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and others. Some of the reasons are listed below:

The Silicon Valley in California

California – the Silicon Valley of the United States – is one of the primary reasons for Indian students’ desire to study STEM courses in the United States. It serves as the country’s technological center. The country has unrestricted access to the people and businesses developing cutting-edge technologies. Students profit from these businesses because they have access to cutting-edge resources.

Student Lifestyle 

Students in American STEM universities or institutions never experience boredom or monotony because there are several extracurricular activities available to them. While continuing their higher education, students can participate in sports, attend meetings and lectures, attend concerts, volunteer for charitable work, and many other activities.

Different cultures under one roof

For more than a couple of centuries, many cultures have coexisted peacefully in the United States. Due to the enormous number of Indians who work or study in the United States, Indian students never feel as if they are thousands of miles away from home. In the United States, Indians may find almost whatever they want, including Indian food.

Global perspective

International students studying in the United States have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is unrivaled. The American culture encourages kids to be open-minded, which is a crucial tool when trying to come up with a unique solution to a problem.

While studying in the United States, not only international students learn about the country, culture, and worldview, but also local students.

List of STEM Courses in USA 2022

There are more than 300 programs offered to students across the world in the areas related to Science and Technology that touch almost every aspect of our lives. However, it is important to choose the right specialization that you are interested in. Below-listed are some of the prominent STEM programs offered by institutions in the USA :

  1. Aeronautical or Aerospace
  2. Agricultural Engineering
  3. Animal Science
  4. Architectural Engineering
  5. Astronomy
  6. Behavioral Sciences
  7. Biochemistry 
  8. Botany 
  9. Biology
  10. Biomedical Technology
  11. Chemistry 
  12. Chemical Engineering
  13. Civil Engineering
  14. Computer Programming 
  15. Computer and Information Science
  16. Environmental Studies
  17. Food Science 
  18. Forensic Chemistry 
  19. Forensic Science and Technology
  20. Geology 
  21. Genetics 
  22. Horticulture Science
  23. Human Biology 
  24. Mathematics 
  25. Mechanical Engineering 
  26. Meteorology 
  27. Mining Technology
  28. Molecular Biology 
  29. Military Applied Science 
  30. Nutritional Science
  31. Nuclear Physics
  32. Petroleum Technology
  33. Pharmacology 
  34. Physics 
  35. Plant Science
  36. Statistics 
  37. Zoology 

Women in STEM

Historically, women have been observed to have shown less engagement in tech-oriented courses. STEM is also aimed towards changing the “age-old notions of what is deemed fit for women” and providing them with a platform to explore their interests in the field of Science. It also celebrates the achievements of notable women-

  • Marie Curie
  • Lisa Meitner
  • Rosalind Franklin
  • Barbara Askins
  • Carolyn R. Bertozzi
  • Uma Chowdhary
  • Katherine Freese

Best STEM Courses in USA for International Students

There are over 300 STEM course in USA for international students. While every students selects the course based on their interest, some STEM courses are more popular than the other. Here are the best STEM courses in USA in-demand by the international students:

Top 10 Universities for STEM Courses in USA

United States has an increasing demand for STEM-related fields due to many reasons. The country aims to develop economic, scientific and technologically advanced workforce, which is directly or indirectly related to these areas. With a global reputation in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, American universities concentrate their effort to encourage more students to take up future positions in these designated domains. Wondering what’s the ideal destination to pursue STEM courses? You don’t have to look beyond it because the USA is your answer. You have an option to choose from over 300 courses under the STEM courses in USA from prestigious universities. Here is the list of the top 10 universities for STEM courses in USA:

Let us discuss some of the popular American universities offering STEM courses to international students:

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New York University

New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering is considered one of the best institutions for exploring Science and Information Technology courses. The school has successfully produced some of the finest pioneers in technological invention and innovation. 

Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the best institutions offering STEM courses in USA and one of the 8 IVY league universities. The School of Engineering and Applied Science offers a wide range of courses across several disciplines including Engineering, Mathematics, Technology and Scientific research. The university has been at the forefront for introducing vital research within the realm of Material Science and Physics. 

University of Southern California

The Viterbi School of Engineering of the University of Southern California is one of the finest global colleges for Engineering and Computer Science. The school offers a wide range of degree programs across several disciplines including Engineering, Technology, Mathematics, Science and Information Technology.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is one of the highest ranked universities in the world. The university offers world- renowned courses for Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Technology, Information and is leading institute in terms of research in scientific and technological advancements.

California Institute of Technology

Caltech is another fiercely competitive university in the USA in terms of STEM courses. With the acceptance rate in the world, the university has a huge collection of courses in the STEM field. Some of the most famous STEM personalities are alumni of this fine university.

International students are primarily engaged in start-ups, increasing job opportunities after completing STEM courses. Graduates who have performed well during the coursework are offered jobs and retained in the country. Top scores and talents are offered better opportunities and better policies with higher income.

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The eligibility criteria is set differently by every university and course. There are requirements such as USA student visa, english proficiency score and academic qualification to be fulfilled by every applicant. Here is the eligibility for STEM courses in USA:

  • Applicant must have a 3- 4 year bachelor degree in the field of STEM
  • Applicant must have acquired F-1 USA student visa status
  • Applicants have to submit all the mandatory documents
  • Applicant should check beforehand if they are eligible for STEM OPT
  • GMAT/GRE scores are required along with English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOFEL, PTE


The authority of DHS is responsible for granting the STEM OPT. Students with F-1 Visa and that have completed their  STEM Courses in USA are eligible for OPT. Applicants can’t participate more than twice in the extension of OPT. Another mandatory requirement is degree should be approved by SEVP-certified schools. The employer experience of 20 hours per week is also required.

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Documents Required

Here is a list of necessary documents required at the time of submitting your application for STEM courses in USA:

STEM Courses in USA without GRE

GRE is one of the entry requirements for students planning to study in USA. While most of the universities in USA require applicants to check all the boxes, many admit students without GRE. Here is the list of popular universities for STEM Courses in USA without GRE:

One- year STEM Courses in USA

The USA has some of the best universities for STEM. Top universities like Stanford University, Harvard University, Caltech, MIT, Columbia are extremely popular for their one-year STEM specializations in areas like Architectural Engineering, Astronomy, Behavioral Sciences, Biochemistry, Biomedical Technology, Botany, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering and more. Click here to find out more on one-year STEM courses in the USA!

STEM Courses in USA for Commerce Students

STEM courses in the USA are extremely popular among commerce students. These courses are an excellent way to boost career opportunities and employability in the USA and other leading economies like the UK, Germany, Canada and UAE. Popular courses like Full-time MBA, Management Science, MBA, Business Analytics, MS Marketing, MS Global Supply Chain Management, MS Economics and MBA in Operations and Technology Management are some of the most competitive courses for STEM in the USA. Click here to find out more on STEM Courses in the USA for Commerce Students!

Online STEM Courses in USA

The worldwide lockdown prompted various top universities to introduce quality online and distance learning courses in a wide range of fields. Some of the most famous universities in the USA like Johns Hopkins University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Boston University, Harvard University and University of Florida offer online STEM courses in the USA at postgraduate level to international students who wish to take up quality education from across the world. Here are the popular STEM courses as certificate or masters courses-

UniversitiesSTEM Courses
Johns Hopkins University Online MBA
Artificial Intelligence
Environmental Engineering
Financial Mathematics
Healthcare Systems
Nursing and Healthcare
Organizational Leadership Track
Public Health
Public Health
Northeastern UniversityAnalytics
Applied Analytics
Applied Nutrition
Business Administration
Digital Media
Engineering Management
Forensic Accounting
Human Resource Management
Georgia Institute of TechnologyAnalytics
Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Medical Physics
Operations Research
University of FloridaBusiness Administration
International business management
Mass Communication
Mechanical Engineering
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Public Health
Sustainable Design
Harvard UniversityData Science
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science
Health Sciences

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What STEM jobs are in demand?

Here are some of the trending careers to pursue after STEM courses-
Physician Assistant
Software Developer
Nurse Practitioner
Medical and Health Services Manager
Data Scientist
Biomedical Engineer

What is a STEM degree?

STEM courses refers to several degrees that fall under Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Are all MS courses stem?

No, STEM courses are offered at all entry points such as bachelors, masters, doctoral, certificate and diploma courses. Candidates can pursue them as part-time or full-time courses. There are many universities that offer online courses in STEM as well.

Hopefully, this blog has covered the important aspects of STEM courses in the USA. If you’re planning to pursue higher studies in the USA and need assistance regarding choosing the right universities as per your chosen field of interest, allow our AI Course Finder to assist you. Get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu and book your free 30 minutes free e-meeting with us today!

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