Top Ranked Universities in Netherlands 2024

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top universities in netherlands

The Netherlands is considered as the wealthiest nation in Europe, oldest and highly respected system in the educational landscape. The country carries a rich legacy in educational sectors with globally acclaimed universities and colleges. Its topmost universities fall under the top 350 globally renowned universities. The country is rich in terms of favourable educational rates, amiable campuses and English language courses. The universities in Netherlands are considered a favourable and popular educational destination and choice for international studies. The high-quality teachings amid interactive classroom sessions, intense readings and extensive research material available have made it possible for the county to achieve the tag of educational excellence.

About Netherlands

The country of Netherlands houses one of the topmost globally acclaimed universities and colleges which have already achieved a milestone within a short span of time. The country of the Dutch has successfully produced fertile minds in the field of Science and Technology, Information Technology, Literature, Poetry, etc. From Vincent Van Gogh to Anne Frank, the country’s universities have produced all these creative bent of mindsets.

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Best 10 Universities in Netherlands

Netherlands has some of the oldest and finest universities in the world – recognised as the first European country to introduce English-taught courses. The universities in Netherlands offer highly ranked courses in the field of Medicine, Law, Engineering and Business and Management. Besides, these have a global prestige for scientific discovery and research. Let us study each one in detail:

1. University of Groningen

image of university of groningen
Source: US News & World Report

Dating back to 1614, the University of Groningen produced the country’s first female lecturer in the Netherlands, first female student, first president of the European Central Bank and the first Dutch astronaut and the first president of the European Central Bank. Located in the Northern part of the country, it is a region very close to its heart.  More than 31000 students are enrolled in the university and have been a preferable educational place for international students to study. From noted Dutch chemist ‘Ben Feringa’ to famous Historian ‘Ubbo Emmius’ the university is proudly known with these names.

2. University of Amsterdam

image of university of amsterdam
Source: e-flux

Enrolling more than 32,000 students every year, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) was established in 1632 and regarded as one of the oldest universities in Netherlands. It offers the widest range of courses in diverse field connected by a culture of curiosity. UvA is known to be a modern institution with a rich history and one of Europe’s most popular research-oriented universities.

3. Delft University of Technology

Source: Delft University of Technology

Founded in 1842, the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is one of the oldest and largest universities in Netherlands. TU Delft houses over 25,000 students in varied disciplines such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Applied Science, Information and Technology, etc. Prominent Dutch Nobel laureates like Jacobus Henricus van ‘t Hoff, Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, and Simon van der Meer are the alumni of this university. 

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4. Eindhoven University of Technology

Source: ArchDaily

The university has set its benchmark in Engineering and Technology besides contributing to the architectural landscape. Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) allows its students to conduct a high level of research. At least 150 PhD courses are being conferred every year with more than 3000 scientific publications published. From Dutch computer scientists like ‘Wil van der Aalst’ to ‘Martijn van Dam’ a famous engineer and politician, the placed has always remained at the forefront in producing these wonderful minds. 

5. Leiden University

Source: YouTube

Leiden University was founded in the year 1575 by William I, Prince of Orange and has nearly 30,884 students from all across the world. It is one of the leading universities in Netherlands as well as Europe. Courses are taught to students in faculties of Humanities, Arts and Science. One of the university’s key strengths lies in its ability to offer an international setting to all its students both domestic and international. 

6. Utrecht University

Source: Wikidata

Aiming to build a better world, Utrecht University emphasizes on researching complex issues beyond their academic disciplines. It is marked as a place that gives students the space to develop themselves and contribute to the welfare of society. More than 30,000 students experience a model of quality education packed with interactive teaching based on debate, critical thinking and choice of study here. It is important to mention that the university produced 12 Noble prize laureates.

7. Maastricht University

Amongst the list of top universities in Netherlands, Maastricht University (UM) is popular for its world-class infrastructure, research-oriented and innovative education. The university has an ideal campus for international students who wish to pursue overseas education in Arts, Information and Technology, Medicines, Environmental Science, Engineering, Business and Economics, Health Sciences, etc.

8. Erasmus University Rotterdam

Source: Academic Positions

An ideal university for international students in term of financial support and scholarship it provides, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is known for its global mindset with more than 6,000 international students enrolled. It strives to promote high-quality education with a growing and uniquely global perspective. The multicultural classroom-based educational system is worth experiencing for any aspiring student. There are considerable opportunities available in EUR with better placements and internships in multinational companies. From noted Dutch economist ‘Jan Tinbergen’ to ‘Ruud Lubbers’ former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, the university is proudly resounding with these names. 

9. Wageningen University & Research

Source: Wikipedia

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has achieved a milestone in terms of a better educational system, healthy environment. It offers 6 bachelor’s and 30 master’s programs in various courses other than 3 online master’s courses. The university carries the best tag in terms of Agricultural or Forestry education. From famous Dutch athlete ‘Nadine Visser’ up to ‘Gerrit Braks’ a famous politician of the country, the university is known to produce great personalities of the world and more are creating history here.

10. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

When it comes to the perfect abode for international students with scholarships, affordable education and excellent living standards, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is one of the highly recognised young universities in Netherlands. It provides a healthy atmosphere for students to exchange their ideas with professors. In fact, on an everyday basis, educational tutorials are made to make classroom interaction lively. And at every step, creative thinking is being encouraged amid constructive dialogues. 

Here’s a table to summarise the top universities in Netherlands according to various international rankings.

UniversitiesQS World University Rankings 2024Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2024
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)4748
University of Amsterdam5361
Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)=124=168
University of Groningen13979
Leiden University=12677
Utrecht University=10775
Wageningen University & Research=151=62
Erasmus University Rotterdam=176=99
Maastricht University=256=138
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam207125

Is Netherlands Good for International Students?

  • It is a well-proven fact that a lot of international students choose to study in one of the universities in Netherlands because of the affordable educational system. They consider it a ‘good value for money.’ The fee you spend on tuition and living is considerably lower than in any other English-speaking country. 
  • More than 2100 English teaching programmes are being offered in Dutch universities. And it’s important to mention that there is no communication barrier when it comes to speaking with Dutch people as more than 95% of the Dutch community speak fluent English.   
  • It is a preferable place for study because the country falls under the belt of the top 10 happiest countries to live in. 
  • The people of Dutch are friendly and inclusive and diversity is the uniqueness of Netherlands. People are open to new ideas to imbibe. So students from more than 160 countries come and exchange their skills and ideas.
  • Being the 18th largest economy in the world, the country carries mega multinational companies including Philips, Unilever, Heineken, KLM, Shell etc.


What are the factors considered for ranking universities in the Netherlands?

Choosing a university abroad can be overwhelming, especially when navigating different ranking systems. Understanding the factors used to rank Dutch universities in 2024 can help you make an informed decision. Here are some key aspects to consider:
1. Academic reputation
2. Employer Reputation
3. Student-faculty ratio
4. Research output
5. International recognition

How can I assess if a top-ranked university in the Netherlands is right for me?

Beyond rankings, finding the perfect fit is crucial. Here are some introspective questions to ask yourself:
1. What are my academic interests and career aspirations?
2. Do I prefer a research-intensive or teaching-focused environment?
3. Am I comfortable in a large, urban setting or a smaller, more intimate campus?
4. What are the tuition fees and scholarship opportunities?

What are some alternative resources for researching universities in the Netherlands?

While rankings offer valuable insights, they’re not the only source of information. Explore these additional resources:
1. Official university websites
2. Student forums and reviews
3. Education fairs and events
4. Government websites and education portals

If you want to be part of the Netherlands Educational System, all you need to have is a zeal and passion which will get you adjusted to the topmost universities in Netherlands. There are various scholarships available in these universities which will help your dreams come true. All you need is better assistance and a strong LOR and SOP. Don’t worry we at Leverage Edu have a dedicated team of experts ready to assist you. Feel free to contact the team!

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