Career Options After 10th in Commerce

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Career Options After 10th in Commerce

Looking for the right career options after 10th in Commerce? Well, you are in the right place. This blog elaborates on the best career options after commerce with and without maths along with professional courses in commerce and what it takes to build a successful career in commerce, and likewise.

One of the biggest decisions for students around the age of 15-16 is trying to decide between the three main streams after 10th, i.e. Sciences, Humanities or Commerce which they wish to tread through for the next two years as well as make a future career in.

Since this decision will govern the course of the next few years of your life, it is natural to have doubts as well as research through all possible information available, trying to make the best decision. 

Now that you have your heart set on commerce, this blog brings a complete guide on the career options after the 10th in commerce.

What is Commerce? 

Commerce as a teaching medium may be defined as the study of business and marketing activities such as the trade of goods and services from the manufacturer to the end client. Students might select this field if they have a genuine passion for these disciplines and a strong connection to the economy, business, and statistics.

Why Choose Commerce After the 10th?

The commerce stream is considered among the immensely vast streams of study with an array of interdisciplinary specializations on offer for students. From Business and Management to Media and Marketing, Commerce encompasses many wide-ranging subjects and areas which students can choose from. To help you find a way out of selecting the right stream, here are the top reasons why you should choose Commerce after the 10th:

The commerce stream comprises many professional courses on offer and its major subjects like Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies help students build a strong foundational understanding of the commercial and corporate world. 

Completing commerce with 12th, you can explore some of the most reputed and highest salary jobs in Commerce like Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, Financial Analyst and much more.
Commerce is constituted of a diverse and varied range of subject combinations and interdisciplinary specializations of Management, Economics, Business, and much more. If you are good at crunching numbers, then a career in Finance is best for you. 

On the other hand, if you are intrigued about how business organizations work and can efficiently multitask and manage different things, then there are scores of management courses available in areas like Marketing Management, Media Management, Event Management, Fashion Management, Hotel Management, and more!
As a sought-after career stream, Commerce forms a unique combination of business theories put into practice as the principles and fundamental concepts you learn about business and management are put to real-world experiences when you get to learn about decision-making and problem-solving in different situations in a business environment.

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Subjects in Commerce After 10th 

For the question of “why choose commerce after 10th class”, it is essential that you are familiar with all the commerce stream subjects you will be studying. Like any stream of study, Commerce encompasses core as well as elective subjects. Further, students are also offered the choice of Commerce with Maths or Commerce without Maths.

If you opt for commerce without maths, you can choose from elective subjects like Information Practice, Psychology, Language Studies, Physical Education, and Home Science, to name a few. So, to help you understand the core and electives offered in this stream, here are some of the major subjects in commerce after the 10th:


The measuring, processing, and communication of the crucial financial data of a firm can be summed up under the subject of Accountancy. It also involves analysing as well as calculating the results of the economic steps of a business organization.

Business Studies 

With the advent of technology, various new methods of carrying out business have emerged. You will be familiarized with the same by studying Business Studies in Class 11th. Traditional along with modern techniques, processes, frameworks and much more about how businesses are run are taught through the subject.


The study of the economy at the micro and macro levels is known as Economics. Being one of the most interesting subjects, it will offer you a detailed study of how the economy in national and international markets works. 

Other Subjects

Apart from the aforementioned subjects, you will get to study the following subjects in commerce Class 11:

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List of Career Options After 10th in Commerce

There are varied career pathways for students planning to take up commerce after class Xth. The following list has some areas of study after class XII Commerce (With or Without Maths): 

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Career Options After 10th in Commerce (Without Mathematics)

Many students tend to choose commerce without mathematics if they feel they lack the interest or ability to pursue that subject. While choosing streams a lot of students also tend to be doubtful of the opportunities that come their way.

They feel stressed that not choosing mathematics will narrow down their future career options after commerce, but this is far from the truth. There are many courses that you can pursue and have equally good career options after 10th in commerce, some of these options include-

BCom (Bachelor of Commerce)

This three-year course is offered by almost all commerce universities and a lot of them even offer an Honours program to those who haven’t studied mathematics post-10th grade. With B. Com you can specialize in Banking, Retail Management, Foreign Trade, etc.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

BBA courses are offered in an array of specialisations from Finance, Marketing to Accounting and Human Resource Management. It is also a 3-year undergraduate degree and is internationally recognized and imparts learners with the quintessential managerial and business skills.

BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)

BMS course is also a sought-after program for those exploring managerial degrees in commerce after the 12th. It integrally focuses on Management studies as it provides students with an in-depth understanding of managerial theories, and concepts as well as equips them with key communication and career skills to explore higher-level professions in this field.

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management is another popular course for those aiming to explore one of the lucrative career options after 10th in commerce. This course provides students with the requisite knowledge and skills required to build a rewarding career in hotel management which is an ever-evolving field with scores of shining career opportunities on offer!

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Career Options After 10th in Commerce (With Mathematics)

In an attempt to not limit their options many people continue to choose commerce with the option of mathematics, while you can pursue all the courses that those with commerce without mathematics can choose, you can also additionally pursue many programs. These include-

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Professional Degrees as Career Options after 10th in Commerce 

Apart from the offered degree courses, you can also pursue a number of professional courses. You can prepare for them while in school and later in college and complete these courses along with your graduation. A professional degree course can give you a head start on the career of your dreams. Some of the professional courses offered include-

Creative Courses After 10th in Commerce

As Commerce is an interdisciplinary stream, students can also choose from courses and career options in Arts, Law, Humanities and related fields. Here are some of the popular courses for those aiming to pursue creative courses after 12th commerce:

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Q1. Can someone take up education courses post opting for Commerce Courses after the 10th?

Ans. Yes, students can pursue a B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education, a four-year program), a Diploma in Elementary Education, a B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education), and a Primary Teachers Training course (can follow it up B.Ed.) after taking or opting for the commerce stream after class 10th. 

Q2. What are the benefits of taking commerce after class 10th?

Ans. In the commerce stream, students must choose six topics, one of which must be a foreign language. This path leads to a profitable profession with a hefty compensation package and well-respected occupations such as chartered accountant, company secretary, corporate management, banking, accountant, and financial advisor, among others.

Q3. What are the primary subject in commerce after class 10th?

Ans. After class 10th, there are three primary subjects in the commerce stream: Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics. Aside from these three major courses, there are several more to study, including Organization of Commerce, Mathematics, Information Practices, Statistics, and the English Language.

Q4. Is Commerce good for the future?

Ans. Because there are several short-term professional courses available for commerce students in the fields of accounting, tally, computer accounting, stock market, financial accounting, marketing, and so on. As a result, commerce is a very promising career path. If you want to know how a country operates, study commerce.

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While we have provided you with all the available career options after 10th in commerce, it is only normal that you have anticipatory nervousness and are in a fix about whether or not to pursue mathematics or not. You might also have doubts about your abilities and aptitude for the specific course. 

Choosing a course that will decide your future can be emotionally taxing. But you don’t need to lose your sleep over making this decision. The counsellors and mentors at Leverage Edu can help you determine the best option with the help of psychometric tests and counselling services.

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