BBA Subjects

BBA Subjects

Bachelor’s of Business Administration is a subject that is very popular among students of the commerce stream. This course encompasses all aspects related to supervising and administering business operations. This course will help you in developing your managerial and communication skills as well as business decision-making skills. Students who are interested in business administration and plan on working in this field should definitely consider pursuing a degree in business administration. It is important to analyse the subjects of a course before pursuing it, here is an insight into BBA subjects.

Brief Description of the BBA Subjects 

BBA subjects will help you in developing a better understanding of the market system and business management. This program also includes practical work like presentations, field trips, and event management. The prerequisites of pursuing BBA are that you have an in-depth understanding of Mathematics, Economics, Financial Management, and Accounting.

Key Elements of BBA Subjects

The BBA subjects require that you have a stronghold on the above-mentioned areas and here are a few key elements that will help you in understanding how to go about this course:

BBA subjects- Human Resource Management:  Human Resource Management is a strategic approach to the management of people, resources and other requirements of a company. HR is one of the most important members of a company as they help in managing the foundation of the company itself.

BBA subjects- Accounting: Accounting is the systematic recording of financial transactions pertaining to the business. Accounting requires a person to keep the transactions and the information related to it up to date in order to run the business administration smoothly.

BBA subjects- Business Economics: Economics deals with the theoretical and quantitative aspects of business enterprise and how to analyze them as well as keep track of financial growth and development of the company.

BBA subjects- Essentials of Management: This field requires planning, organizing, leading and controlling of assets. This field involves both practical and theoretical knowledge of planning and management and hence becomes a key feature of the course.

BBA subjects- Sociology:  This field acts as a bridge between social sciences and business administration. This field helps the student in understanding the basics of how society functions and how that can be useful in business strategies.

BBA subjects- Business Mathematics: Business revolves around transactions and its analysis hence mathematics is an important part of business-related courses. Business mathematics deals with the management, calculation and keeping track of transactions which results in smooth business transactions.

BBA subjects- Entrepreneurship: With the exponential growth in the start-up culture, one can see the importance of entrepreneurship as a subject that needs to be studied under business administration. This field helps the student in understanding the basic foundations of setting up a business and getting an in-depth knowledge of risk management.

Job prospects after BBA 

The commerce industry has a lot of job opportunities and demands, a course like BBA can help you in choosing the right field for you to work in and finding a business environment that you are comfortable working in, here are a few options that might interest you in terms of job opportunities after  completing your degree in BBA subjects:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Administration Researcher
  • Business Analyst

One can also look for jobs in sectors like banking, marketing companies, export companies etc.

Top Colleges for BBA Subjects

The right curriculum and exposure to the right opportunities can help you in making a huge difference in your career prospects while studying this course. If you are planning to study BBA abroad and in a college with a well-reputed curriculum then you should consider these colleges as your top options:

This course has a lot of demand due to the increasing demand in the corporate sector. This course will not only land you a well-paid job but also give you the correct exposure to future prospects. It might be tricky to choose the best college and course for you but our team at Leverage Edu will help you ease this process and guide you through the same step by step.

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