Top Humanities Courses After Class 12th

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Top Humanities Courses After Class 12th

If maths and science help us sustain life and discover newer aspects, humanities help us build societies, run countries, understand ourselves, and stay rooted in our existence. Many key disciplines of study like politics, law, psychology, sociology, design, etc. are covered in Arts or Humanities streams.

They are a popular choice among students with many job openings open to art students immediately after graduating, contrary to popular belief. Post-12th Class Humanities, a lot of the students are confused about selecting the right course.

This blog provides you with a detailed guide on humanities courses after 12th and the vast career scope they have on offer.

Why Choose Humanities?

Humanities is a popular stream of study that encompasses subjects like history, anthropology, economics, philosophy, and linguistics and is often combined with the arts stream. in the arts stream. Let’s explore the career scope and opportunities that you can discover after pursuing humanities courses after the 12th.

  • Students who opt for Humanities in their class 12th can search for job opportunities in law, advertising, hospitality, designing, communications, transportation, public relations, human resources, and other vocational courses.
  • Obligatory Subjects include two languages and many electives such as culture, geography, political science, psychology, economics, etc.
  • For students studying in class 12th, there are several possible areas to explore, i.e. General Study, Job Experience, Schooling in Social psychology, Fine Arts, Maths, Hindi, and Physical Education and Well-being.

Top Humanities Courses after 12th

There are numerous creative as well as research-oriented programs available for humanities students after 12th. From Psychology to Linguistics, Humanities have exciting opportunities in store across diverse specialisations. Let’s take a look at the top humanities courses after 12th:


Duration: 3-5 years
Courses: B.A. Economics, BA in Business Economics, B.Sc. Economics, M.A Economics, Ph.D. in Economics, M.A. in Business Economics.
Jobs: Economist, Accountant, Investment Analyst, Financial Risk Analyst, Financial consultant, Data Analyst

Economics is among the most popular courses which are high in demand and value for humanities students after 12th. As our world is transforming into a global village, so does the economy of the world’s countries.

In contemporary times, every industry or organisation whether big or small needs economists to understand the finances, and risks, and make the best decisions. Further, by opting for a degree in economics under humanities courses after 12th, you can also explore a wide range of lucrative opportunities in the government sector.


Duration: 3-5 years
Courses: B.A. Psychology, B.Sc. Psychology, M.A Psychology, MSc. Psychology (Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Media Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Sports Psychology, Forensic Psychology, etc.)
Jobs: Psychologists, Therapist, Shadow-Teachers, Consultants, Human Resources, Teachers, Career Counselors

Psychology is simply the study of human behaviour and the mind. With a newfound emphasis on mental health and well-being nowadays, it has become the choicest specialisation amongst students from all streams of study.

Psychologists can wear multiple hats depending on their interests and skills and are recruited in Rehabilitation Centers, Forensics, Child/ Youth Guidance Centers, Psychological Research Centres, Advertising/Marketing, etc.

If you are looking for psychology programs after taking humanities after 12th, some top courses include BA/BSc Psychology, and Diploma in Psychology Counseling, among others.


Duration: 3-5 years
Courses:  BBA LLB, BCom LLB, BSc LLB, BLS-LLB, LLB, LLM, PhD in Law.
Jobs: Criminal Lawyer, Civil Litigation Lawyer, Legal Analyst, Government Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer. 

Another intriguing specialisation among the top humanities courses after 12th, Law encompasses different areas of study like Corporate Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Law, amongst others. Lawyers study every aspect of the law and judicial system.

They know the procedures, risks, methods, and strategies to apply or avoid during legal proceedings. Lawyers are highly demand in India with many job opportunities in the public as well as the private sectors.

Foreign Languages

Duration: 1-3 years
Courses: Courses could be available depending on your interest. A few popular languages to choose from are French, Spanish, Arabic, Cantonese/Mandarin Chinese, and German.
Jobs: Teacher, Translator, Tourist Guides, Interpreter

This is among the trendy courses which have taken a huge leap in the humanities section. Multiple students have started studying foreign languages owing to the increased demand due to globalized cultures and economies.

As the world erases boundaries and merges with other nations, languages shouldn’t be a barrier to communicating with people. Learning foreign languages helps students interpret and become translators for renowned companies and industries.

Apart from being a fascinating job, it is also a highly rewarding career to pursue by taking up language or linguistics courses after the humanities in 12th.

Hotel Management & Catering

Duration: 3-5 years
Courses: BHM, BHMCT, BSc Hotel Administration, MHM, BSc Hotel Management, MTHM,  MBA in Hotel Management, MBA in Tourism.
Jobs: Accommodation Manager, Event Organizer, Hotel Manager, Catering Manager, Restaurant Manager, Pub Manager, Retail Manager.

Another interesting option among the top humanities courses after 12th is Hotel Management. It deals with the techniques and aspects of hotels from catering, housekeeping, administrating, account managing, finances, etc.

There are plenty of national and international job opportunities for aspirants in this field as you can explore prospects in the hotel, hospitality, travel and more!

Fashion/Interior Designing

Duration: 3-5 years
Courses: Bachelors of Fashion Design, B.Sc. in Fashion and Design, B.A. in Fashion Design, B.Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Designing, Diploma In Fashion Design, M. Design in Fashion & Textiles, MBA in Fashion DesignBachelors in Interior Designing, B.Sc. in Interior Design and Decoration,  Diploma in Interior Designing, MBA in Interior Design.
Jobs: Fashion Designer, Textile Designer, Fashion Consultant, Fashion Show Organiser, Costume DesignerInterior Decorator, Interior Product Designer, Creative Director, and Consultant.

Designing constitutes copious specialisations and is a perfect domain for those looking for creative career options after the 12th. Be it the fashion industry or architecture, a creative hand to settle the aesthetics is necessary. That’s where these designers come in.

Fashion Designers assist photographers, models, and other important personalities with their outfits and guide them to wear clothes that reflect their personalities. Interior designers play a unique role in planning and laying out people’s houses or offices.

They check for colours, themes, furniture, and decorations that will suit the place depending on the owner or type of office. Both the designing fields are sought-after among students and are in great demand.

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Here are some more choicest humanities courses after 12th:

Top Global Universities for Humanities and Arts

To earn academic knowledge along with practical exposure, it is vital to secure your career through a good university or college. The following list of universities are the most prominent institutions in the world that provide excellence in Humanities and Arts.

QS World Ranking 2023Universities
#4University of Oxford
#5Harvard University
#2University of Cambridge
#27University of California, Berkeley
#3Stanford University
#18Yale University
#39New York University
#44University of California, Los Angeles
#16Princeton University
#22Columbia University 

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High Salary Courses after 12th Humanities

The following are the top high-salary courses after 12th Humanities:

Course Avg. Salary
MBA 8-15 Lakh
Law6-10 Lakh
Human Resource Management5-10 Lakh
Digital Marketing 4-15 Lakh
Fashion Design 5-10 Lakh
Interior Design 3-10 Lakh

Diploma Courses after 12th Humanities

The following are the diploma courses after 12th humanities:

  • Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Diploma in Multimedia
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Advertising and Marketing
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism
  • Diploma in Public Relations

Computer Courses after 12th Humanities

The following are the popular computer courses after 12th Humanities:

  • Diploma in Software Engineering
  • Diploma in Cybersecurity
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking
  • Diploma in Web Designing and Development
  • Diploma in SEO Managemnet
  • Diploma in Programming Languages

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Career Options and Salary

After pursuing humanities courses after Class 12th, students can land in the field of Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Photography, Design, Animation, etc. Some of the career options that students on graduation can go for are listed below.

When it comes to starting salary for a fresher in humanities, they can expect the below figures:

In India: INR 2 to 3 lakh per annum.In Abroad: USD 40,000 to USD 60,000 (INR 33 lakh to 49.5 lakh) per annum. 


1. Which course is the best course for art students?

Ans. Courses in Media, Sociology, Digital Marketing, Liberal Arts, are some of the most popular courses for art students.

2. Is humanities a good stream?

Ans. Yes, humanities is a good stream with a wide array of diverse and distinct career options.

3. Is humanities good for IAS?

Ans. Humanities can be helpful for pursuing IAS.

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We hope you understood the many streams and opportunities that lie ahead in humanities and arts through the top humanities courses after your 12th.

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